Bubba Kush : Strain Review

Bubba Kush : Strain Review
Chronic Therapy Marijuana Strain Review

Chronic Therapy Wheat RidgeWhen it comes to classic strains, very few compare in notoriety to Bubba Kush. It’s a strain that allegedly shares some genetics with Hindu Kush, a landrace strain from the mountain range in Afghanistan that shares the name, but the true genetics of this badboy are generally muddled at best. From my understanding, the strain could have originated from a good cut of California’s OG Kush, as the similarities between the strains are extremely apparent. Bubba is absolutely a west coast strain, popping up in the 90s in San Diego and Los Angeles, but has since made its way to colorful Colorado; more now than ever with recreational legalization. While the specifics of hat we do know, however, is this guy is the big bad daddy of indicas. That is, from experience, if you want to park your butt, and just¬†chill out, man, this could be the strain for you.

I picked up an eighth of the Bubba Kush Strain at Chronic Therapy, a recreational marijuana dispensary in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. I am a huge fan of Chronic Therapy’s strains, as they are grown in cocoa, and are quite delicious all around. While the budtenders gave several suggestions, this guy was the strain that they all seemed the most excited about. “Be careful. Our Bubba is absolutely delicious,” I was warned. Heh.

Bubba Kush :: Appearance | Smell:

After my positive experience with Chronic Therapy’s 303 Kush, I was eager to try something similar. Also, as stated before, several of the budtenders claimed this legend was their favorite. You could truly see it in the way their faces lit up. Furthermore, I really enjoy the mild (but not TOO mild) THC content of Chronic’s Bubba Kush. Testing in at 19.2% THC, the potency is still high, but will not send a less-experienced user into panic mode after one toke.

Simply put, this strain is a thing of beauty. Predominately a shade of lime green, this strain also has streaks of forest green, and even purple. The flower itself is completely covered in orange hairs, and a fine white sprinkling of THC crystals. I would say, even more notable than the sight, is the smell. Now, what is interesting about this Bubba, is the smell is a lot more fruity than others I’ve seen and smoked. This one has a delicious aroma of fruit punch mixed with grape soda, but still with a strong earthy, almost woody background.

Bubba Kush :: Smoke | Effect:

“You have to smoke this one in a joint, because its flavor is absolutely incredible,” Amanda, a budtender at Chronic Therapy suggested. As I am always looking for an excuse to practice my j-rolling skills, I quickly ground this up (which, filled my room with that same fruity, grapey smell), and rolled it up. Let me tell you, I am very glad I did. The smoke itself is incredibly smooth, almost deceptively so. And I thought the smell was good? It has absolutely nothing on the flavor. The sweet notes from the smell were Chronic Therapy Wheat Ridgemultiplied tenfold in this smoke. The joint burned evenly and without crackle, implying a solid flush and cure.

Immediately, the high from this started right behind my eyes, but then quickly dropped down into my body, turning my limbs to jelly. A few things sounded excellent about five minutes after my toke: a warm shower, a very comfortable pair of basketball shorts, a blanket, and a documentary about Ancient Aliens. The documentary was terrible, but I really didn’t mind. While I would say this indica had a very strong body high, a strong feeling of giggliness and euphoria lingered in the head. And I wouldn’t say that the body high was couch-lock inducing. The warm body effects made sitting and relaxing easy and desirable. However grabbing a glass of water or a granola bar was not as difficult as it seems to be with some other heavy-hitting indicas. Also interesting was the fact that this strain didn’t turn me into the world-devouring behemoth other indica-heavy strains tend to. My waistline thanks you, Bubba!


The Bubba Kush, while people insist is a daytime strain, in my honest and humble opinion, is a strain reserved for a night spent in. I am very glad that I chose to do this product review at night, because this is definitely not a “get up and go” strain by any means. While this guy won’t put you to sleep immediately, it certainly makes the idea enticing. The smoke is satisfying, smooth, and delicious. If you are someone who is concerned with the flavors in your cannabis, give this one a shot. It’s grape, it’s very-berry, and it’s clear why the Bubba is a legend. Great show!


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