LucidMood : Bliss Sipper

LucidMood : Bliss Sipper
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It’s only been a couple years since Colorado legalized marijuana, but now when I look back to the days where marijuana used to be illegal, it seems like it may as well have been a decade ago. Who knows, maybe it’s just a side effect of my job, but when I think about college and sitting down with friends after class to enjoy a bowl, it seems like ages ago. There was something else that was different in those days and is more than just an illusion brought about by my inaccurate perception of time. Cannabis didn’t use to be this mind-numbingly strong. While I know many out there are celebrating this fact (and don’t get me wrong, sometimes I want to melt into a couch) there is something that has been lost in the ever-increasing quest for a higher THC content. Back when we used to share a bowl in my bright college days, we would pass and puff and pass some more. We’d all get giggly and then go eat a mess of greasy spoon food down the street at The Kitchen (If Greeley did one thing right, it was country cookin’). None of us would feel uncomfortable, none of us would need to cling onto the couch for dear life because we were too high, and noneLucid Mood-1 of had any worries at all. The point of this being, we would partake in marijuana like we were handing out and sharing some beers. Now with THC levels sky-high, it sometimes feels more like sitting around and sharing a handle of vodka. What happened to the mellowness and the laid-back enjoyment factor of yesteryear? Thinking along these same lines I recently was hooked up with a vape pen from LucidMood. These small disposable pens are a shout-out to the olden days when what mattered wasn’t labels like sativa or indica but feelings and sensations. Taking things a step beyond basic sativa or indica, LucidMood has formulated each unique “mood” based off of different terpenoids and how those terpenoids effect the brain. How does this marijuana make you feel? Capturing these sensations in different style pens using added natural terpenoids, LucidMood has crafted a line of 1:1 THC:CBD “sippers” (not chuggers) that are small, discreet, tasty, functional, and won’t leave you drooling in a corner or lying in bed trying to get the world to stop spinning. I’ll share my experience with LucidMood’s Bliss Sipper, and how I feel that these pens are going to take the cannabis world by storm.

Are you ready to experience a LucidMood for yourself? Check out The Station, a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary in Boulder Colorado. The Station carries all four moods from LucidMood and you can pick one up today for only $25. If you’re also a fan of buds and concentrates, The Station has a full line-up of the absolute best strains and extracts in the state.

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Bliss Sipper: Taste and Effects

I started out my investigation the same way I do with any marijuana products, by first deciphering the secret of opening the packaging. In the case of my LucidMood Bliss Sipper, it was pretty painless. You simply pinch the rough patches at the top and slide your fingers to break the seal on the zip-loc-esque top. Inside I found my tiny 200mg Bliss Sipper, a little piece of paper explaining how to properly use it, and a little bit on how LucidMood produces their Bliss Sippers. The pen itself is very small, with the same profile as a regular cigarette. A clear Lucid Mood-2window at the top allowed me to peer in and see the THC and CBD terpenoid loaded slurry inside. It’s noteworthy that all LucidMood extracts only use THC, CBD, and natural terpenes. All extractions are solvent-less CO2 and there is no polyethylene glycol or propylene glycol. Reading a little bit more about my Bliss Sipper I also learned that terpenes from clove and anise were added in to achieve the appropriate sensation of bliss. The knowledge of how terpenes effect the mind has been known for millennia in Ayurvedic medicine but has since needed to be rediscovered since allopathic medicine started to reign supreme at the turn of the century. As I finished reading the included paper slip I couldn’t help but notice the 100% unconditional warranty on all LucidMood products (pretty cool). Finally, the moment of truth. As per instructions, I took one slow sip. The clove was what first hit my tongue mixed with a slight hint of anise and a touch of unknown spice. As I slowly exhaled I tasted a rounded sweetness that was perfectly complimented by the familiar flavor of cannabis. The taste left in my mouth was bright, light, and zesty. My Bliss Sipper did have a little bit of a bite which I can attribute to the clove, but in my opinion, this simply added to the experience. Within a minute I was already starting to feel the effects of LucidMood’s Bliss Sipper. Aptly named I might add. I felt a very strong sensation of euphoria. I could also tell that there was a high CBD content in the pen as my body felt a little bit melty. I sat around astounded at how clear the high was trying to rationalize that I actually got much higher than I had anticipated from one puff off the Bliss Sipper. The LucidMood Bliss Sipper instills a very nostalgic high, that balances the sensation of your head floating a few feet off your shoulders with the sensation of your body being incredibly grounded. The cerebral high was very light and very, very functional. I never felt like my mind was in a tar-pit like I sometimes do from other extracts/strains. I really must say, it’s a great experience, and I would love to try more of LucidMood’s Mood Sippers, to experience the full array of terpene driven effects.

LucidMoods Mood Sippers

LucidMood sells four different “moods” made to incarnate the desired sensation in the smoker. Bliss, with its slightly spicy flavor, is the peaceful euphoric pen made to exemplify everything that’s good about getting high with your friends. Energy, with its citrus zest, has an uplifting effect and is the perfect sipper if you’re looking to get out and go. Focus, with its zing of pine, is formulated to have you dedicated to the task at hand whether that’s a term paper you’ve been putting off or a piece of art that needs to be finished. Relax, Lucid Mood-3with a hint lavender is the perfect sipper for the end of the day when you need to put your mind and body to sleep.


It’s not every day that I fall in love with a product as much as I have fallen in love with LucidMood’s Sippers. Not only was my Bliss sipper all natural, not only did it instill a perfectly balanced high, not only was it extremely affordable, not only did it taste like everything good about Christmas, but it’s also the most discreet marijuana pen I’ve ever seen. These Sippers are so small you can fit them almost anywhere and since they are a contained unit there is no need to worry about replacements, refills, burnt coils, or leaking. When your LucidMood pen is spent simply procure another. With a price tag that’s cheaper than most other pens replacement cartridges getting a new Sipper doesn’t break the bank. If you’re new to smoking and don’t know what you’re looking for, returning to smoking and don’t want your brain blasted out by a 32% THC strain, or are just a smoker who wants a product that is custom tailored for the mood you want to achieve, check out LucidMood’s Sippers. I hope to see these little guys on the shelf of every dispensary soon!#JessetheGrove

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