Hightanium Design : The Perfect One-Hitter

Hightanium Design : The Perfect One-Hitter
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Ever since Emperor Shen Neng began to cultivate cannabis crops for their healing properties in ancient China, since the first Persian sacred text spoke of the miraculous health benefits of cannabis, and since Pliny the Elder’s The Natural History speaks of the beneficial properties of marijuana, there has always stood one question; how the heck am I going to smoke that? Our cultivation of cannabis certainly has come a long way from ox-drawn wooden plows, but the riddle of how to imbibe has never left us. While my arsenal of smoking apparatus may be extensive, including bongs, steam rollers, pipes, chillums, bubblers, and dab rigs, until Cannabis Cup this Hightaniumyear there was still one type of device that I didn’t count in my ranks. Although it may seem odd that I’ve never owned a one-hitter, I can say now with confidence, it was only because I was waiting for the right one. And much to my joy, I found that one perfect one-hitter crafted by Hightanium Design.

I’ve often perused the one-hitters at head shops just hoping to find the right one. I usually find one that’s ceramic, making it fragile, which in my opinion defeats the purpose of a one hitter. I also almost always find one that’s metal but constructed with rather questionable metallurgy, meaning I can’t tell by the weight what metal it is. Not a big deal right? Wrong. Having worked with metals my fair share in the jewelry world, I can’t emphasize enough how much improper metallurgical alloying can devastate your body with metals like lead and aluminum. While aluminum is a non-ferrous (no iron), affordable, and relatively hardy material, it also has a melting point that is much lower than many people realize. Thin pieces of aluminum (like in soda cans) can be melted with a standard lighter, and when they are melted you don’t want to be anywhere near the fumes and particulates that are gassing off of them. To sum up, you should know what type of metal you’re going to be putting your lips on.

When I walked up to the Hightanium Design booth and I noticed their pure titanium one-hitters, it was pretty much an instant sale. Titanium is another inert metal with exceptional durability and a melting point that’s more than twice the temperature of aluminum. Just as I’m thinking it can’t get any better, I was shown the unique system incorporated into all of their hand-made titanium pipes. In a rather ingenious manner, the one-hitter is threaded to allow either the end or the resin catch to be removed for extremely easy cleaning. It was an easy decision for me to buy, but then I was faced with the difficult choice of what color to pick. Titanium, as a non-ferrous metal, lends itself well to adonization, an electro-chemical process that bonds the outer surface of the metal wiHightaniumth a corrosion resistant coating, and depending on the voltage applied during the process, changes the color of the metal. This means I had about literally hundreds of unique styles, patterns, and designs to choose from.

After settling on a rather dapper looking purple one-hitter, I gladly paid my $20 and went off to try my new tiny friend. I was not disappointed; the smoke was as clean and crisp as glass, didn’t have even a trace of metallic flavor, and cleaning it out afterwards was a breeze with its removable top. If you’re in the market for a one-hitter or small indestructible pipe, I highly recommend checking out Hightanium Design’s website here. Even more pleasing to a Colorado native like myself, Hightanium Design is based right here in Colorado, up in lovely Steamboat Springs. The company was founded by husband and wife team Chris and Lesley, who have created some undeniably nice smoking devices. If Emperor Shen Neng himself was presented with one of these phenomenal little one-hitters, it would have been the highlight of the Bronze-Age.




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