Cherry Northern Lights : Strain Review

Cherry Northern Lights : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review
Cherry Northern Lights

Photo Courtesy of John Irwin

It’s no secret that mankind is always looking for that perfect smoke. The kind that floats out the end of the pipe, gracefully kisses the back of your throat and then leaves in an exhale that is refreshing, crisp, and smooth. That’s just what you get when you try a puff of Cherry Northern Lights. Cherry Northern Lights is the combination of Cherry Afghan and ’95 Sensi Northern Lights. The Cherry Afghan is a primarily indica heavy hybrid that owes its heritage back to a true classic, Afghani Kush. While the strain is indica dominant, it does have a tendency to be uplifting as well. Northern Lights is a strain that I’m sure most of you have smoked, or at least heard of in the past. Not only is Northern Lights an indica-heavy staple with a heritage that can be linked back to ancient times in the Middle East, but the way it’s been selectively bred over the years has created a strain that is extremely prolific, fast growing, and high yielding. There is a good chance that many of the indica strains you may have tried in the past owed some of their genetics to this classic. Northern Lights is that true indica, it will lock you to the couch and won’t let you escape, except of course when the munchies set in. The combination of these two strains to create Cherry Northern Lights is a match made in heaven.


The only place I know of to get Cherry Northern Lights is at The Walking Raven, Denver CO. For you Colorado residents who are looking for recreational weed, you can pick up an eighth of this dope cannabis for $60.00 at Walking Raven. Swing by Walking Raven early, from 8:00AM -9:00AM, and you can pick up a connoisseur grade joint for only $5 with any purchase of $10 or more.


Cherry Northern Lights :: Appearance | Smell

I’ll start off with this caveat, I’ve smoked a lot of marijuana in my day, and when I say this is one of the prettiest looking strains I’ve ever seen, I really mean it. My nugget of Cherry Northern Lights was covered in in trichomes and smothered with delicate pale orange hairs. This is one of those strains that really glistens when you hold it up to the light. The buds themselves are a pale sage green and so beautifully trimmed, I could have mistaken it for a grower’s private stock. Simply put, I don’t even know Cherry Northern Lightshow these buds were transported and still retained so many hairs and trichomes. When I buried my nose in Cherry Northern Lights, I get several remarkable odors. First off is simply a subtle sweetness mixed with a little hint of skunkiness gratis its Afghan heritage. There are some notes of citrus in the smell as well, and along with the smell of sugary goodness, I equated the smell to sticking my face in a box of Lemon Heads. At the very last whiff I caught a touch of its namesake cherry smell. Overall the smell from Cherry Northern Lights is extremely gentle on the nose and doesn’t accost you with overwhelming marijuana skunkiness, but rather kisses your senses with a sweet alluring aroma.

Cherry Northern Lights :: Smoke | Effect

My decided implement for sampling Cherry Northern Lights was a clean Titanium one hitter that I picked up during Cannabis Cup. I packed a little nugget in the end and took a puff. Did I just smoke something or was that just smooth sweet air? I kid you not, the smoke from Cherry Northern Lights was some of the smoothest I’ve ever experienced. The smoke just seemed to wick away into nothingness, leaving an extremely subtle and delicate sweetness on my taste buds. While I didn’t necessarily pick up any of its namesake cherry when I smoked it, I did pick up on the sweetness from its smell. How was it this smooth? Was it the organic soil grown process, or perhaps the genetics that created such a smooth smoke? I simply don’t know, but I can tell you that it’s a smoke so smooth you need to try it to believe it. I sat for a moment and waited for the effect of the buds to set in. With one pure indica and one indica dominant in the mix, I expected to quite efficiently melt into my chair. I was only half right on that assumption. While Cherry Northern Lights did hit me as an undeniable indica, there are several properties that I didn’t necessarily expect. First off, rather than making my mind hazy, it instead hit me as a sativa as far as my cognitive faculties go. Second, while I did feel an undeniable wave of pain relieving CBD, I didn’t feel as bogged down as I had expected. While I must admit, I had very little urge to stand up from my couch, I felt like I was capable of doing so if I wanted. As far as negative side-effects such as paranoia go, as far as I can tell Cherry Northern Lights is simply too mellow to evoke that “they’re coming to take me away” feeling. As far as munchies go, I just didn’t feel any, I was simply content to sit on my couch and play video games.


I went into my smoking session of Cherry Northern Lights expecting a powerful indica effect, but concluded that the end effect on me was more that of a hybrid. I definitely would still classify this as an indica, but there is no denying the sativa traits that seem to pop up out of nowhere. I can see this strain being the perfect choice for people suffering specifically from anxiety or depression. It’s really the prefect combo and remarkably smooth to boot. If you are looking for a purely energetic and cognitive high, I would recommend looking elsewhere, but if you’re looking to feel completely relaxed but still useful, Cherry Northern Lights is the strain for you.


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