Fuego Extracts OG 1 Live Resin Vape Cartridge

Fuego Extracts OG 1 Live Resin Vape Cartridge
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With the advent of dozens of unique proprietary cannabis vape pen cartridges, I was starting to become concerned that the 510-thread battery system was simply becoming passé. With the technology boom for proprietary contraptions, I felt like this tried and true thread style was being ignored by some of the major manufacturers of cannabis products. That isn’t to say that there is not a massive selection of 510-thread cartridges on the market, I was just starting to feel that all the innovation in the field was being focused on new inventions. That opinion was quickly changed when I first encountered a Fuego Extracts Live Resin Vape Cartridge. There is a whole lot about this standard 510 thread cartridge that isn’t standard at all. For starters, the addition of live resin is a flavorful choice to increase the cartridges potential. Second, and more important to the overall smoke, Fuego Extracts uses a CCell element (I’ll explain more below). Best of all, the cartridges are refillable and made from superior exterior and interior materials. Suffice it to say the day of the 510 threaded cartridges isn’t over yet, at least if Fuego has something to say about it.

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Fuego Extracts OG 1 Live Resin Vape Cartridge:

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I mentioned earlier I’d highlight what I was talking about with Fuego Extracts cartridge design. Older style cartridges usually utilized one or two small cotton wicks that would protrude from the interior element and absorb oil into the atomizer for vaporization. This Fuego Cartridge instead uses a porous ceramic wick and several small orifices around the shell of the inner chamber to draw in oil from all sides into the atomizer. This ensures that the oil is absorbed more evenly, reduces unwanted flavors, and limits the chance of getting gross burnt-flavored hits. I’ve only tried two other CCell technology cartridges in the past and if they were any indication of Fuego’s CCell cartridges I was in store for a great smoke. Having never tried a cartridge from Fuego Extracts, I was very excited to see what was in store for me. In this situation, the vape cartridge I had was strain-specific and filled with OG 1 Live Resin. For those of you who out there who may be unfamiliar with live resin, it is produced like standard extracts except it is made from fresh or frozen plants that have never gone through the curing process. This creates a more flavorful smoke that is more reminiscent of the original plant it was harvested from. I followed the directions on Fuego’s tamper-resistant box and retrieved my cartridge from inside. I removed the cartridge and handled it for a moment, observing the small holes on the inside of the chamber that are indicative of a CCell cartridge. It was exceptionally difficult for me to identify the material used for the mouthpiece. After five minutes of walking around like an idiot and tapping it on various other materials, I determined that it is some form of ceramic. Regardless of the actual chemical composition of the cartridge it was an absolute joy to handle. I could only imagine how delightful it would be to smoke out of (wait, I don’t have to imagine)!

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I set the Fuego Extract Live Resin Vape Cartridge upright for a few minutes and allowed the oil in the chamber to settle down around the edges of the element. After a short wait, I threaded the cartridge on to a standard push-button battery (I have some that don’t use a button, but I’ve found the lack the oomph for most cartridges nowadays. I pressed the button and held the cartridge to my ear for a moment as it chortled and crackled to life. I took a long slow drag off the OG 1 Fuego cartridge. As soon as I exhaled a dauntingly large cloud of smoke appeared before me. My brain, having seen the volume of smoke, warned my body to prepare to cough, but alas, no coughs came. I stood there for a minute appreciating the extremely floral flavor I had just received. Insanely voluminous smoke aside, my initial reactions were overwhelmed by the delicate sweet flavor of the live resin. This is some truly masterfully extracted concentrate. I can say, with some conviction, that this was the most floral flavored cartridge I’ve ever experienced. It was difficult to discern the flavor from smoking flower and the only real giveaway was the fact set the smoke was extremely smooth. In the past, I’ve experienced several cartridges that can produce clouds this robust, but this Fuego Extracts cartridge truly impressed me because of how smooth it was. Going into my sampling session dead sober, I started feeling the effects almost instantaneously. A potent hybrid sensation took over my extremities and my brain. The sensations were acute, coming from a vape pen cartridge. The initial high started at the peak of my sinuses and slowly melted back to the back of my head and down my spine. My extremities did pick up some indica sensations from the OG 1 strain inside. I took one more draw for good measure and sat down on the couch to wait for the full effect of my puffs. The high was extremely mellow considering the size of my smokes. The effects were also quite pronounced having come from vape cartridge, and clearly instilled in me a sensation that bridged the gap between sativa and indica quite gracefully. As delightful as the