Cookies and Chem : Strain Review

Cookies and Chem : Strain Review
Chronic Therapy Marijuana Strain Review
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I know I’m going to form some instant enemies out here by saying this. I hate cookies and cream flavor. The cloying sweetness of synthetic white “chocolate” mixed in with a hearty portion of piss-poor wanna-be-Oreos always makes cry inside. I’m pretty sure my initial hatred formed sometime in the 90s when the cookies and cream craze had reached critical mass. Suffice it to say, I find cookies and cream to be a very acquired taste. In the realm of cannabis there are also many flavors that are considered to be rather niche, so to speak. Traits that some plants display like earthiness or cheesiness can make people form some strong opinions. It’s like the old saying goes, one person’s kine is another person’s schwag (okay maybe I just made that up). Regardless, I would like to think that I have cultivated in myself an appreciation for almost every flavor of cannabis over the last decade. I’ve learned to cheer for cheesiness, freak out for floral flavors, and crave for chem. This brings us to the point of my tangent, a delightful strain from Chronic Therapy called Cookies and Chem. As one might assume this strain is the child of GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) and Chemdawg, two extremely iconic strains joining forces. This genetic marriage has yielded a child strain that is both sinfully sweet, and unapologetically aromatic. From Chronic Therapy’s delightfully diverse genetic library and through their well-honed cultivation process, Cookies and Chem is a strain that is sure to go down in my personal record books.

If you want to get your hands on a batch of Cookies and Chem, you’re only going to find this genetic incantation at Chronic Therapy, a recreational Marijuana dispensary located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado and in Cortez, Colorado. Chronic Therapy specializes in crafting unique genetic strains that are grown to higher standards than the big bulk dispensaries that seem to be taking over the Colorado cannabis scene. Chronic Therapy along with their MIP Chronic Creations is crafting some of the best strains and concentrates in the State. Head in soon and remember what it’s like to have weed that isn’t abusively over cured like the products from other dispensaries.

Cookies and Chem :: Appearance | Smell:

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Cookies and Chem is one of the newest strains to hit the shelf at Chronic Therapy. I’m always down to try something new! I find it worth noting two mid-size nuggets of Cookies and Chem were potent enough to stink up my entire car from the trunk even through a tamper-proof plastic jar. While I’m never fond of basking in probable cause aromas in my car, I knew as soon as I got home, I had a free ticket to bask away. I started my venture with a little olfactory-visual exploration of Cookies and Chem. I popped the top on the jar and let out a bounty of good weed smells. I wasn’t overly surprised that the initial flavors that I detected came mostly from the Chemdawg ancestry. Chemdawg aroma can be misconstrued by many as being an improper flushing process. When plants aren’t properly flushed many of the nutrients and minerals that were fed to them don’t properly leave the plant before trimming and curing. This leaves a residual tarts mineral aroma that many can misconstrue as a Chem flavor. In the case of this Cookies and Chem, I could tell that this aroma was entirely from genetics. Directly following the Chem smell was a robust earthy aroma. Hiding deep inside this earth aroma were sweet smells that are indicative of its GSC ancestry. I wrangled one of the nuggets and perused it for a moment in the palm of my hand. The leaf structure of Cookies and Chem is extremely pale which is a delightful accent to the robust collection of burnt-orange hairs that speckle the surface of each nugget. The bud structure itself was leaning on the hybrid side of the spectrum. The buds were not too short and squat but not too long and skinny either. The calyxes below also displayed a plethora of tiny trichomes (Oh yes, they have a plethora). I would say the nuggets are slightly on the dryer end of the spectrum from what I’ve come to expect from Chronic Therapy, but still nothing like what you see from big bulk stores that cure their flowers into dry husks. I reached the limits of superficial observation. It was time to get in there.

Cookies and Chem :: Smoke | Effect:

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I broke apart the larger of the two nuggets and using the clean grinder card minced into perfect bowl-ready chunks. With hemp wick and clean titanium one-hitter in hand, I went in for a trial smoke. The initial flavor was very chem-like and very, very smooth. As soon as I exhaled, I started to detect some of the cookies end of the spectrum in the form of a sweet earthy flavor that lingered long after the initial chem flavor had passed. I had no coughs to give for this strain, it’s just too damn smooth. It was so smooth that I figured I’d go in for another hit. With the initial Chemdawg flavor already tempered from my first hit, the sweet notes made even more of an appearance. Also, by the second hit, I was already starting to feel effects from the first one. The initial sensations from The high started behind my eyes, up higher than I’m used to. It felt like the high was right smack-dab in the middle of my brain. Despite having relatively mellow genetics, I did sense the energetic rise of what I would consider to be sativa-leaning effects. Over the next couple minutes, the initial sensations rang true as a relatively potent cerebral high started to form. There certainly were a few body effects but I would say that the Indica side of this strain does not shine through in the same way that the sativa does. I found myself in a great place. I was laughing at stupid things and performing dramatically contrived mental gymnastics to justify eating another piece of banana nut bread. Despite the initial sativa effects, Cookie and Chem hit me in the stomach like an indica. I had some extremely potent munchies kick in within a half hour of my initial smoke. Succumbing to temptation, I cut myself off a big slab of buttery delicious banana nut bread and sat on the couch to enjoy some evening television. I was delighted by the fact that the high from Cookies and Chem was relatively prolific and seemed to last the better part of the evening before I went back for seconds. Overall this strain is a really good time and extremely smooth smoke.


I may not like cookies and cream, but I certainly do like Cookies and Chem. If you find yourself at either of Chronic therapy locations, I can say with some confidence that you’ll agree with me (on the liking C Cookies and Chem part, if you like cookies and cream there’s just no hope for you). If my abhorrence of cookies and cream has alienated you, I apologize but when it comes to talking about weed swap out that cream for chem and we’ve definitely got something to work with. If you’re looking for a sativa-dominant high in a delicious earthy-sweet package, then cookies and chem is your mark. Just be warned you best have a stocked refrigerator before you start your adventure.

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