303 Kush : Strain Review

303 Kush : Strain Review
Chronic Therapy Marijuana Strain Review

Chronic Therapy Wheat RidgeSome places are simply legendary for the cannabis strains they’ve produced: Northern California, Amsterdam, British Columbia, just to name a few. Finally, with the legalization of cannabis in Colorado, we’re starting to join the ranks as one of the premier pot spots around the world. The 303 Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that is deliciously Colorado, from its name, to its effects on the mind and body. The strain itself is a cross between Pre ’98 Bubba Kush and Chemdawg – two heavy-hitting and famous strains in their own right. Mixed together, they produce a very even-keeled, very relaxing and even head-to-toe high, perfect for a night under the Rocky Mountain stars.

I picked up an eighth of the 303 Kush Strain at Chronic Therapy, a recreational dispensary in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. For you Colorado residents who are looking for recreational weed, you can pick up an eighth of the stuff for $52.80 out the door at Chronic Therapy. As Jason, the owner of Chronic Therapy puts it, “That’s so you can get a mile higher!” Har har.

303 Kush :: Appearance | Smell:

I was drawn to this strain primarily for its mid-to-high THC content. The flower I picked up tested in at just over 18% THC, but these flowers have been known to get as potent as 26%. On my drive home, the familiar spicy, earthy scent began to fill my car, despite being stowed safely away in my hatchback trunk. Opening the small plastic container, I was incredibly surprised by how powerful such a small sampling of the bud could have such a pungent smell. It’s a strong mix between the chemmy musky notes typical of Chemdawg, but with the spicy, coffee, and floral notes indicative of the Bubba’s genetics. They’re truly beautiful buds as well. These flowers are densely packed, indicating the cannabis was allowed to grow to its fullest potential. The color is not uniform throughout; streaks of dark green, lime, and even dark purple run through the entire nug, shrouded in white, salt-like trichomes. They’re the kind of flowers that, if acquired during the days of black market cannabis use in Colorado, would compel you to wash your dealer’s station wagon for a week.

303 Kush :: Smoke | Effect:

Taking a rip of the 303 Kush might feel a little deceptive. It’s a thick smoke, but it’s incredibly smooth. The flavor is surprisingly less bitter than the scent, and has more of a floral, even citrusy quality to it. The smoothness of the exhale had almost an oily, chocolaty flavor to it.Chronic Therapy Wheat Ridge Fantastic. Like you would expect with anything mixed with Chemdawg, the effect started quite clearly in my head. While trying to take notes for this review, for example, I began to write battle rap lyrics instead. For the record, I know absolutely nothing about battle rap. The creativity was a very nice, and uplifting feeling. Then, at about the ten minute mark, I remembered precisely why this strain is often considered a nighttime smoke. The heaviness of my body, thanks to the Pre 98 Bubba, became extraordinarily apparent, even just sitting at my computer. A quick glass of water, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and a shuffle through my music, and I was ready to curl up, sigh contently, and stretch out on my bed (I settled on Big Gigantic). And then another peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The body-high was nowhere near unpleasant, and the uplifting and creative notes from the sativa apparent in the 303 Kush allowed me to write some short stories, while enjoying the soothing warmth that a really good indica can give you.


I could definitely see the 303 Kush used in several different ways. If you’re unwinding after a long day, like I was, this is an excellent choice. If you’re taking me up camping for a weekend, this would be a great strain for stargazing. It might not be the best strain for getting up the mountain, mind you. Rather, this is the destination bud. This is what you should reach for after getting to where you need to go, and if you’re just looking for a way to relax. For some users, the strain feels extremely heavy and sleepy. I wouldn’t say the bud made me drowsy, so it might not be the best bud for a nightcap (because of the strong head high that comes with this flower). I think it’s the duality of this masterfully crossed hybrid that makes the name “303” so appropriate. This strain is delightful, and it’s delightfully Colorado.