Marijuana Storage: Anonymous Bags

Marijuana Storage: Anonymous Bags
Marijuana Storage

Child Resistant Marijuana Storage Bags

Chances are, if you’ve made a marijuana purchase at any dispensary, you’ve probably encountered the standard white child-resistant bag. You know the ones I’m talking about, shiny on the inside, eggshell-colored boring on the outside, and in my opinion, only vaguely “child-resistant.” With a little bit of patience it’s extremely easy to peel these bags open as you would a normal kitchen zipper bag. When you try to open them the proper way with their (squeeze till your fingers turn blue) locking mechanism, they never want to open. While I’m sure we can all agree that marijuana should be kept in containers that children can’t get into, wouldn’t it be nice to have containers that adults can get into? In my unabashedly opinionated view, I think that the issue of tamper-proof marijuana packaging needs to be addressed. Besides the fact that many of the current solutions on the market are ugly, chintzy, and ineffectual, most are about as eco-friendly as Styrofoam. Recently I’ve encountered a wonderful new alternativeAnonymous Bags in the market to many of the conventional containers currently being used. Anonymous Bags are the pinnacle of tamper-proof storage, providing a safe, reusable, and (as their name implies) anonymous way to carry-out your products and medication legally from your local dispensary.

Anonymous Bag

For me and my Anonymous Bag, it was truly a story of love at first sight. Anonymous bags are crafted using high quality materials that are easy to clean, odor blocking, and insulated to help keep your candy from melting. The real secret is in the zipper, which contains a small locking mechanism that meets or exceeds the MED regulations on secure exit packaging. This means that as soon as your products are locked away in your Anonymous Bag, it’s a completely legal carry-out container that’s easy for the key holder to get into but hard for children, pets, and snooping roommates to penetrate. This key lock system is perfect for individuals with arthritis or other ailments that affect dexterity. Perhaps best of all, they are reusable, and if treated well I can see them lasting for years. I have experienced countless times the unpleasant check-out scenario where I’ve been ready to buy my marijuana, cash in hand only to find that the dispensary I’m at doesn’t have free child-resistant containers and they’re going to need to charge me three dollars I don’t have if I want to leave with my product. While I can sometimes credit this as being my own fault for not carrying around an ugly wrinkled white plastic bag, I’m just not a big fan of keeping a crinkly, cumbersome container that everyone knows is for cannabis on my person at all times. My basic model from Anonymous Bags is small Anonymous Bagsenough that I can roll it up in my pocket and take it with me on the go. If you’re typically buying larger quantities than I, never fear, with over 12 different models to choose from, there is an Anonymous Bag out there to meet every need.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, we come to the price point on owning your very own Anonymous Bag. I was frankly flabbergasted to find out that you can own the base model of bag for only $3.99. That’s only a buck more than I’ve paid for the obnoxious crinkle envelopes in the past. With massive lunch-box sized Anonymous Bags only running $14.99, if you’re tired of using overpriced dispensary packaging, I highly recommend you check out their website. I’ve simply taken on the habit of keeping my Anonymous Bag in my glove box, so that it will be there for me anytime I want to swing by a dispensary. Last but not least, if you’re a business looking for a nice secure carry-out solution, you can even get Anonymous Bags produced with your logo on them. I can’t deny the versatility, functionality, and eco-friendly nature of these remarkable containers. I can tell you honestly it’s been the only container I’ve been carrying out of dispensaries since I got it. If your hands are aching from opening conventional containers, if you’re ready for an upgrade from the mundane, or if you’re just looking for an earth-friendly way to procure your cannabis, check out Anonymous Bags.


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