High Times US Cannabis Cup: The Four Most Interesting Vendors

High Times US Cannabis Cup: The Four Most Interesting Vendors
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For anyone who spent a day (or more!) at the 2015 High Times US Cannabis Cup, it’s very easy to forget the hundreds of different vendors, especially when many of those vendors were giving out free samples. Who can turn down free samples? This is a great way to try and experiment with new strains. You may want to speak to one of the medical marijuana doctors in Kansas City if you are looking to find a strain to treat a condition you have been suffering from and if you aren’t in that area there are a range of marijuana dispensary canada that can provide you with what you need to treat. However, during the three days I spent covering the Cup this year, I ran into several very unforgettable booths, despite my state of mind (It might have something to do with some plant that induces minor short-term memory loss. Who knows?). Let’s face it: if I could write a piece on every vendor – every story – of the wide variety of people I met at Cannabis Cup, I would. These different vendors, based on the conversations we had, were my most unforgettable. On a side note, if you are looking for rising Cannabis brands online, why not visit Purple Tangie, a website that stock Cannabis flowers in Oklahoma. Anyway, on with the show!

Let our People Grow

L.O.P.G is a family business that raises money for cannabis issues across the country. They’re based out of Paw Paw, Michigan, which is a town of 3000 about half an hour westLet Our People Grow Paw Paw Michigan of Kalamazoo (speaking of which: does Michigan win the award for the best names for places?). L.O.P.G. was founded by husband and wife Peairr and Heather, who are cannabis caregivers. Ultimately, their mission is to see a country where every person has the right to grow cannabis, and the right to treat their medical ailments in any way they choose. “We are ready to get the movement out,” Heather told me. And there really is no better place to get your cannabis issue into the public sphere than Cannabis Cup in Denver, Colorado. “If Mecca is the holy city of the religion of Islam,” Peairr explained to me, “then Denver is the Mecca of the cannabis movement.” By selling their clothing (with such hilarious taglines as “Stoned Age” or “Kush Kitten”), they’re able to raise money for cannabis awareness, as well as clinical research. Much of L.O.P.G’s proceeds from the Cup went to PTSD research. Okay, I know that there were tons of vendors selling funny shirts, but these folks were very upfront that they are not a clothing company: they are a movement. Very cool!

Mary’s Medicinals

Mary’s Medicinals has become a household name in the cannabis community here in Colorado, because they are usually what people reach for if they do not want to smoke or eat their cannabis. Mary’s certainly leads the way when it comes to transdermal cannabis.Mary's Medicinals Denver Colorado However, at the cup, the company was selling their Rescue Tonic, which are clinically-developed, cherry pie flavored blends to help you come down if you get too much THC. Noel Palmer, PhD, Mary’s Medicinal’s Director of Science explained it to me: one of the biggest concerns in the recreational cannabis industry in Colorado is those unfamiliar with cannabis taking too much, and having a bad time. Shake one of these bad boys up, drink it, and within thirty minutes, all the unpleasant effects of a strong high – disorientation, anxiety, and paranoia, will dissipate. So, naturally, I had to try one of these on my way home from the Wellness Retreat at Fiddler’s Green. I wouldn’t say it made me sober, but it did heighten my mood, enhanced my clarity, and gave me some much-needed calm after the intense show (it didn’t do anything about my cottonmouth, but that’s what good old H2O is there for, right?). Currently, the Rescue Tonic is available exclusively at Native Roots, but will be going into other recreational dispensaries in a few months. Frankly, at an event like this, having products to help people come down is an excellent idea, and is just one of many exciting projects Mary’s is currently working on. I am so excited to see what these wonderful folks come up with next!

Kings of Kush

These guys are terrific. Kings of Kush are a marijuana lifestyle company out of lovely Longmont, Colorado. Run by brothers Dan and Tyler, the company aims to create and Kings of Kush Longmont Coloradodistribute interesting and high quality products for stoners worldwide. A few months ago, my fellow editor Jesse wrote a piece on one of their candles, so we wanted to swing by and see what they had going on. There they were, the two brothers, selling some of their distinctive t-shirts, handing out their distinctive stickers, and showing their products from their affiliates DividerPro and BudSudz, a concentrate container company and a cannabis soap company, respectively. I’m not sure what it was about my interraction with these guys: their glowing personalities, their genuine excitement for cannabis as a plant and a movement, or the enormous dabs they offered Jesse and me, but these guys were all class. I also have a soft spot for families that go into business together, and these brothers are just that. If Cannabis Cup is all about having fun, while having a sincere appreciation for the plant, these guys were on point.

Magic Buzz

Magic Buzz is a recreational marijuana company in Colorado, and you’d have to be high as a kite not to see their Chillax Lounge and bus parked right outside in the DenverMart Plaza. The company was founded in November of 2014, and they provide cannabis tonicsThe Magic Buzz Carbondale, CO that are functionally inspired. Currently, they have three different blends, designed for whatever activity you have planned. The Buzzin’, for when you’re looking for energy, and want something naturally sourced, The Chillin’, for ultimate relaxation (and a great cure for a hangover!), and The Snoozin’, for when you’re just trying to grab some Z’s. These blends were actually developed long before legalization, as healthy alternatives to energy boosters or sleep aids on the market. Much unlike many of the companies at Cannabis Cup, Magic Buzz’s products are designed for the occasional cannabis user, which I feel really separated them from the dozens of places shelling out dabs to any cannabis pros who happened by (not that there’s anything wrong with handing out dabs. At all.). Furthermore, their iconic bus was transformed into the Chillax Lounge. Ever wanted to sit inside a genuine, older-model VW Bus? Ever wanted to pretend you were one of the members of Mystery Incorporated, while smoking copious amounts of marijuana with friends? What a great idea, and I can’t wait to see what this small Colorado company has in store next.


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