Bruce Banner : Strain Review

Bruce Banner : Strain Review
Chronic Therapy Marijuana Strain Review

Chronic TherapyEvery legend has its beginnings, and every hero has his dark side. As most comic book aficionados can tell you, any good super hero usually has an alias, someone they are when they wake up in the morning before cladding their tight glittery spandex. In the case of the mild mannered and brilliant scientist, Bruce Banner, his transformation into the raging mass of muscles known as The Hulk, is completely out of his control. In strain form, Bruce Banner shares this same dichotomy. As a hybrid strain it’s constantly walking the line between introspective indica control and releasing the inner sativa beast inside. It only takes one look at Bruce Banners genetics to understand the beast that lies within. Half of Bruce Banner is created with the genetics provided from OG Kush. OG Kush, or as I call it “the classic Kush”, is the parent of many of the strains you’ll find on the shelf. Its mellow indica effects, and couch-locking properties are well known. OG Kush makes up the rational side of Bruce Banner. As for the dark, powerful sativa side, this can be credited to Strawberry Diesel. The progeny of Sour Diesel and Strawberry Cough, Strawberry Diesel is a no-nonsense sativa that hits first and asks questions later. There is no denying that it adds the aspect of the Hulk into Bruce Banner.

I picked up my phenomenal batch of Bruce Banner at Chronic Therapy for $50 an eighth. Worth every penny for this amazing connoisseur grade cannabis. This strain is extremely popular, and is one of Chronic Therapy’s best sellers, so get it while you can. If you’re looking to save more, check out their new customer rewards program that will be launching soon. Start accruing points to earn discounts on your favorite products and strains.

Bruce Banner :: Appearance | Smell:

At first glance, Bruce Banner appears as a rather unassuming strain, with a typical pale green color. It’s upon further inspection, that you really start to notice the raw beauty of this strain. While not the hairiest strain in town, Bruce Banner compensates by being riveted with thousands of tiny glistening little trichomes. The nuggets I received were also handled with great care, leaving all of the unique cannabis accents intact, from calyx to bud. Bruce Banner has a unique smell all its own, which again plays well with its namesake. On first whiff I get charming floral aroma I would equate to walking through a botanic garden, complimented by a slight dankness, gratis its OG heritage. When you sniff deeper, this is accented by a darker side. A rich earthiness mixes with the familiar tang of diesel, creating the hulk side of this iconic strain. The very final odor is an uncanny sweetness. This strain is named Bruce Banner for a good reason.

Bruce Banner :: Smoke | Effect:

Loading up my favorite little BroncoChronic Therapys pipe, I whipped out the hemp wick and took a big ol’ puff of Bruce Banner to see if it would release my inner hulk. On first puff I receive a floral and almost cottony flavor. The smoke, while smooth, had some real substance to it and I’ve no doubt that it could be a real heavy cough inducer depending on how you smoke it. I only had to wait a moment before my calm veneer of a humble scientist was shattered by the 22.73% THC wallop and my mental Hulk was released. While technically a hybrid, with a THC content that beefy, the sativa effects definitely hit me first. As I pondered how to burn off my excess energy, I was stricken by some rather epic munchies and just a hint of jitteriness. After scavenging the fridge for leftover Indian food, my inner beast was finally quelled, and I started to feel some of the indica effects start to take hold. Only 30 minutes later, I found myself couch-locked, staring vacantly at a blank television and giggling. The body high provided by Bruce Banner, as a follow up to the THC rush, was extremely pleasant. A great journey overall.

Overall ::

While I can’t attest to all affects Bruce Banner may have in store for you at home, I can say with the utmost assurance, this strain will not only get you high, but very high. The sheer potency of this strain, while not in question, does relinquish fairly quickly, turning into a mellow body high. I can see Bruce Banner as being the perfect accoutrement to any activities that are exciting, but not overly strenuous. Be warned though, the inner Hulk released inside me by Bruce Banner, craved food on a monstrous level. In other words, either fortify your fridge supplies or just lock it, because an inevitable culling of foodstuffs will occur. Think you’re ready to release your inner Hulk? Prepare yourself, ready the Mario Party, and order the pizza you’re about to experience Bruce Banner.


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