Blue Widow : Strain Review

Blue Widow : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review The Station

Even before legalization of marijuana in Colorado there were a few strain names that everyone knew. While in all honesty back in the day your dealer would be more than willing to simply pawn off any old grow and give it a flashy name for selling purposes, I can’t help but think that one random time I actually received the strain that I was promised. A couple of names that would bounce around quite frequently were Blueberry, and the ever sought out White Widow. I recently had the fortune of sampling the progeny of these two strains, Blue Widow. The two parent strains are such iconic names and through the process of dealers claiming grows to be either Blueberry or White Widow, the original genetics have become somewhat illusive to say the least. Blueberry in most cases is recognized as being the child strain of Temple Flo and Highland Thai Afghani (HTAF). Temple Flo and HTAF themselves are bothBlue Widow indica leaning hybrids, so it only makes sense that their combination would produce an indica dominant offspring. White Widow, the legendary name that I heard attributed so many times to my dime bags, has an even more nebulous background. To give you an idea of just how many genetics are out there for White Widow, my favorite genetics website,, has fifty different White Widow seeds available. So remember that the next time you read about White Widow on your favorite genetics site that only one of countless dozens is being immortalized. No matter what genetics you’re looking at, its commonly agreed upon that all batches of White Widow are about as close to the original sativa and indica strains as you can get. Regardless of which White Widow is the highlight of this batch of Blue Widow, a few things are certain: it’s dank, it’s fresh, and it has a powerful body high and surprising level of awareness that will leave you chilling on the couch with purpose.

Blue Widow is the combination of two of the most popular strains of all time, and while many places may carry it, this phenomenal batch of Blue Widow is ONLY AVAILIABLE at The Station, a medicinal and recreational dispensary located in Boulder, Colorado. The Station is a unique high-quality dispensary with the friendliest staff in town, and some absolutely killer cannabis to boot. If you’ve been looking for a dispensary with a laid back yet extremely professional approach to purchasing cannabis, then you’ve found your new regular stop at The Station.

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Blue Widow :: Appearance | Smell:

I started my adventure into the great genetic unknown with a peek and a whiff. Blue Widow is simply laden with trichomes. The main body of each bud is a light green hue with hints of darker green near the tips. A few little orange hairs make their way into the picture as well, but really the highlight is the trichomes. Not only was the nugget I received loaded with crystalline goodness, but it was also in perfect condition, showing that they it been handled with care during the entire process that ended with it packed into a bowl for sacrifice. The smell was rather amazing. The first notes that came out were a sweetness and a sort of rich earth scent that could be construed as being slightly cheesy. When I dug my nose in a little bit deeper, the sweet scent evolved into a very familiar berry-like aroma that seemed just right for a strain that is half Blueberry. Not only was the light fruity scent very appealing, but it ended up being pretty potent as well. Especially when breaking apart the nuggets, the odor became extremely powerful. So in other words, don’t even think about breaking up and smoking this strain anywhere you shouldn’t – everyone will smell it!

Blue Widow:: Smoke | Effect:

I took a small nugget and packed it into my little Broncos pipe for a sampling session. I lit up my hemp wick and had at the bowl I just loaded. The initial inhale was extremely mild and smooth. While I did pick up on some of the sweet hint of berry on the inhale, the real flavors and complexity of the strain weren’t unleashed until the exhale. The light flavor was replaced by a very rich sweet taste IBlue Widow would equate to molasses. The smoke was incredibly light through the entire experience but the deep earthy notes seemed to give it the illusion of being denser. Blue Widow is not a creeping strain, and within minutes of my smoke I was already starting to feel its initial effects in the form of increased clarity. The initial sensation was a mix of extreme awareness and cognitive high that I would almost equate to caffeine in how perky it made me feel. After a few more minutes, the body high kicked in and the stark clarity was replaced by mellow limbs and uncontrollable fits of giggling. The next step for me was a nice sit on the couch accompanied by some Scrabble and music. The high was extremely mellow and fairly long lived. I was still feeling its effects roughly an hour later when I suddenly felt extremely drowsy. My mild body high had faded into the incredible urge to nap. Fighting the temptation, I brought out the coffee and was left drowsy, yet functional after my full session.

Overall ::

Blue Widow is an extremely unique strain. The initial exuberant high was a stark contrast to the eventual somber mellowness that I felt a half-hour after smoking it. The scents, flavors, and appearance alone make this strain a real winner in my book. It’s extremely potent effects are the real cherry on top. I really can’t think of a better evening smoke. If you’ve been searching for a strain to make your evening tooth brushing experience a blast and then lull you to a gentle sleep, then I highly recommend trying out Blue Widow. Even if the genetics are ubiquitous, the high isn’t and it will definitely make your evening a pleasant one.#JessetheGrove