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The recreational marijuana market is really blooming (pun intended), and as the market expands, the niches are being filled by groups of ingenuitive ganjapreneurs. One of the chief concerns from customers visiting recreational locations is finding a way to affordably have a smoke without needing to worry about buying a pipe. One go-to option is obviously purchasing a joint. More and more people are finding out that the smoking a joint of high grade Colorado chronic is not only way too strong for them, but ends up being a waste of money since they get as high as they would ever want to be off of only half a joint. Beyond that, there is also the fact that a lot of people don’t want to smoke any paper with their marijuana and want to taste their strains for what they truly are. Who wants to try Girl Scout Cookies and paper, when they could just raw unadulterated Girl Scout Cookies?

During a recent review I encounteredDisposaBowls a company that has conceived a solution for dispensaries, for customers, and for patients. DisposaBowls (a punny name that resonates well with me), a local Colorado-based company, has crafted a new line of space-age chillums that are ideal for those of us who either want to smoke up in a marijuana friendly hotel and not worry about purchasing a pipe. These chillums also fit a perfect niche for the discerning smoker on the go that doesn’t want to smoke joints. Upon initial inspection of a DisposaBowls’ mini chillum, it looks a little bit like an old fashioned sprinkler part that you might find in the plumbing section of your local hardware store. When you look at it a little closer you can notice a few features that make it unique. Little legs for instance keep it from rolling away when you set it down on the table, and a child-safe lid fits snuggly on the top of the business end. The intention of this design is to be filled at the dispensary in strain specific small portions and then sealed with their child-safe lids. As a customer you can simply snag a prefilled DisposaBowl already loaded with the strain of your choice and it’s ready to tag along with you back to your hotel.

This is simply a marvelous idea, and it honestly smokes better than I thought it would by looking at it. As is expected with any short chillum-like device, it does have a little bit of a kick, but still much less than a joint. Even though it’s crafted to be an eco-friendly ready to chuck pipe, I see myself using my DisposaBowl for years to come. It really is a great clean way to sample small batches of Colorado’s fine marijuana product without the pangs of remorse from buying a handmade pipe only to discard it in a hotel lobby. A great solution for dispensaries that serve large crowds of tourists as well, since DisposaBowls will soon be customizable with dispensary stickers, so that your customers will know where they got that amazing Colorado dankness from.




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