O.pen Craft Reserve C-Cell Cartridge

O.pen Craft Reserve C-Cell Cartridge
Craft Reserve C-Cell Cartridge Marijuana Smoking Devices O.pen The Station Vape Pen Review

It’s been a long enough time now that O.Pen 1000ml-1I’m starting to forget the first generation of disposable vape pen cartridges. At the initial inception of disposable vape pen cartridges, there were only a few players in the field. When cannabis was first legalized in Colorado vape pens and concentrates were new and exciting but still very much a niche product in a freshly flower hungry environment. Even from those early days, there was one company that stood apart from the rest, O.pen. In Colorado, at least, I can almost single-handedly give O.pen credit for the rising popularity of small cartridge vape pens. If you partook in any vape pens back in those pioneer days, you may remember a litany of technical woes that plagued every manufacturer’s first generation vape pens. You could expect everything from leaks, burning oil, clogs, holes, poor battery life, and frequent heating element death. To top that all off, oil extraction was still a very nascent industry and many final extracted products were mediocre at best. Things have been changing very quickly over the last couple of years. Loads of proprietary cartridges have started hitting the market and standard threaded cartridges have been evolving rapidly. I recently had the opportunity to sample a truly space-age new product from O.pen. The O.pen Craft Reserve C-Cell Cartridges are a brand-new conceptualization to the realm of standard threaded cartridges. While the thread on this cartridge may be the same one that will work with your current arsenal of batteries there’s a whole lot about this cartridge that sets it apart.

If you’re looking to pick up one of these amazing O.pen Craft Reserve C-Cell Cartridges for yourself, look no further than The Station. The Station is a local Colorado dispensary selling some of the absolute best buds around out of Boulder and Basalt, Colorado. The Station specializes in providing a superior selection of cannabis products all inside a laid-back yet professional environment.

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What is a C-Cell Cartridge?

So, what exactly does it mean to be a C-Cell cartridge? O.Pen 1000ml-2To be honest, when I first heard the term my brain immediately went to C-size batteries (you know, the size relegated to live the rest of their life in a storage unit jammed in a 90’s boombox). It turns out, in reference to vape pens, C-Cell technology is something much cooler and is specifically referring to the element that heats the oil. In traditional style cartridges, a cotton wick is utilized to absorb the oil and move it towards the heating element. A C-Cell cartridge utilizes a porous ceramic material to achieve the same goal. There are a lot of huge advantages to this. First and foremost, you can expect superior flavor from a C-Cell cartridge. The amount of flavor imparted by a cotton wick is undeniably minimal, but when you can eliminate the potential for flavor contamination by using ceramic, why the heck not? Another far more obvious benefit involves regulation. It is still very common to get a burning flavor near the end of any cartridge. As the oil leaks away from the remaining cotton, it’s more than obliged to burn and muck up the last few flavorful hits of your vape pen cartridge. The invention of the C-Cell cartridge should almost entirely negate this potential shortcoming. The O.pen Craft Reserve C-Cell Cartridge also has another trick up my sleeve. Okay, maybe it’s not as much a trick as it is a shitload of additional oil. Most cartridges that you purchased in the past contain about roughly 250-500 mg of oil. This O.pen Craft Reserve C-Cell Cartridge is packing in twice that much with 1000 mg of premium terpene-loaded marijuana distillate. Throw this all in with the fact that they cost the same price as a standard cartridge from many proprietary vendors and you’ve got yourself one hell of a cartridge.

O.pen Craft Reserve C-Cell Cartridge

I started my own O.pen Craft Reserve C-Cell Cartridge adventure by charging up the few standard threaded vape pen batteries. I’m never sure when I’m dealing with a new cartridge how powerful of a battery I will need to use to get a good smoke. I frequently charge several batteries, start weak, and move up from there. I opened the package containing the C-Cell Cartridge. The first thing I noticed was the slick polished nickel finish and abundantly large glass tank that was chock-full of golden, glimmering oil. O.Pen 1000ml-4I remove the cartridge and handled it for a moment. I really like how O.pen opted to make the cartridge taller and skinnier as opposed to increasing the width. This made for a smooth line between the cartridge and my slimmest battery. As I gazed through the golden oil into the core of the O.pen Cartridge, I could actually see the small holes backed by white ceramic material that I knew to be the cornerstone of C-Cell technology. Unsure whether my slim buttonless battery would have the oomph to power this massive cartridge I was left with no other option but to try.

O.pen Craft Reserve C-Cell Cartridge :: Smoke | Effect:

Much to my delight, as soon as I started to inhale on the end of the O.pen Craft Reserve C-Cell Cartridge, the battery lit up and I was treated to an immediate stream of vapor and a gentle steaming sound from the cartridge. As is tradition, I started off with way too big a hit! The battery gave me a friendly blink telling me I was inhaling too long and as I drew the pen away, a small tendril of smoke lingered from the tip as I proceeded to cough a lung up (you only need one). Realizing I had pretty much ruined the experience for myself, I went in for a much daintier second hit. This time taking a small hit I was truly able to get the flavor of the O.pen Reserve oil. This is some damn good stuff! In this case, I was smoking oil derived from the sativa dominant strain, Headband. The 13% Terpanoid count assured that every puff would be a delightfully flavorful one. The density of the flavor was moderate but not dense or cloying and the taste was very sweet without being sickly. Not surprisingly, when you don’t take too big of a hit, it’s also quite smooth. As I casually took a few more puffs I found the consistency of the cartridge to be the most pleasing factor of the C-Cell technology. The cartridge fires up fast and produces a very voluminous smoke seemingly out of nowhere. I’ll also state, if potency was ever in question, l