Alien OG : Strain Review

Alien OG : Strain Review
Healing House Denver Marijuana Strain Review

I’ll never forget the colorful encounters back in the day before the legalization of cannabis. The days before I could acquire strains like Alien OG imported from across the country. If you ever had the – joy? – of purchasing marijuana pre-legalization from a dealer I’m sure you got to experience some of the inevitable strain regaling that would occur. “Man this Purple Humboldt Dragon Vomit is straight from California, and it’s the bomb!” Even then I realized that most of the time I was just being sold some Diesel from the purple house down the street from the grower Mitch who used to drink so much that he vomited like a dragon back when he lived in Humboldt County. Now that at least Colorado is out of the cannabis dark ages, it’s refreshing to know that when I find a strain that comes from California, chances are, it came from California. Alien OG might be a fairly well-known strain in Colorado, but don’t be fooled into thinkingAlien OG-1 that all strains bearing the name are the same. The strain of Alien OG that I was lucky enough to sample is a specific self-crossed lineage that comes straight from California and is incredibly rare in Colorado. Alien OG’s genetics are simple enough compared to some of the outrageous crossings out there. The indica leaning hybrid Alien OG is the child strain of Tahoe OG Kush and Alien Kush. This Kush-y background gives Alien OG that very familiar dankness that only a Kush can provide. Taking a closer look at its parents also provides a good understanding of why Alien OG has such a specific hybrid feel to it when smoking. Tahoe OG Kush is a sativa dominant strain, which tends to be a little bit of an oddity for any strain with Kush in its name. As the child of two flat-out indicas, Tahoe OG Kush had to have gone through some very selective breeding to weed out the indica traits from a strain that should be pretty much entirely indica on paper. Alien Kush, on the other hand, comes out to be about exactly what you would expect from its indica dominant parents Alien Dog and Las Vegas Purple Kush. Alien Dog brings in some Chemdawg genetics into the mix, which from what I’ve discovered usually adds a slight chem flavor to every one of its child strains. It’s clear with such a colorful collection of relatives, Alien OG was simply destined for greatness. As to what specific traits were cultivated in the self-crossing that formed this specific line of Alien OG, that may forever be a mystery. All you really need to know as a smoker is that it’s rare, it’s dank, and (to use the colloquial term) it’s fire!

If you want to enjoy the same line of Alien OG that I’m writing about, then you’ll need to make a visit to Healing House in Denver, Colorado. Healing house has been growing up the state’s finest completely organic and vegan grows for the better part of the last decade, and Alien OG is no different. Westword even voted this specific line of Alien OG as one of the top 10 strains in 2013, and I promise you it’s still just as good three years later. You can always save when you shop as well, by joining Healing House’s customer reward program to accrue points for future purchases.

Alien OG :: Appearance | Smell:

Alien OG is a prolifically dank strain. You know, the type of strain that can be Ziploced, jarred, wrapped, buried, or submerged, and its dankness will find a way to your nose. Heck, I’ve no doubt that Alien OG would even find a way to transmit smell though the vacuum of space, I mean it is alien after all. On initial whiff of the jar containing Alien OG the first and easiest trait to pick up on is the dankness from its Kush genetics. As I did mention before there is a hint of Chemdawg Alien OG-2lineage in Alien OG, and I was able to detect a little hint of that precursor scent when I really dug my nose in the jar. A sweet pine odor also made an appearance on the scene and added some lightness to what I would consider a very heavy smelling strain. Aesthetically, Alien OG has everything going for it. It’s pale green buds are slathered in hairs and trichomes galore. When you take a good look at its undercarriage you can see that it’s calyxes are also smattered with trichomes, and that each little nugget was hand-trimmed to perfection. There is no denying that Alien OG has got the looks to back up it powerfully odiferous attitude.

Alien OG :: Smoke | Effect:

Treating my little nugget with as much respect as possible, I shredded apart its perfect little buds and prepared it for imminent destruction. Armed with hemp wick and one-hitter, I went in for my first sample of Alien OG. The smoke was extremely smooth and the flavor was expectedly dense. The first thing I noticed on the exhale was that Alien OG was a real nose tickler. I had to physically jiggle my nose around to get the tingly-ness out of my sinuses. The pine flavor that I had detected did come through in flavor form and along with the Kush attributes made for a very rich and heavy tasting smoke. I didn’t get any of the chem flavor that I had detected during my scratch and sniff portion of sampling but I did notice that funky OG dankness. Alien OG for me is a little bit of a creeping strain in the sense that I didn’t feel its effects right away and instead noticed them about 5 minutes later after I had started loading the dishwasher. Alien OG-3The immediate effects were very sativa-feeling, and a little bit heart racy at times. I found myself overly concerned about every little additional particle or speck of food left on any plate before I loaded it. This was the OCD high for me, a high that I’ve experienced many times before and have learned to parley into cleaning and household chores. As I was about to discover, Alien OG isn’t your run-of-the-mill textbook type of strain. After finishing the dishes, I had moved on to cleaning counters (a truly despicable task) when it hit me. If my energy level before was at a nine out of ten I would say I dropped in a matter of minutes to a three out of ten. I quickly aborted my cleaning process and retreated for the couch for some urgent chilling out. I sat and enjoyed some video games for the next hour or so while the Alien OG wore off, and was left feeling about the same as before my session with the addition of a mellow body high. I never felt any munchies and I never really felt drowsy during my session and instead just appreciated the juxtaposition of heart-racing high and couch-crashing mellow.

Overall ::

Alien OG is a very original smoke and possesses a very unique effect to go along with it. I would tend to categorize it myself as being more of an indica, just like it’s breeding would tell me, but there is no way I can avoid mentioning the spastic initial effects that this strain had on me. These effects make it a rather versatile strain that could be used for anything from sports to board games. While I personally didn’t feel any ill effects like paranoia, I can see that potential in a strain that has such a powerful onset like Alien OG, so make sure to pace yourself. That being said, I can’t deny my love for a strain that has such versatility. If you want to sample a unique little piece of California cannabis that has been transplanted and lovingly cultivated here in the Mile High City, then snag yourself some Alien OG and ride the roller-coaster for yourself!#JessetheGrove



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