Marijuana Extracts for Medicinal Use

Marijuana Extracts for Medicinal Use
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It goes without saying that most of us remember the very first time we ever tried marijuana. My tale was not a glamorous one and entailed a soda can behind the bushes near a friend’s house. While the occasion stands out, it didn’t seem to stick quite as much as the first time I tried a marijuana concentrates. I was helping a friend move (the burden of pickup truck ownership) and we were just about to start loading boxes into cars when my friend’s boyfriend Sean threw out the offer to get stoned before we started toting things down the stairs. In a “duh, of course, I want to get high” moment we all went upstairs where a large bong from sat on the table. From initial inspection having no idea what marijuana concentrates or dabbing was I assumed that the bong was simply missing its male component and had some fancy percolation system I’d never encountered.

That’s when Sean whipped out a little jar of what I would now probably identify as sugar wax, thinking about it now (as I now know what that sugar wax actually was) I’m not even too sure if that is how you are meant to be storing weed properly. He could see my trepidation as he whipped out a torch and started beating up the nail on the bong. “don’t worry, it’s just weed” he told me. Taking his word for it I took my first dab which I had pinned down as potentially the most nefarious thing I’d ever done in my life. Just as one would expect from the first dab they had taken in their life, I was exceedingly stoned, and the moving process went from tedious to fun very quickly.

At the time, I didn’t know how big a role marijuana extracts would soon play in Colorado, although the craze for people looking to buy weed online continues to surge. Although I was completely new to the concept, there were already medicinal marijuana spots like Life Flower Dispensary who not only knew about concentrates but were in the process of pioneering Marijuana Extracts for Medicinal Use.

Marijuana Extracts for Medicinal Use

Many out there would view marijuana concentrates by the very concept to be a form of cannabis that’s custom tailored to recreational users. I know I for one didn’t immediately correlate my first dab to anything medicinal. The truth of the matter is there are a lot of reasons that marijuana concentrates can prove to be an amazing medicinal component. As Neal at Life Flower calls it “marijuana’s most medicinal form,” and there are several reasons why. First and foremost, as I’m sure you can well derive, the potency of extracts is through the roof. If you’re using marijuana for medicinal purposes that’s a huge benefit. If, for example, you’re treating chronic pain or epilepsy with a high CBD strain, you won’t need to medicate nearly as frequently as you would if you were simply smoking a strain that was high in CBD. This also brings up another interesting fact about marijuana concentrates.

Amazing Medicinal Potential

When you are producing an extract, there are multiple opportunities in the process to refine the components in said extract. What I’m trying to say is that if you’re making a high CBD extract, you can concentrate the CBD from your plant matter and focus on the cannabinoids you want to highlight in the extract. The process that goes into being able to extract the cannabinoids is a very intricate one and has to be done correctly so that people can feel the full benefits of this substance. You may even want to read this article here to learn more about what CBD is and what it can be used for. Who knew, this was such an important process? Taking this a step further, as research has shown, terpenes (the proteins responsible for smell and flavor in all plants), can have a huge impact on the effects of a strain on the human brain. Marijuana extraction allows different terpene levels to be controlled, and as more research becomes available on the effect of terpenes future extractions can highlight the ones with the most medicinal benefit. There is yet another reason marijuana extracts have such amazing medicinal potential.

Marijuana Without the Tar

One of the biggest cruxes against marijuana is the very real fact that smoking marijuana flower can create buildups of tar in the lungs from prolonged use. When you really think about it, after all burning a plant and inhaling the smoke from it. When it comes to marijuana concentrates, things are a little bit different. If you’re a smoking a properly manufactured extract like CO2 oil from Life Flower produced by Colorado Cannabis Co. there is hardly any residual tar. Not only is there hardly any tar, but if you are smoking an extract like CO2 oil, they are produced using a solventless process and don’t contain any harsh chemicals like butane, hexane, or propane. Also, depending on how extracts are produced, they can have another very amazing medicinal trick up their sleeve.

Life Flower THC Oil-1Activated Marijuana Extracts

At Life Flower Dispensary, not only can you pick up CO2 extracted oil syringes, that are not only solventless and high in components like CBD, but you can get them pre-activated as well. What the heck does that mean? Well, it’s pretty damn cool. Normally as any good old marijuana smoker will tell you, if you want to get high you need fire. With pre-activated marijuana, that’s not the case. Extracts like Life Flower’s CO2 oil syringes when produced as an activated product, don’t need to be smoked to receive the benefits from the marijuana inside. Using the marvels of science, someone who is taking CBD medicinally can now buy extracts that are free of harsh chemicals, concentrated with only the cannabinoids they need, and activated so they simply take a few drops under the tongue as opposed to smoking it. That means that even if you have dietary restrictions that would stop you from enjoying most marijuana edibles, you won’t be limited from enjoying activated marijuana extracts. The most medicinal form of marijuana indeed.

Life Flower Extract Selection

Life Flower Dispensary has known this little gem of wisdom for many years now and offers a diverse selection of CO2 syringes with varying ratios of THC to CBD. Not to worry though if you’re a rec user, who simply wants to get a concentrate to melt away at the end of the day, Life Flower also has a large selection of shatter, wax, and all the usual extractions your heart desires. But if you’re looking for a medicinal extract even if you’re a recreational user, Life Flower has the fix for what ails you.

As word spreads about the medicinal uses of marijuana extracts it’s going to be companies like Life Flower that pioneer this growing industry. If your open to the idea of trying a clean, low-tar, concentrated, diabetic friendly, and edible form of marijuana then it might be time to experience extracts for the first time.


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