Critical Mass : Strain Review

Critical Mass : Strain Review
Healing House Denver Marijuana Strain Review

I will unabashedly proclaim my love of CBD any day. From chewable to cbd isolate there is so much that we can do with CBD. Not only does this cannabinoid possess some of the most astonishing medicinal properties but it’s also the best darn natural pain reliever I’ve ever taken. If you’re still unfamiliar with this component of cannabis, let me familiarize you for a moment. CBD or Cannabidiol is a potent medicinal and pain relieving component found in many strains of marijuana. Studies have shown that it can potentially help halt the metastasization of breast cancer, greatly reduce the risk of seizures, and provide a pain reliever to individuals that may be sensitive to over-the-counter prescription painkillers. Not only is it effective, but CBD does not contain components that cause the same psychoactive experience caused by THC. CBD is, simply put, some really fricken awesome stuff. When I come across a strain that has been specifically crossed to accentuate this phenomenal cannabinoid I’m always going to be on board! Critical Mass is an indica dominant strain that has a focus on CBD over THC. This strain’s perfect balancing act makes it one of the best utility strains around. There are dispensaries like the guelph dispensary that deals with various strains of cannabis that may suit your needs, it is always best to look around for the right type for you.

If you want to pick up this phenotype of Critical Mass, you’re only going to find it at Healing House, a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary in Denver Colorado. Healing House is dedicated to growing the cleanest organic, soil-grown, vegan, and non-GMO crops around. If you’re looking for an amazing selection of organic strains, then you won’t be disappointed.

Critical Mass :: Appearance | Smell:

Critical Mass-1

I started my investigation into critical mass ( the scientific-sounding thing I’ve ever gotten to write) by inviting over some friends for some board games. I released a plump and healthy-looking nugget of Critical Mass from its jar and made a few pre-smoking observations. Critical Mass nuggets have an aesthetic of a hybrid when you look at their bud structure. The plant matter itself is a pale light green coloration and that light hue is aided by a very healthy number of trichomes. In the hair department, Critical Mass is far from bald, but also wasn’t in dire need of a haircut like some strains I’ve had in the past. The smell off Critical Mass was earthy, rich and just a little bit spicy. The spiciness in strains always fascinates me and can usually go one of three ways. Either it has no effect on the flavor, it makes the strain taste harsh, or it tastes spicy but doesn’t correlate to the harshness of the strain. I’d need to wait and find out what the case was as soon as I got to the smoking stage of my adventure (which was rapidly approaching). Between my hobby farm work (aka moving 250 bales of hay that morning) and my three friend’s jobs (barista, waiter, and desk job) we all had a unique bounty of aches and pains that a high CBD strain could do wonders for. Wasting no time, I shredded apart my first nugget of Critical Mass and we prepared a steam roller for our smoking session.

Critical Mass :: Smoke | Effect:

Seeing as I had the difficult and painstaking job of sampling the weed for work, I got automatic greens. Steam roller at the ready, I prepped my hempy wick and went in for an attack run. As I started to burn the bowl I noticed that Critical Mass had the absolute perfect moisture content. The ground up plant quickly smoldered away but the moisture content made it very easy to cap off and pass without the buds wasting their time burning in the air. It was the moment of truth, and the spicy smell I had detected did exactly what I wanted it to and brought its flavor to the show without bringing any added harshness. As we passed around the steam roller the sentiment was fairly resounding.Critical Mass-2We started our overly complex Czech-crafted board game, and as we began building our space ships, Critical Mass started to kick in. While the initial effects were far from overwhelming on the cerebral side of things, the body high was absolutely delightful. As the steam roller made another round, we were all feeling exceptionally mellow by the time our space ships were being shredded by asteroids and ravished by slavers. The CBD was definitely the highlight of Critical Mass, but there was still a very delicate cerebral high attached to it as well.


Critical Mass is the perfect strain if you’re looking for a body high and a minimal psychoactive effect. That being said, Critical Mass definitely still has some THC content and if you’re not looking to get a little high during your session then this isn’t the strain for you. If you do however want some powerful calming effects along with a slight heady tingle that won’t ever enter the realm of paranoia, then you’ve found your strain. On the other hand, you want that body high but also want to be out of your mind stoned, try mixing up Critical Mass with a high THC strain and experience the best of both worlds. There is just no denying how amazing CBD is. From its uncanny medicinal properties to the soothing body high that it imparts. If you’ve never experienced a high CBD strain for yourself, then Critical Mass is a perfect first. Kiss your pain and your sobriety goodbye, because Critical Mass has been reached!#JessetheGrove