High Times US Cannabis Cup 2015 : Full List of Winners

High Times US Cannabis Cup 2015 : Full List of Winners
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The results, friends, are in. With the largest number of entries to date, this was certainly not an awards ceremony to miss. This was an eventful one, too – we found out that the Cannabis World Cup will be hosted in Negril, Jamaica  this November 12-15th. Dani, a native of Tacoma, Washington, was crowned this year’s Miss High Times. The Grateful Dead, a band which belongs on the Mount Rushmore of cannabis culture, was finally inducted into the High Times US Cannabis Cup DenverCounterculture Hall of Fame. What a night!

Around 6:30, the people started finding their way into the large stage area, where the awards were to take place. It appeared as though this was nap time; that is, until Dab Star and Vader Extracts came to the room. Then, all of a sudden, shouting, cheering, whistling. These guys were giving out hundreds of dollars in merch, just because they love us so much. We love you too, Dab Star, and Vader Extracts!

Then, the smoke. It makes me think about how fair the weed community has come. One of my friends personal favourites was st george weed and he is always blown away by a hit of that in his old RV while hiding from the cops before weed was legal. Now, imagine, this is a room that my entire condo block could fit into, but in minutes, the place filled with thick, pungent, and hazy smoke. Of course! This is Colorado, and this is Cannabis Cup, and we are celebrating the best of the best.

By and large, the big winners on the night were Greenwolf LA and their collaborators, who took home eight different awards. Other big winners were, of course, Vader US Cannabis Cup Awards CeremonyExtracts, who was the shoe-in for best booth, which was quite literally a stage with plenty of awesome giveaways. Vader also took home honors for Best Product, which was the first award given out by The Broken Lizard comedy troupe, known mostly for their cult hit Super Troopers. They, of course, read Vader as the third place winners, but corrected themselves. Maybe these guys aren’t used to Colorado kind bud. Other notables on the night were Colorado’s own Green Solution, who took honors in best booth, and both People’s Choice in Concentrates and Flowers. And how about Greenman Cannabis? They placed first in Best Colorado Indica flower, Best Colorado Sativa flower, and second best Colorado Hybrid flower. You can read the full list of winners below. There’s so much talent in the industry. Let’s show these folks some love! And don’t forget to check out cbd review site, they have some awesome reviews for everything Cannabis!


Cannabis Cup | Best Product

1. Vader Extracts – Moxie Mix

2. Cloud V – Cloud V

3. Incredibowl Red Eye Saloon – Incredibowl Milkshake Machine

Cannabis Cup | Best Booth

1. Vader Extracts

2. Rx Green Solutions / The Ethos Collection

3. The Green Solution

Cannabis Cup | Best Glass

1. Vader Extracts, Freeek, & Pinky – Qbert

2. Beehive Concentrates – Mothership Glass

3. Hitman Glass – Hitman Glass

Cannabis Cup | Best Vaporizer

1. Loud Pack Extracts – 710 King Pen

2. Cloud V – Cloud V

3. Incredibowl Redeye Saloon – Incredibowl Milkshake Machine

Cannabis Cup | Best Edible

1. Keef Cola Signature – Bubba Kush Root Beer 100mg

2. IncrEdibles – Affogato Bar

3. Sacred Sweets with Trichome Heavy Extractions in collaboration with DNA – Orange Creamsicle Creampop

Cannabis Cup | Best CBD Edible

1. Shum-Met Bars in collaboration with Foxtracts – Banana Pudding Bar 160mg

2. TC Labs / TC Treats – Rockies CBD Enriched Premium Protein Bar

3. Great Lakes Hemp Supplements – Cherry Drops Tincture

Cannabis Cup | Best CBD Concentrate

1. Smokers Club – OG Tonic

2. Natural Mystic Cannabis Caregivers – Cannatonic

3. ISODIOL S.A. – Industrial Hemp CBD Extract

Cannabis Cup | Best CBD Flower

1. Tora Bora – MMJ America

2. Aficinado with FreeBorn Selections – The Nubia

3. Elemental Seeds – Sleeping Giant

Cannabis Cup | Best Topical

1. Champion Cannabis with Evolab – Angel Salve

2. Genusys Compounds and Essences – HIGHGASM

3. Foria Pleasures – Foria

Cannabis Cup | Best Non-Solvent Hash

1. Exotic Genetix – Cookies and Cream Cubantech Drysift

2. Trichome Heavy Extracts with G.C. Rebellion Farms, Greenwolf LA and DNA – Strawberry Banangieland 120-73 micron

3. Cuban Hash Queen with Exotic Genetix – Kimbo Kush Cubantech Drysift

Cannabis Cup | Best Colorado Sativa Flower

1. Greenman Cannabis – Ghost Train Haze

2. Rocky Mountain High – Sweet Silver Haze

3. Starbuds – Pootie Tang

Cannabis Cup | Best US Sativa Flower

1. Greenway Las Vegas – Ghost Train Haze #13

2. Private Stock for Buds and Roses of LA – Veganic Strawberry Cough

3. Christopher Stine – Green Crack

Cannabis Cup | Best Colorado Indica Flower

1. Greenman Cannabis – Louis XIII

2. MMJ America Boulder – Colorado Bubba

3. Docs Apothecary in collaboration with Ethos Collective – Black Fire

Cannabis Cup | Best US Indica Flower

1. Herbal Healing – Granddaddy Purps

2. Greenwolf LA with Kushco – Kosher Kush

3. Greenwolf LA with Ghost Crow – DaVinci OG

Cannabis Cup | Best Colorado Hybrid Flower

1. Allgreens – Kong

2. Greenman Cannabis – Starkiller

3. MMJ America Downtown – OG KB Cookies

Cannabis Cup | Best US Hybrid Flower

1. Greenwolf and Top Shelf Terps – T.S.T. Cookies

2. Greenwolf LA – Cali Kush Farms Emperor Cookie Dough

3. The Weed, The Wellness Earth Energy Dispensary with Nameless Genetics – Mega Wellness OG

Cannabis Cup | Best Indica Concentrate

1. Greenwolf LA, Nature’s Lab Extracts & Crown OG – Crown OG Sugar

2. Pink House with IncrEdibles – Fresh Frozen Space Valley OG

3. Kush Company with Nature’s Lab Extracts and the W.E.E.D. Studio City – Company OG Live Resin Batter

Cannabis Cup | Best Hybrid Concentrate

1. Nameless Genetics with The Weed of Studio 17 – B Mega Wellness OG

2. Greenwolf LA, Nature’s Lab Extracts, Crown OG – Crown OG Crumble

3. Dab Vader/Vader Extracts – Skywalker OG Kush

Cannabis Cup | Best Sativa Concentrate

1. Crocket Family Farms by Dabbalicious Extracts – Strawberry Lemonade Live Resin

2. Greenwolf LA with Dabbalicious, Crocket Family Farms and G.C. Rebellion Farms – Wonderland Live Resin

3. Gold Coast Extracts – Tangie #17

Cannabis Cup | US People’s Choice: Best Concentrate

1. The Green Solution – Sour Diesel Shatter

2. The Clinic Colorado – Kosher Kush Live Resin Butter

3. Native Roots – Orange Herijuana Shatter

Cannabis Cup | US People’s Choice: Best Flower

1. The Green Solution – Cindy White

2. Native Roots – GRiZ Kush

3. The Clinic – Bubba Kush


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