Sweet Grass Kitchen Ginger Molasses Cookie : Edible Review

Sweet Grass Kitchen Ginger Molasses Cookie : Edible Review
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It’s hard to forget the first time one tries to make marijuana edibles.Sweet Grass Ginger Molasses Cookie-1 My first dalliance with hand-crafted marijuana munchies began well over a decade ago. Despite having the best intentions, the end result was (how shall I put it) subpar. Thanksgiving was right around the corner and we had somehow determined that the easiest choice to incorporate cannabis into an edible was via puffed rice treats. Adding to the festive nature of our “treats” we included items like sprinkles and incorporated oodles of cocoa powder in an attempted to cover up the crappy grass that we were throwing into it. Giving ourselves some credit, we didn’t have a lot to work with back in the day. On a shoestring budget with access to cannabis so crummy it would never sell nowadays, we were practically doomed to fail from the start. That isn’t to say that we didn’t eat every last morsel of those horrible chocolate rice treats, and that also isn’t to say that it didn’t make a very high. It most certainly did. That being said, I’m a big fan of modern edibles that I don’t have to literally choke down. Despite the inherent charm of crafting your own edibles, I can’t say that I have attempted to do so for a good long while. Why bother when I can leave it to the professionals like the bakers at Sweet Grass Kitchen. The holiday season is upon us again and Sweet Grass is providing a brand-new weapon in the arsenal to fend off boredom at grandma’s house. Sweet Grass Kitchen’s Ginger Molasses Cookies are a limited time winter treat available only in a few select dispensaries. As I was about to find out there is a lot to love about these seasonal cannabis cookies.

If you want to get your hands on one of these amazing Sweet Grass Kitchen Ginger Molasses Cookies then you better hurry in fast to Emerald Fields in Glendale or Emerald Fields in Manitou Springs, Colorado. This holiday season Sweet Grass has partnered with Emerald Fields to provide these delicious Ginger Molasses Cookies for only $3.50 each. These cookies are available for a limited time and once they’re gone, they’re gone till next year. So, hurry into Emerald Fields today to pick up one of these exclusive cookies.

Sweet Grass Kitchen Ginger Molasses Cookie :

To get a better idea of what makes these cookies so unique, Sweet Grass Ginger Molasses Cookie-3I corresponded with Kristy from Sweet Grass Kitchen. For starters, I wanted to know how Sweet Grass produces its edibles. Kristy told me, “the recipe for our Ginger Molasses Cookies starts with the infusion of our slow-simmered, triple-strained, full-flower cannabutter.” in layman’s terms this mean Sweet Grass produces their edibles the good old-fashioned way with marijuana butter. This is a stark juxtaposition from the majority of edible companies nowadays that use concentrates which are either added into the ingredients or sometimes simply sprayed on the top of a finished edible. This form of manufacturing from Sweet Grass ensures that no extraction chemicals are involved in the mix and that their THC is infused the good old-fashioned way which, as Kristy mentioned, takes some time. “This process currently takes up to 12 hours on average to complete and paves the way for a true crop-to-cookie delivery.” Crop to cookie indeed! Although I’m reticent to use the terminology “old-school”, I find it the most fitting term to describe the cannabutter process in an extract crazed country. Now that I knew how these Sweet Grass Kitchen Ginger Molasses Cookies were made, it was time to get in there for some serious empirical study.

Sweet Grass Kitchen Ginger Molasses Cookie :: Appearance | Smell:

I have quite the penchant for gingerbread items.Sweet Grass Ginger Molasses Cookie-6 I mean what’s not to like about those dark molasses notes beautifully coordinated with the sweetness of sugar accented with a zing of ginger? Okay, I’m getting hungry now. I have got to open this cookie. The second I pierced the foil container a quite odiferous blast of ginger and cannabis escaped. As I buried my nose into the top of the bag the aroma of ginger was overwhelmed by a sweet cannabutter smell. I cheerfully remove the cookie from its sleeve. I was incredibly impressed with what appeared to be a perfect bake. A beautiful indentation in the center of the cookie made room for a glistening valley of rock sugar, a sweet counterpoint to the ginger inside. Browned to golden perfection around all the edges this Sweet Grass Kitchen Ginger Molasses Cookie is aesthetically pleasing and undeniably mouth-watering. Finally released from its prison, I gave the cookie another smell. Now I could really detect some of the darker notes from the molasses as well as the ginger aroma that had faded quickly after opening the bag initially. All the odors had rounded off into a perfect smelling gingerbread-style cookie. This, however, was just the beginning of my adventure.

Sweet Grass Kitchen Ginger Molasses Cookie :: Taste | Effect:

Not one to tarry when the task is consuming Sweet Grass Ginger Molasses Cookie-2cannabis and as a consummate lightweight when it comes to edibles, I wasted no time setting aside my afternoon for video games and 10 mg of Sweet Grass Kitchen’s Ginger Molasses Cookie. As someone with a big mouth (metaphorically and physiologically) I started with a fair size bite taking away half of the cookie. The texture was phenomenal and buttery. As the crumbles of cookie slowly started to dissolve, the sweet sugar on top gracefully blended with the spice of the ginger root. As Kristy phrased it, “The subtle ginger kick in this delicious seasonal cookie does wonders when paired with our signature full-flower cannabutter.” wonders indeed! As someone who has sampled many, many edibles from across the spectrum over the last five years, you can tell when an edible is made with fesh flower rather than extract. While I’m sure that it is possible to obtain the same richness of a butter-produce edible from a concentrate-produce edible I have yet to sample such an item. The best way I can describe it is the difference between having a baked goods produced with butter versus oil. The oil may get the job done but it just lacks that richness and depth of good old-fashioned butter and the home-made appeal that comes with it. As I fully chewed through my half cookie, the full-on gingerbread effects happened. The bittersweet of the molasses melded seamlessly with the slight nip of ginger and the insane richness of the cannabutter. As I continued to chew, the flavor of cannabutter was the final note I detected before swallowing. It was a distinctly well-rounded experience, with just enough sweet, bitter, spicy, and weedy flavors to go around. Kristy credits this concisely coalesced cookie conglomeration to the molasses, “With a sweet molasses finish to bring all the flavors together, you’ll wish it was available all year round.” I couldn’t agree more. On both points. The complexity of the molasses undeniably marries the other sweet, savory, and spicy flavors together. And yes, I really do wish these cookies were available year-round. I’d get very fat and be very high all the time but it just might be worth it to have these cookies around all the time. It took a little longer than I’m usually accustomed to before I started detecting effects from the cookie. It was almost an entire hour before I felt my stereotypical edible giddiness. As far as a ten-milligram dose goes, I would say that Sweet Grass Kitchen’s Ginger Molasses Cookie affected me precisely how I assumed it would. In my case, I experienced a rather mellow indica-leaning high accompanied by unwarranted giggling, munchies, that a strong desire to crash on the couch. Overall, a very textbook sensation as far as what I have come to expect from edible products. Sweet Grass Ginger Molasses Cookie-4This Ginger Molasses Cookie is more about the pageantry and less about getting mind blisteringly stoned. If you have the fortune of sampling one of these cookies this holiday season you will know what I’m talking about. They’re just damn good cookies.


Remember these cookies are only available for a limited time and at limited locations. “[Sweet Grass Kitchen is] so excited to team up with Emerald Fields this holiday season and have them as our marquis Ginger Molasses partner. Swing over to one of their locations this winter to get your fix!” As of November, 19th these cookies are for sale at both Emerald Fields locations but they may not be for long. Hurry in and stock up today so you can rest assured that this year’s boring holiday party, overnight stay with the in-laws, or evening of slideshows at grandma’s house can be filled with a little bit of extra holiday cheer thanks to cannabutter-infused Ginger Molasses Cookies from Sweet Grass Kitchen. Who knows, maybe you can even leave one of these cookies out on the mantel for Santa. Headline: 2018, the year Santa had to Uber.#JessetheGrove

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