Blue Dream : Strain Review

Blue Dream : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review The Station

There’s an age old question that we’ve all been confronted with before. It can strike anywhere, when you’re talking to a budtender or just minding your own business sitting on the couch with your friends. The question I speak of, while inherently mundane, also is one of the most difficult questions I’ve ever had to answer. The question is, “what is your favorite strain?” While starkly specific, the question also seems to be loaded in the sense that every strain from every dispensary is going to be slightly different depending on growing medium, curing process, and retail treatment. This doesn’t stop the question, and my answer has remained pretty muchBlue Dream unchanged for several years now. I must admit that Blue Dream is my favorite strain. While I have many other favorite strains, Blue Dream always takes the cake. If you take one look at the genetics behind Blue Dream, it’s easy to see just how much breeding it’s taken to get all the way to this point, with over 30 different strains coming together to create Blue Dream’s parent strains, Blueberry and Super Silver Haze. Blue Dream is a sativa dominant strain that packs a punch but also has unrivaled medicinal value and instills minimal paranoia, from my experiences. Not that I would advocate anyone with asthmatic symptoms to smoke, but on a personal note, one of my best friends who has suffered from asthma his entire life has actually found a great deal of relief in smoking Blue Dream. If it’s the fact that it acts as an expectorant to aid his body removing phlegm or if it just relaxes the musculature enough to reduce the constriction he feels, he says Blue Dream was the strain that convinced him that cannabis had a medicinal use for him.

Blue Dream is a wildly popular strain that is available at most dispensaries, but the dreamiest Dream I’ve ever smoked was from The Station, a medicinal and recreational dispensary located in Boulder, Colorado. If you’ve been seeking a laid-back yet professional approach to purchasing your cannabis, look no further. The Station forgoes the flashing neon lights and gimmicks to bring you what you desire – top shelf medical and recreational cannabis without all the hullabaloo.

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Blue Dream :: Appearance | Smell:

I popped the top on my Blue Dream knowing full well what to expect, sweet minty marijuana goodness, and that is precisely what I got. Blue Dream looks absolutely incredible, sparkling with trichomey goodness, and laden with dainty little light orange hairs. The bud structure is extremely dense for a sativa, and gave my nugget a good amount of heft to it. The consistency was spot on, and wasn’t too moist or too dry. It was that perfect middle ground where you can crumble it into a bowl, but it’s still moist enough to leave your fingers deliciously sticky. Blue Dream had a blissfully sweet odor combined with a little bit of minty tang. This is some pretty dank stuff too, I left my jar open for a minute and I could tell after walking away that the smell had saturated the room. Interestingly enough, from leaving the room for a moment I was able to pick up on a delicate skunky odor when I came back to the nugget that I hadn’t detected before. Blue dream has a truly unrivaled aesthetic appeal, and a scent that will make any cannabis aficionado smile from ear to ear.

Blue Dream:: Smoke | Effect:

It was the end of the day when I first tried my sample of Blue Dream, and I didn’t have anything better to do that to load an irresponsibly giant nugget into my favorite massive pipe, and let the fire bring out its best. To put it bluntly, it’s one of the most delightful smoking strains I’ve ever encountered. Its Blueberry parentage provided a phenomenal sweetness, and the smoke itself was exceptionally smooth, and despite my disproportionately sized bowl, didn’t elicit a single cough. The Skunk ancestry in Super Silver Haze also came into the mix by adding some tang to the overall flavor. Blue Dream did end up being a little bit of a creeping strain when it came to the high. I had taken several puffs from my big pipe and didn’t really feel it as Blue Dreamquickly as I do when smoking some strains. After about ten minutes however, I was feeling pretty darn good. Blue Dream is definitely a sativa strain in its effects, but in my opinion is also a very effective indica in its own way. The cerebral high was certainly the highlight of the experience but unlike some sativas that can illicit paranoia and anxiety, I’ve never even had an inkling of either when smoking Blue Dream. Whether it’s the balance created through breeding or perhaps something more complex, like the reactions my brain has to Blue Dream’s specific terpanoids, I don’t know; I can tell you that I never feel quite as content smoking any other strains as I do when I’m enjoying a bowl of Blue Dream. While Blue Dream provides a very minor body high along with its extra-potent sativa effects, I’ve never really felt any munchies when smoking it. I attributed my eating after I smoked Blue Dream to be good old fashioned hunger instead.

Overall ::

What more can I say about this phenomenal strain? Blue Dream has quickly become a Colorado favorite for a good reason. Not only is it a relatively fast and prolific growing strain, but its scent, flavor, smoothness, and effects have earned it a special place in my own mental marijuana hall of fame. The cerebral high imparted from Blue Dream is sativa perfected with all the fun and energy, sans the paranoia and entire box Valentine’s Day chocolates. If you’ve been in the market to score yourself some of the freshest, dankest, and tastiest weed out there, you’ve found it my friend, go forth and cannabis!#JessetheGrove