Robhots Apple Pie Gummies

Robhots Apple Pie Gummies
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The holidays are upon us again and whether that fills you with Dread or Delight there’s simply no avoiding it. I for one, have always relished the holiday season for an extremely selfish reason. Any excuse to gorge myself on rich, fatty foods is an excuse I intend to utilize. As luck would have it, a slew of edible companies that had the foresight to see these needs in me and other consumers and many have created edible products that are absolutely perfect for the season. One such creation is Robhots’ Apple Pie apple gummies in cinnamon sugar. I won’t sugarcoat it (pun intended) I usually abhor apple flavored gummies. As I quickly found out, when you smother one and delicious cinnamon sugar you can win me over quite quickly. I’ve never had any products from Robhots in the past, but they’ve quickly cemented themselves as being one of my all-time favorite gummy providers in the industry and I’m extremely excited to see more of their products in the future. Simply put, if you like apples and you like cinnamon you’re probably going to like Robhots’ Apple Gummies in Cinnamon Sugar.

If you like the idea of tasty apple flavored gummies covered in cinnamon sugar, then you’re going to fall in love with Robhots’ Apple Pie Gummies. These delectable gummies are available at Emerald fields in Glendale, Colorado and Emerald Fields in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Not only do they fulfill a holiday approved niche for cannabis edibles but with an apple cinnamon flavor this good, I see no reason they can’t become a year-round treat. Check out both Emerald Fields locations today for an unmatched selection of edibles concentrates and flower.

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As I mentioned earlier, I’m usually skeptical when it comes to apple-flavored gummies. To expand on this a bit further I’m one of those people who was extremely sad when a certain round hard-shelled treat decided to change their green color to green apple-flavored instead of the classic lime. Nonetheless, I’m never someone to shy away from sampling a cannabis-infused edible. For starters, it’s noteworthy that Robhots uses distillate in order to produce their edible product. For products other than baked goods I feel like distillates and concentrates are the way to go when it comes time to infuse. As soon as I opened the box to reveal a tamper-resistant tub inside I could already smell cinnamon wafting about. Not that tamper-resistant containers are entirely odor-proof but, I was impressed that the cinnamon sugar aroma was strong enough to breach not only the internal tub but also the box. I simply didn’t want to wait any longer. I retrieve the tub out of the box and immediately popped the lid. I will now try in vain to recount the amazing aroma of Robhots Apple pie Gummies. What seems to be an almost overwhelming cinnamon smell quickly gives way to a tart apple odor. In tandem, the aroma seems like it came fresh out of the oven. Staring down into the tub I saw ten immaculate rectangular green gummies each of which was heavily coated in a layer of cinnamon sugar. Even my girlfriend who doesn’t like cannabis edibles was enticed by the smell. The aroma alone was so good that I found myself desperately wishing for a candle of analogous smell. The consistency was spot-on as well. As I casually handled a couple of the gummies, I was extremely impressed not only how well-formed they were but at how uniformly smothered and cinnamon sugar each was. Even better yet, after handling a couple of the gummies for a moment my hand didn’t turn into a sticky mess like I had expected it to. If these little buggers tasted half as good as they smelled and looked, I was in for a real treat.

Robhots Apple Pie :: Taste | Effect:

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I decided to start with I was only going to have one ten-milligram portion of Robhots Apple Pie Gummies. Since I’m a notorious lightweight anymore, ten milligrams usually gets the job nowadays. As I bit slowly into the first gummy the cinnamon sugar coating on the outside was the first thing to hit my tongue. Off to a delicious start! I expected now to have an overwhelming taste of green apple but instead was treated to a perfectly balanced apple-flavored that seemed to blend seamlessly with the cinnamon-sugar coating. It is quite difficult to tell that these are cannabis-infused edibles. There were no strong cannabis flavors the entire time I chewed the gummy and while the apple flavor did get quite a bit stronger as the cinnamon sugar coat wore off, I found it to be a quite balanced experience overall. The gummy was so good in fact that I threw caution to the wind and decided to down another. Interestingly enough, I was able to detect a slight cannabis flavor on my second gummy that I hadn’t noticed on the first, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s simply added to the experience. Seeing as it was the weekend, I had no impending plans and decided it was a perfect time to sit down for some computer games and wait for my gummy to kick in. I waited much less time than I assumed I would. Within only 30 minutes I started to feel some of the initial effects from Robhots Apple Pie Gummies. Although the onset of the high may have been somewhat rapid in terms of edibles, the sensations I felt were very textbook. I went through my typical phases of edible High. This usually constitutes my eyes narrowing and my body getting exceptionally lazy and concludes with insatiable munchies. Needless to say, I can check off all those boxes. I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of my afternoon playing games and catching up on some shows I haven’t watched. The primary high induced by the Robhots Apple Pie Gummies lasted just about as long as I would have expected it to and after about three or four hours, I was feeling relatively sober again. I decided my best choice was to squirrel away the rest of my gummies for later in the holiday season which doesn’t mean I didn’t want to eat the other eight right on the spot.


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I went into my review of Robhots Apple Pie Gummies with a very skeptical mindset but they quickly made a believer out of me. The aroma of these gummies alone is enough to make me happy. Throw some psychoactive THC into the mix along with a flavor that knocked my socks off and I think I found myself a new holiday tradition. Maybe you’re one of those monsters that puts American cheese on top of your apple pie. I won’t tell anyone if you squeeze some cheese whiz on them to get the classic tried-and-true effect. For me, that’s a truly disturbing concept but you know what they say, to each their own. I may not have experienced any of Robhots’ other flavors but I’m more than a little interested in investigating what else they have to offer. If you’ve been looking for a holiday-themed evening of sitting on the couch or maybe you just don’t relish going to Grandma’s house and need some sort of reprieve, try out Robhots Apple Pie Gummies and truly get high off the holiday spirit.

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