Cindy White : Strain Review

Cindy White : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review The Green Solution

It all started thousands of years ago, perchance somewhere around the Indus River Valley. A humble early human was traipsing through a valley after a lightning storm and noticed that some of the underbrush had caught fire. Cindy White-2The smell from this particular underbrush was a little sweeter and a little nicer than any of the other plants she had smelled burning before. After experiencing the world’s first marijuana high, she grabbed a handful of this strange gangly weed and brought it back to the rest of the tribe. Little known fact, the first Taco Bell opened the next day. Joking aside, humanity is no stranger to marijuana, it’s simply taken us tens of thousands of years to perfect the art of growing it. Strains like Cindy White gloriously embody this level of perfection. Cindy White is a hybrid strain that has the heart of a sativa mixed with some of the dank looks and smells inherent to indicas. While I’m able to tell you just how amazing the flavors and effects of this strain are, my endorsement fails in comparison to the multiple awards that Cindy White has won in the past. It’s earned trophies at both The Hemp Connoisseur Awards and the High Times Cannabis Cup over the last few years. With Cindy White’s phenomenal looks, zesty smells, and dank flavors it’s no surprise at all that this strain has taken home so many awards.

If you want to get your hands on some of this award-winning batch of Cindy White, you’re only going to find it at one dispensary, The Green Solution®. The Green Solution® has cultivated a slew of award winning strains over the years, and Cindy White is undeniably one of the best of the best. The Green Solution® also offers a variety of ways to save if you’re looking to purchase some Cindy White for yourself. Sign up either online or in store for their Loyalty Card, and you can start earning free weed instantly. With 12 locations serving the metro area, the mountains, and Southern Colorado, look for The Green Solution® near you to start stocking up on some of the best award-winning strains in the state. Even if it’s late at night, The Green Solution® has dispensaries open as late as midnight!

Cindy White :: Appearance | Smell:

Whether it’s a new strain, a new beer, or a new type of food, I’m always down to try something new and exciting. As I held my little jar of Cindy White I knew before I even popped the top how many awards this specific genetic variety has won. As I opened the lid on my little jar I was not disappointed.Cindy White-3 I immediately picked up on a light and zesty aroma that simply smacked of delicious marijuana. I took a closer look at the little nuggets inside. The nuggets were both moderately hairy and possessed a respectable level of trichomes on their surface as well. The nuggets themselves were exceptionally dense and bore the characteristics that I usually consider to be indicative of an indica-leaning strain. The calyxes were tight and the nuggets were short and stout. When I broke them apart I was pleased to find that they had been cured perfectly. They buds were not too wet nor too dry. I find the perfect level to be where the nuggets feel dry to the touch but still have enough moisture content to stick to your fingers when you break them apart. The smell was absolutely delectable as well. There was a very pronounced skunkiness which blended perfectly with a sweet spicy odor. If you were to do a blind smell test on me with Cindy White, I would probably peg it as an indica by smell, owing some of its heavy dank aromas to some form of Kush or Haze in its genetics. Overall, though, the robust sweet aromas that I detected at the end of my mad marijuana jar huffing session would stand out as my number one highlight.

Cindy White :: Smoke | Effect:

The clock struck 4:20 (metaphorically) and it was time for the empirical study section of my review (AKA the best part). I ground up a small portion of my Cindy White and quite meticulously packed it into a nice clean bowl. Hemp wick burning in anticipation, I went in for a preliminary puff. The first thing that hit my tongue was a scrumptiously light minty flavor, mixed with the tiniest hint of spice. As I really let the smoke hit me, I was rewarded with a very pronounced sweet flavor that reminded me of some of the headier sativas I’d smoked in the past. The flavors melded together to form a beautifully well-rounded taste that really seemed to fall into the category of “hybrid.” While hybrid in genetics and in flavor, the initial effects of Cindy White leaned heavily sativa. Within a few minutes, I was already standing and filled with the strong desire to do something other than sitting on my couch. Cindy White-1I figured a good use of my high would be catching up on some chores and hanging a new shelf that I had purchased the night before. I found the high to be exceedingly functional. Not only was I able to efficiently organize my closet, but it was quite the fun experience considering how mundane the task. The shelf did prove to be a little more difficult thanks to how high I was, but still, Cindy White made what would normally be a very bland Tuesday evening into a quite rewarding experience. Even an hour after my initial smoke, I still was only feeling the sativa side of the spectrum. I felt like enough time had passed to officially declare that Cindy White effects are more like a sativa than a indica. I never felt groggy, I never felt too stony, and I didn’t clear out all the food in my fridge. Cindy White is a getup, go out, and do something kind of strain, which is just what I want in a daytime smoke. I wouldn’t recommend Cindy White as a before bed smoke, its high is simply too exuberant.


So now I see what cultivating a plant for tens of thousands of years has gotten us. It’s gotten us amazing strains like Cindy White, a strain that doles out some phenomenal flavors paired with sativa leaning effects that won’t give you any uncomfortable heart-racing sensations that some pure sativas can. This strain is the perfect choice for a daily smoker who wants a combination of stoniness and awareness that won’t leave you crashing on the couch prematurely. But in the famous words of Reading-Rainbow-era Levar Burton, “you don’t have to take my word for it.”#JessetheGrove



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