Cherry Crush : Strain Review

Cherry Crush : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review

Whether you’re a 21st-century marijuana toking professional, a seasoned cannabis veteran revisiting yesteryear, a medicinal user looking to cure what ails you, or a Millennial about to take a stab at Colorado new state flower, there should always be one question on your mind; sativa or indica? You’ll be glad to hear that when it comes down to decision time, there are a variety of strains that all highlight different aspects from both sides of the weedy spectrum. I recently had the fortune of sampling Cherry Crush, a hybrid strain leaning slightly to on the spectrum of sativa with a 60/40 mix. I personally think that hybrids around this level tend to be pretty much the perfect strains: in the case of Cherry Crush I wasn’t disappointed. The effects brought out thecherry-crush-1 best in both sativa and indica. To understand a little more about what makes a hybrid like Cherry Crush what it is, it’s time for a quick trip to the endless maze of marijuana genetics. Cherry Crush is the child strain of the old school classic Tangie, and the new age strain Cherry Kola. Tangie has a little bit of a family crisis when you take a look at its parents. On one side of the spectrum, there is California Orange, which is obviously the parent that gave it its fruity characteristics. On the other side is an unknown skunk hybrid. In other words, one of the grandparents is known to be Skunk, but the other is a mystery. Despite this unknown, it’s pretty clear that there is some skunk in the family since Cherry Crush did have a very clear skunky aroma. The other parent for Cherry Crush is Cherry Kola. If you thought the Tangie side of things was confusing, just wait for this. Pretty much all that is known about Cherry Kola is that it came from California, has a delightful cherry scent, and is indica dominant. So in other words, if Cherry Crush was asked to do a genealogy assignment in school, it would probably fail through no fault of its own. Regardless of an extremely ambiguous background, Cherry Crush is a killer strain that’s making a history all its own.

I picked up my batch of Cherry Crush from Healing House a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary in Denver, Colorado. If you’re looking for the exact same strain that you’re reading about, then Healing House is the only dispensary in the state you’re going to find it at. Healing House is unique for several reasons; not only is it conveniently located a hop, skip, and a jump from DU, but it’s also one of the only dispensaries in town that produce entirely organic cannabis. Not only is the cannabis organic, but it’s also vegan. Healing House uses all OMRI listed fertilizers and completely vegan sourced nutrients for their plants. If you’re going to smoke weed, know what you’re smoking!

Cherry Crush :: Appearance | Smell:

I’ll start off my visual inspection by saying that Cherry Crush is one of the most gorgeous strains I’ve ever had the fortune of sampling. Not only is the entire surface of every nugget simply smothered in trichomes, but its uniquely robust light orange hairs make a real statement as well. The unique combination of light green and dark rich verdant colors give Cherry Crush an aesthetic that puts it in my top cherry-crush-210 for most beautiful things I’ve ever ripped up and burnt. The bud structure itself also appears to be slightly more on the robust side, showing that it potentially takes more after its indica heritage on growth. The smell is absolutely delightful. While I didn’t specifically detect cherry when I was taking a whiff of my Cherry Crush, I did get a unique fruitiness from the strain that did seem somewhat analogous to oranges (go figure). In the realm of smell, however, the real scent that stood out was the skunkiness from its Unknown X Skunk grandparent. At first, I had mistaken this dankness  for some sort of Kush in the family since it was so pungent, but after looking at its lineage, I was able to easily pin it on the Skunk. Overall Cherry Crush has great smells and great looks. I was excited to see if its effects could live up to the impression that it made on me.

Cherry Crush :: Smoke | Effect:

It’s sad to destroy such a beautiful nugget, but I just kept telling myself it was in the name of science, or something like that. I ground up a gorgeous little nugget of Cherry Crush and noticed the citrus notes seemed to be darker and richer after the nugget was broken up. After loading it in my favorite Denver Broncos pipe (Go Broncos!) I lit up my hemp wick and went in for some empirical study. The initial flavor from Cherry Crush was surprisingly mild, and the smoke was extremely smooth. Until I exhaled, I was almost certain that I had taken a very tiny hit. On the exhale, some rich dark flavors made an appearance. While I can’t exactly put my finger on what it tasted like, it was very rich and tantalizingly sweet. It wasn’t long before I could feel the initial high starting to creep up behind my eyes. The effects were quintessential hybrid leaning sativa. After a few minutes, my extremities were feeling extra cherry-crush-3droopy and my face was just a little floaty. The rest of the effects were all cerebral. The cerebral high was quite potent, and while I wouldn’t say that it was too much, I could see it becoming too much if I smoked more than just a few hits. With that being said, I would recommend pacing yourself with Cherry Crush, it can be some pretty potent stuff.

Overall ::

I love it when I don’t have to choose between sativa or indica. It’s just great finding a strain that so harmoniously captures traits from both sides of the spectrum. The pleasant body high of Cherry Crush is a perfect accouterment to the shockingly potent cerebral effects. This is an ideal strain for creativity. If you’re an artist, sculptor, crafter, tinkerer, or writer (that is if you can write stoned, unlike me) Then Cherry Crush is