Urban Farms So Sweet Dark Chocolate Cherry Bar : Edible Review

Urban Farms So Sweet Dark Chocolate Cherry Bar : Edible Review
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I love food. The secret’s out. I guess it’s not that much of a secret. I may not have the same weakness for sweets on par with some of my friends, but that doesn’t mean I’m ever likely to turn down the chunk of dark chocolate. Throw a little cherry flavor in there and you’ve got a chocolate treat that I’m sure to love. When I found out that Urban Farms So Sweet Chocolate Bars just released a dark chocolate cherry flavor, I was pretty darn excited. What’s not to love about dark chocolate, cherry, and weed? Besides the flavor alone there’s another thing that makes Urban Farms So Sweet Dark Chocolate Cherry Bar amazing.Dark Chocolate Cherry-2 The little secret up Urban Farm’s sleeves comes from the production of the cannabis used inside these chocolate bars. All of the cannabis for Urban Farms is directly Source from Healing House, a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary in Denver, Colorado. What makes healing houses grow so unique you might ask? How about 100% organic, non-GMO, and entirely vegan grows? While there certainly are a lot of grows out there that claim to be organic that doesn’t always mean they are. The truth of the matter is, the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) enforces particulates and cleanliness of cannabis, but there are no regulations on what can be labeled organic. This makes it entirely up to the dispensary to determine what’s “organic”. At Healing House, organic starts with an all-natural soil grow, cultivated with certified organic fertilizers and nutrients, devoid of genetically modified organisms, and vegan unfriendly components like blood meal. If any pest control is needed on any of Healing House’s plants, they solve that problem all naturally as well, using components such as neem oil. What it all boils down to is cannabis-infused, cherry-laden, dark chocolate bars loaded with THC and ready to give you that heady tingle we all know and love. Urban Farms starts with a good base in order to craft the superior end product that is So Sweet Chocolate Bars.

If you want to get your hands on a Urban Farms So Sweet Dark Chocolate Cherry Bar, then best go straight to the source. Healing House is a medicinal and recreational marijuana Dispensary located in Denver, Colorado. Healing House specializes in a massive selection of organic strains along with a wide range of standard third-party products and the full line-up of DRJ Labs products.

Urban Farms So Sweet Dark Chocolate Cherry Bar :: Appearance | Smell:

For starters, I’d like to have a small celebrationDark Chocolate Cherry-1 of Urban Farms So Sweet Dark Chocolate Cherry Bar’s packaging. This might seem like a little silly to celebrate but I’m genuinely getting tired of newfangled tamper-proof containers. Urban Farms So Sweet Chocolate comes in a standard marijuana tube which is already sufficiently tamper-resistant and unlike some packaging I’m able to get into it without pulling out my sawzall. I started by simply popping the lid (so refreshing) to reveal two small foil wrapped bars ready to be broken apart into ten-milligram doses. Being the rather impatient person I am, I immediately chopped into one of the foil packets, sending a sinfully strong cherry aroma wafting about the room. There’s something a little more to that cherry smell though. As soon as the initial smell-shock had subsided, I went in for a closer smell. The cherry was still the highlight but there is more to it than that. I could very clearly smell cannabis along with the rich, dark, and sumptuous odor of dark chocolate. As the aromas blended together in my nose I’d like to equate it just setting a pile of fresh cherries next to a pile of fresh cannabis with a hint of dark chocolate drifting by mid-sniff. Aesthetically, the Urban Farms So Sweet Dark Chocolate Cherry Bar is pretty standard. Each chocolate is emblazoned with a THC stamp as mandated by the MED and is easily dividable into ten-milligram doses. I fall on the marijuana edible consumption chart somewhere between a normal user and lightweight. My ideal dose for feeling loopy is around twenty milligrams for most edibles. I determined that was an ideal starting point for my Urban Farms So Sweet Dark Chocolate Cherry Bar experience. Sufficiently satisfied with my superficial observations it was time to get in there!

Urban Farms So Sweet Dark Chocolate Cherry Bar :: Taste | Effect:

Breaking off two chunks of Urban Farms So Sweet Dark Chocolate Cherry-4Dark Chocolate Cherry Bar, I mentally reaffirmed that my plans for the evening were complete. It was time for some edibles! I popped the first Chunk in my mouth. Just as the cherry aroma had overwhelmed my nose, my initial bite overwhelmed my tongue with a potent, sweet-cherry flavor. While remarkably strong, the tactfully blended sweetness kept the taste out of the realm of cough syrup. After a second bite, the chocolate came into the picture quickly balancing out the sweetness of the cherry with a dark cocoa bitter. As soon as the chocolate joined the show I also tasted a welcoming hint of cannabis. I’ve discovered over the last few years of sampling marijuana edibles that there are some flavors that play really well with cannabis and some that don’t. I had, thus far, never had a cherry-infused cannabis edible before and was surprisingly pleased with how well it mates with the flavor. It was something about the sweetness of the cherry flavor and the bitterness of the cacao that balanced the marijuana flavor into a sumptuous combination that was part cherry cordial and part dark chocolate cannabis treat. A few more bites and the chocolate began to completely dissolve in my mouth. As soon as I finished eating my first piece I gleefully munched down the second. The second was even more delicious since the initial shock of cherry was much more mellow second time around. Satisfied with my two chocolates, it was now time to wait to see what effects I would feel. In typical edible fashion, I started to feel a little loopy about an hour after my initial consumption. As far as edible sensations go, the initial feelings were textbook. The first inkling of a high started in the back of my head with a somewhat sativa-esque sensation which quickly faded into an indica-leaning body high after another ten to fifteen minutes. I was very Stony. Another fifteen or twenty minutes passed, and I was already being visited by my old friend munchies. Munchies always pay me a visit when I have edibles (for the most part). After crafting an impromptu meatball sub and satisfying my inner fat kid I was content to mellow out on the couch with some TV while I waited for the effects to die down. As the effect started to drop, so did my eyelids. I did m