Cerebro Haze : Strain Review

Cerebro Haze : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review

It’s never too late to jump on board the strain train, and experience the massive selection of different genotypes available in Colorado. While it’s always tempting to stick with a classic strain you know and love, exploring new strains can be a very rewarding experience. You might find that a new strain will treat the symptoms of an ailment you may possess and perhaps even do so more efficiently than one of your other go-to strains. Regardless of the why, trying unique genetics is just plain old fashioned fun. I find myself with the desire to sample them all Cerebro Hazedespite the fact that thousands of dispensaries are whipping up new cannabis strains monthly and I’ll never complete my task. I recently acquired a noteworthy new strain of medicinal marijuana last week, with some rather unique genetics. Cerebro Haze is the mash-up of Brain OG and Tom Hills Haze. Brain OG is derived from the classic OG Kush, and is credited by many as being a brain child (har har) of the 90’s Southern California music scene. Sometimes also labeled as Snoop’s OG (not to be confused with his new strain), Brain OG is a heavy hitting indica that sedates first and asks questions later. Tom Hills Haze, or simply The Haze, has a much more unique parentage. Tom Hills Haze is another strain that can trace its roots back to California – this time, back to the early 70’s. The combination of some of the best landrace sativas from around the world went into the breeding of The Haze, and despite being lost for several years, made a remarkable recovery in Amsterdam, only to come back to the states after a long hiatus. So, what do you get when you mix together the master sativa with a true classic indica? You get a sativa-dominant hybrid Cerebro Haze, which is capable of eliminating pain without eliminating your will to get off the couch.
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Cerebro Haze is a very unique strain that I’ve only been able to find at one dispensary in Colorado. B Good North, a recreational and medicinal dispensary in Northglenn, Colorado, offers Cerebro Haze as an option to all of its medicinal patients. Including BotanaCare’s 15% off for the holidays, you can bring home and entire quarter of Cerebro Haze for $50. If you’ve found that Cerebro is the perfect thing to treat what ails you, you can snag an entire ounce for $190.


Cerebro Haze :: Appearance | Smell:

Cerebro Haze is a ratherCerebro Haze fetching and handsome strain. The bud structure on my Cerebro was phenomenal, with massive, dense, and hairy buds. The color is a deep dark green tone that compliments its dark umber hairs which are extremely plentiful. While I have seen strains with more of a glisten-y trichome factor, Cerebro still has enough to be quite sticky when you handle it. Cerebro Haze’s smell profile is relatively basic, highlighted by a minty tang with a spot of pine. There is a bit of sweetness in the scent as well as a touch of sage that’s really very pleasant. The touch of sage smell instantly made me think of the holidays, and I couldn’t help but wonder if Cerebro Haze might be my post-Thanksgiving coma strain.

Cerebro Haze :: Smoke | Effect:

Hemp wick in hand, I broke myself off a little nugget and flaked it apart for a smoking session. What a flavor! If I wasn’t already in a holiday mood, the mint and pine smells blended with the sage to make the flavors of the season. Despite being a little tingly on the exhale, the flavor was just grand and left me grinning from ear to ear. I’m always a fan of getting cannabis that tastes as good as it smells, and that was just the case for Cerebro Haze. After taking another puff, I sat back and waited for the effects to kick in. Cerebro Haze was a real creeping high; while it didn’t hit me at first, I noticed just how potent the effects were after several minutes staring off into space. I felt the high in the front of my head and directly behind my eyes at first, and as it started to set in the body high was the first notable effect. While Cerebro HazeI wouldn’t equate the feeling to true numbness, something equivalent did take hold of my extremities. As I started to feel the indica effects of melting, the cognitive aspects of the strain really took over. While I wouldn’t say the muse took me by any means, I did feel somewhat inspired to get up and do something. To my pleasant surprise, when I asked my legs to acquiesce, they did so willingly. Feeling altogether capable of anything, I felt it the perfect time to clean – or write, or sing, or potentially smoke more? Cerebro definitely gave me a nice cognitive high, but as marijuana can so often affect me, I had roughly the focus of a 5 year old at a water park, and found myself listlessly wandering around the house giggling at things that would normally seem mundane. After maybe a half hour of being non-productive, a second effect from the Cerebro Haze seemed to take hold. More specifically, it took hold of my stomach. After refueling with some delectable fish sticks, the rest of the high from Cerebro Haze seemed to be very mellow and pain relieving, and simply waned away over the next hour or so.

Overall ::

Cerebro Haze is an astonishingly well balanced hybrid, which is very aptly marked as being sativa-dominant. The initial effects and the end effects are that of an indica, but in the middle I experienced a thrilling high that had me aimlessly wandering about for an hour. After another session of smoking Cerebro, my hypothesis was confirmed, and I can tell you with some assurance that any meeting you have with Cerebro Haze may result in some form of caloric intake. I couldn’t have been happier with this strain, and you know I’m going to need some for Thanksgiving this year. Cerebro Haze is a great strain for alleviating pain that won’t leave you pinned to your seat (no offense, Professor Xavier).#JessetheGrove



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