Big Bubba Diesel : Strain Review

Big Bubba Diesel : Strain Review
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Sometimes you want some Durban, sometimes you want some Skunk, and sometimes you want some Diesel. If you find yourself in that Diesel mood, then there is no better choice than Big Bubba Diesel. Big Bubba D is the perfect indica dominant strain to give you a delightfully mellow cerebral high, followed by a couch-crashing indica effects that not only dulls pain but puts your brain completely out of commission, which sometimes is just what the doctor ordered. What exactly makes Big Bubba Diesel tick, you might ask? Big Bubba D is the combination of the classic Bubba Kush and the tantalizingly nebulous Chem 91. Bubba Kush has very well documented breeding behind it and is commonly recognized as being the child strain of OG Kush and Old World Kush X West Coast Dawg. It’s easy to see at a glance now where Big Bubba D gets its familiar diesel scent from with a Chemdawg derivative on both sides of theBig Bubba D-1 family tree. Bubba Kush brings the Kushy-ness into the mix accompanied by that familiar OG dankness and some heavy indica effects. While the Bubba Kush side of the genetics may be pretty cut and dry, the Chem 91 parent has some much more ambiguous breeding. While it pretty much goes as rote that Chem 91 is the progeny of some form of Chemdawg, that’s about where the facts go out the window. It’s pretty safe to assume that Chem 91 was mostly likely bred in 1991 from a Chemdawg parent. Where the breeding occurred and where the first harvest happened is a mystery. While many believe that the strain is self-crossing of Chemdawg, some think that Chem 91 is the amalgam of Chemdawg and some unknown Skunk. From my personal experience with Chem 91’s child Big Bubba Diesel, I would be willing to bet that the Skunk theory holds true since I did detect a delightful citrus note that could easily have been transferred through the generations from a Lemon Skunk. Even if Big Bubba D may have a hard time tracking down its genealogy, that doesn’t in any way hamper its ability knock you down into the couch.

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Big Bubba Diesel :: Appearance | Smell:

I popped the top on my little jar of Big Bubba Diesel and unleashed the beauty and the stank. The smell from Big Bubba Diesel is extremely sweet, and when you take a minute to really smell its complexity, it’s very telling of its lineage. When you work past the initial wave of sweet, the next thing that hits the nose is the undeniable chem odor that is so familiar and welcome in any Chemdawg descendants. The next odor that I picked up on was a nostalgic OG smell, that somewhat cloying dankness that seems to linger in the nose. Last but not least, I picked up on aBig Bubba D-2 citrusy note that led me to believe there was some potential Lemon Skunk or some other citrus-flavored strain lurking somewhere in the back of Big Bubba Diesel’s family tree. After another minute or two looking like a mad man huffing a little black jar, I liberated my nugget so that I could treat myself with a look at this remarkable strain before it was inevitably eviscerated and immolated. Big Bubba Diesel is absolutely gorgeous. The nugget I received was smattered with hairs and trichomes over every square millimeter of bud. The hairs were so numerous that I can’t help but think Big Bubba Diesel would make some batches of Golden Goat jealous. The trichome count was nothing to scoff at either, seeing as my nugget was absolutely coated in sugary goodness. It looked as if someone had finished off a box of Lucky Charms and poured the excess crystals at the bottom over the top of my nugget. I think I’ll just stop while I’m ahead and let you look at the remarkable pictures and see for yourself how sexy this strain really is.

Big Bubba Diesel :: Smoke | Effect:

Feeling a pang of remorse for destroying something so beautiful, I ripped up my little nugget, and armed with hemp wick, went in for a sampling session from my favorite little bubbler. The smoke was a medium harshness and was incredibly rich and earthy tasting at first. I was surprised that the sweet flavors didn’t overwhelm the taste but instead seemed almost absent. In their place was a familiar cottony clean taste that I always equate with diesel strains. This unique flavor is always imparted by the Chemdawg genetics and is a taste that is unique to the cannabis world. The exhale was surprisingly smooth considering the medium harshness from my initial hit. The initial effects were almost instantaneous but were not overwhelming.Big Bubba D-3 Big Bubba Diesel’s first effects were very cerebral, which isn’t usually what I expect from an indica dominant, but I could still tell that the sensation was uniquely indica since I never really felt my heart race or any semblance of paranoia. The cerebral high quickly faded within a few minutes and I was left aware and exceedingly mellow. My extremities were delightfully gelatinous and the core of my body was very content staying firmly planted on the couch. I mindlessly stared off out the window, enjoying the last few little tufts of amber clouds on the horizon before the sun finally set, and decided that it was an ideal night to go to bed early.

Overall ::

If you want to relax, I mean really want to relax, then you really ought to procure yourself some Big Bubba Diesel. While there may be some notes of sativa in Big Bubba Diesel’s repertoire, for me, this strain is the perfect indica for a couch-locked evening in. One thing to note is that I never felt the grips of my nemesis, the munchies, during my session. I’m used to facing this foe with almost every indica strain I sample, but in the case of Big Bubba Diesel, I didn’t eat anything at all. I’ll never know for sure though if my lack of munchies was spurned from the fridge being metaphorically miles away in the kitchen, or if the strain just doesn’t induce food cravings. Regardless, I can’t help but admire a strain that’s able to sit me down and melt away my worries so efficiently. If you’ve been searching for the perfect evening smoke, with the ability to whisk away your worries without whisking away tomorrow’s lunch from the fridge, I recommend Big Bubba Diesel. This delectable strain is the perfect nightcap and an undeniably perfect way to end your evening, sleepy and pain-free.#JessetheGrove



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