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The Green Solution Studio
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The sun was out making a half-hearted attempt at melting the snow and Adam (another editor here at Dope Directory) and I had a date on the calendar to swing by The Green Solution® Studios. Having already met once with Wig’nz, Aldo, and JJ (the Uli Production crew minus Larry) I knew we were in store for one of the dopest webcast recordings possible. When you set your studio up in a residence, the advantages are clear, you can drink and smoke to your heart’s content, even while filming! Everything from the rotating candy caddy on the counter to the giant percolated bong waiting nearby told me this was the place to talk about some marijuana. Larry was there waiting for us already prepped behind said bong (my kind of man!). After a brief session with the bong, Larry and I made the executive decision that since it was after 11 it was time to bust out the brewskis. As Wig’nz and Larry wandered back into the Studio, Adam and I admired the wall of signed posters and photos out in the seating area. Our time came. Now I don’t know what strain Larry had in that bong, and I can’t speak for Adam, but I was already ripped out of my mind knowing full well that I’d brought along a 10 pack of slim Bruce Banner joints from The Green Solution®. What the hell, we hit one more of the best bongs before recording! We made our way back and after my ass made multiple attempts to destroy their expensive recording equipment and a brief round of stoned musical lounge chairs, we all settled into our spots. As one final touch, they made me take my shirt off… So that the green screens didn’t make me have a huge hole in my chest. All properly seated and attired it was recording time!

The Green Solution® Studio

As the name would imply, this is where Larry and Wig’nz make the magic happen on The Green Solution’s ® uncensored webcast. They’ve covered a lot of ground since Uli Productions partnered with The Green Solution ® to create The Green Solution ® Studio. They have interviewed everyone from celebrities to industry marketers to growing specialists all doing so with some deliciously crass language and a sense of humor that is right up my alley. As The Green Solution ® continues to grow, the support from Larry and Wig’nz and the entire TGS studio team will play a crucial role in making marijuana mainstream. The Green Solution ® Studio can also be an indispensable tool to help listeners weed out(pun intended) misconceptions and navigate the tumultuous new world of legal marijuana all with a few good chuckles and maybe a little bit of blushing, gratis Larry’s litany of lovely lewd remarks. The Green Solution® Studio is also the ace place to hear about new products and promotions that are going to hit the shelves at The Green Solution ®. If you want to tune in, then check out The Green Solution® Live Stream page!

Uli Productions

It all started with a couple guys who formed a relationship that would blossom into a beautiful partnership; not the Brokeback Mountain kind, more of a legal firm kind of partnership. Over a decade ago Larry and Wig’nz joined forces and mid-recording, Adam and I had the fortune of viewing their first collaborative work, parodying a familiar beer ad campaign from yesteryear (it was fricken fantastic!) Uli Productions has grown a lot since then and has wisely partnered with organizations such as The Green Solution® to spread the word about cannabis. But don’t let their connection to the industry fool you, Uli Productions has a long reach in marketing and has done promotional work for everything from dispensaries to real estate. As the company grows along with its partners like The Green Solution® you can expect these fellows to be doing the digital footwork and operating the back door (sexy) on a variety of different industries.

Dope Directory TGS Recording

The Green Solution StudioAs we proceeded through our interview with Larry and Wig’nz we spent about equal amounts of time joking about Wig’nz’s and Adam’s fiancées (all nice stuff don’t worry), talking about how the industry affected us, explaining what both our companies do, and *cough* smoking joints from The Green Solution ®. By about mid-recording I was babbling like a stoned idiot and laughing in like manner. While I’d like to think that I sounded Sauvé and looked very dapper I know my combination of weed, beer, adipose tissue and a receding hairline probably made me… Irresistible! Adam thankfully was there sounding and looking much more composed than myself. He explained how Dope Directory creates custom content and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results for their clients like The Green Solution® and the importance of having a third party voice to get yourself noticed where people are looking, AKA google – Learn more about cannabis seo at All too soon our interview was over, and it was time to start their next recording. Of course, that didn’t stop us from chatting over another beer, a bowl, and some candy before we left.

The Green Solution® Studio is a truly magical place, I can’t emphasize enough how fun and laid back the experience was. Then again, with guys like Wig’nz at the helm, Larry in the spotlight and a bunch of weed and beer on the table, I ask you, how could it not be a good time? If you get a chance, you should absolutely check out our recording from The Green Solution® studios. It will be airing this Friday on The Green Solution® Livestream.

A shoutout to the crew at Uli Productions. I know I speak for both Adam and myself when I say, we’re more than willing to take the time to come back in and take on the arduous task of getting stoned and talking about the industry.


The Green Solution Studio
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The Green Solution Studio
The Green Solution® Studio is an indispensable tool to help listeners weed out misconceptions and navigate the tumultuous new world of legal marijuana.
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