Afgooey : Strain Review

Afgooey : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review The Station

AfgooeyWe all know the general rule, sativa for the daytime and indica for the nights. This is a cardinal rule followed by any budtender, grower, patient, recreational user, or out of town toker. While you can usually follow this rule with relative assurance, always remember that every strain will effect each person differently. Afgooey, an indica-dominant, is one such strain that bridges the hybrid gap so gracefully that I wouldn’t necessarily describe the high it instills as either indica or sativa. A look into Afgooey’s genetics holds the key to understanding why. Half of its lineage is owed to the extremely storied strain Afghani #1. Not only does it put the “Af” in Afgooey, but Afghani #1 provides the pure indica side of its child’s genetics. Afghani #1 is a self-crossed version of the classic landrace strain from (you guessed it) Afghanistan and is a throwback to some of the oldest indica genetics in the world. The new player in Afgooey’s game of genetic make-up is Mau Haze. Maui Haze, or sometimes called Island Maui Haze, is a rather mysterious strain. The strain itself leans heavily on the sativa side of the spectrum, but wrangling down it’s true genetic parentage is a task left to either the original growers or more likely a team of scientists with a penchant for cannabis genetics. To put it bluntly even the internet, being the vast source of genetics that it is, was no help in pinning down the precise ancestry of Maui Haze. Despite Afgooey never knowing it’s grandparents on the sativa side, it’s grown up to be a phenomenal indica dominant strain with a very powerful sativa effect attatched to it.

I picked up my extra sticky-icky Afgooey from The Station, a medical and recreational dispensary in Boulder, Colorado. If you’ve been seeking a laid-back yet professional approach to purchasing your cannabis, look no further. The Station forgoes the flashing neon lights and gimmicks to bring you what you desire – top shelf medical and recreational cannabis without all the hullabaloo.

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Afgooey :: Appearance | Smell:

I popped the top on my little jar of Afgooey and took out a nugget. The first thing I noticed was that, true to its name, Afgooey is in fact quite gooey. These buds are simply smothered in trichomes over every square inch with each little sticky trichome working as a team to make sure that I won’t accidentally drop the nugget on the floor. Overall, Afgooey has a very pale green coloration and has a pretty decent number of little orange hairs to complement its insane number of crystals. As far as bud structure goes, it has the short and stout appearance of an indica strain and each individual bud is extremely dense. As far as the insides go, everything was cured perfectly. The leaf itself wasn’t overly moist and I accredit the sticky denseness almost entirely to the trichomes on the surface. Moving on to the olfactory portion of my investigation, I lifted a dense little nugget up to my nose to take a whiff. Afgooey smells simply amazing. The tropical island theme provided by its Maui Haze heritage really shines through providing an extremely rich, sweet, and fruity scent that is simply to die for. The fruity tang is the real star of the show and while I couldn’t tell you what fruit the scent it resembles the most, I can safely say I did detect notes of pineapple and maybe something even sweeter like mango or papaya. You know the old saying “smelling is believing” -alright fine. Maybe I just made that up, but take my word for it, this strain smells marvelous.

Afgooey :: Smoke | Effect:

Finally, I got to the best part of any review, the combustion stage. I broke up one of my smaller nuggets into my titanium one-hitter and let the hemp wick work its magic. Very tasty, very smooth cannabis smoke was the end result. While I’ll admit I didn’t pick up the fruit flavors through the smoke, the scrumptious sweetness that I had smelled early hit my tongue like a block of sugar. The smoke itself was very smooth and elicited a smile rather than a cough. The exhale was rich and earthy and was the only part of the smoking and smelling process that reminded me of its Afghan #1 lineage. I bet the taste smoking Afgooey through a vaporizer like these sold at Hamilton Devices CCELL would have been even more divine. Afgooey was far from a creeping strain for me and the cognitiveAfgooey high hit me almost immediately. While I wouldn’t describe the initial feeling as pure sativa, I really didn’t feel much of the indica side of the strain for the first few minutes. After some more time though, I started to feel the body high effecting me; however, not in the traditional way that most indicas do. I was still very aware, but extremely mellow. I wouldn’t say at any time during my smoking session did the strain make me feel sleepy, but it definitely didn’t make me want to stand up and run around either. After sitting for a while and mindlessly tooling around the internet I did feel the bottom of my stomach gently hint at the fact that it desired feeding. I wouldn’t call it full-blown munchies, but there was most certainly an additional desire to consume food that wasn’t necessarily there before. Overall I would describe the high as being a sativa high with indica tendencies rather than the other way around as its breeding would suggest.

Overall ::

I’m a huge fan of Afgooey, despite the fact that I tend to prefer sativas over indicas. The overall effect is a perfect bridge between the two spectrums and I can see this strain being perfect aid to the flow of artistic juices or just the perfect accoutrement to mellowing out and playing some video games. The powerful euphoric effects that I experienced were quite delightful and a welcome addition to the mental high that the strain induced. While I know every strain will affect everyone in a slightly different manner, if Afgooey hits you at all like it hit me, then I can promise you, you’re going to have a good time.#JessetheGrove

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