Dark Ghost : Strain Review

Dark Ghost : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review Smokin Gun Dispensary

If you’ve been smoking cannabis for more than a decade,Dark Ghost-1 then you know how to settle for inferior quality cannabis. After all, it used to be what you get is what you get. Only now do we have the luxury to pick and choose precisely what cannabis we want to partake in. Along with a massive variety of options comes the inevitable conundrum of deciding on which strain to choose. There is a lot to look at when it comes time to source your weed. Now, we live in a cannabis society that places far too much emphasis on genetics. Not to say there aren’t some key factors to look at involving lineage, but if you ask me when picking out your cannabis there are many factors that superseded genetics alone. One of the biggest neglected criteria for hand selecting premium cannabis is taking not of the curing process. I’ve now had multiple friends point out to me how much higher the moisture content of their buds were in their previous states of residence. Most people simply attribute this to Colorado’s dry environment, but the truth of the matter is that almost all of this is determined by the curing process. Most growers in Colorado over-cure their cannabis for a very good reason. Since Colorado was the first true recreational market for cannabis supply and demand seems to be a perpetual roller coaster ride, one way to ensure that you always have the supply you need is to make sure your cannabis is exceptionally dry and won’t lose quality or weight while you’re storing it in preparation for sale. What if you want the sticky stuff (I know I sure do)? If you as well yearn to treat yourself with sweet, stinky sticky-icky, you should investigate some bud from District 8 available at Smokin Gun Apothecary a recreational dispensary located in Glendale, Colorado. District 8 specializes in cultivating fine locally-sourced buds that are cured to a perfect state and sealed in mylar to assure the longevity of its freshness is maintained from shelf to sale. I recently had the fortune of sampling District 8 Dark Ghost. A truly ominous name for a truly miraculous strain. Not only does Dark Ghost possess the moisture content of an old-school grow but it was cultivated in a manner that promoted retention of terpenoids and created an all-around gorgeous strain. If you’ve been looking for some old-school style dank at new school style pricing, then District 8 has what you been looking for.

If you want to try some of this District 8 Dark Ghost for yourself head over to Smokin Gun Apothecary in Glendale, Colorado. Smokin Gun’s unique prohibition-themed ambiance makes for the perfect location to purchase this old-school style of cannabis from District 8.

Dark Ghost :: Appearance | Smell:

I started appreciating my Dark Ghost from District 8 Dark Ghost-2from behind its sealed clear sleeve. The first thing I noticed about dark ghost was a rather hearty bud size. Each gooey green nugget inside the bag was smattered with orange hairs and looked to weigh in at about one gram of piece. As soon as I opened the top of the bag I was immediately treated to a dank floral aroma. The floral aroma quickly segued into a gentle sweet smell indicative of a fresh and properly cured cannabis. The real magic happened as soon as I got one of the buds out of the bag. As I reached in the first nugget I grabbed was soft and supple. I gently used it to my fingertips as I released it from its prison. I can’t emphasize enough how perfectly cured this Dark Ghost was from District 8. Over-cure and your cannabis becomes small dry bricks under-cure and your cannabis turns into a sticky moist mess that tastes awful. This Dark Ghost was the absolute perfect balance. I perused the entire selection of nuggets, taking note of the phenomenal bud structure. While I may not know the secrets of District 8 genetics I can assume from the calyxes and bud structure that Dark Ghost would likely fall into the hybrid category. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that not only was every bud covered in a robust layer of hair but there was also a very sufficient coat of trichomes on every bud as well. There was also an underlying and almost inherit dankness to the strain that I would certainly attribute to some form of extremely stanky OG ancestry. Smells and looks are one thing but I was going to have to really get in there for some serious empirical study.

Dark Ghost :: Smoke | Effect:

As I started to break apart one of the nuggets of Dark Ghost I couldn’t help but marvel again at how perfectly cured this cannabis was. I know perfectly cured is a rather subjective term (since some people prefer dryer or moister weed) I called this perfect in the sense that it has maintained a proper moisture content through purging, trimming, curing, packaging, shipping, and sale. I ground up the remainder of my first nuggets and loaded a healthy portion into a clean pipe. With hempy wick in hand, I was ready for an adventure. I took a large draw. As soon as the first smoke hit my mouth I could tell immediately that District 8 had done another part of the process right, their flush. The initial flavors were sweet, dark, and tempting. Due to the proper way the plants had been flushed there were no residual flavors from fertilizer components, natural or otherwise. As the smoke entered my mouth, I took a large smooth inhale. Dark Ghost is insanely smooth! I would convenient to credit how great this smoke is to one single attribute of its growing process, I think I would just be better off praising District 8 for cultivating this cannabis so effectively. It did not take long for a relatively potent cerebral high to set in. The high landed on a sativa end of the spectrum without ever getting too out-of-control energetically. There were a couple undeniable indica effects as well that hit me.Dark Ghost-3 For one, about an hour after I first smoked I was stricken by some epic munchies. I also did find some indica sensations in my extremities as well which were a quite welcome addition to the cerebral sativa feelings. Overall, the high wasn’t short or exceptionally long-lived and it didn’t necessarily lean very far on either end of the spectrum. Overall Dark Ghost simply instills a well-balanced high paired with an exceptional flavor brought about by a superior curing process. This is some damn good stuff.


If you’ve been on the hunt for perfectly cured cannabis that’s conveniently accessible and affordably priced, then you really need to check out District 8’s full lineup of strains. As someone who had never tried a District 8 product before, I was extremely impressed with the caliber of cannabis on multiple levels. If Dark Ghost is any indication of the quality of their other strains, then I’m pretty much ecstatic to try more. If you’re like me and have come to expect a higher-quality smoking experience, then I’d highly recommend checking out some of the strains that district 8 is bringing to the table. It’s time for us cannabis consumers to stop settling, we finally can pick and choose. So, next time you go to fill up your jar aga