DelaHaze : Strain Review

DelaHaze : Strain Review
Healing House Denver Marijuana Strain Review

Every time you try a new strain it’s pretty much a game of roulette. The delectable DelaHaze strain is no different. Will I sleep, will I run, will I eat, or will I write a bad pun? Honestly though, I’m always happy to weed out the less impressive strains so that you can find the very best buds in town. DelaHaze was simply a pleasure to sample, and with a 70 to 30 ratio of sativa to indica, was the perfect combination of awareness and mellowness. To decipher what gives DelaHaze it’s perfect combination of creative spunk and laid back groove, it’s time to take a trip to the absurdly tangled skein of cannabis genetics. DelaHaze is derived from two primary parent strains, California Lemon Skunk and Mango Haze. Both parent strains are primarily sativa, but as always, when procreation is involved you never know how latent genes will potentially enter the mix and skew a strain more toward sativa, or in DelaHaze’s case, indica. Cali Lemon Skunk celebrates a very modest family tree. It shares a close bond with the original landrace strains that all of our modern cannabis owes itsDelaHaze (1 of 2) existence to. The three big boys in its lineage are a landrace Afghani indica, a landrace Mexican sativa, and a landrace Columbian sativa. These parent strains join forces to create Lemon Skunk, and when they do so in California it becomes California Lemon Skunk, naturally. Mango Haze has a much more complex looking ancestry, but coincidentally half of its genetics can be linked back to the same line as Lemon Skunk. The direct parents of Mango Haze are (Haze X Haze) X Skunk #1 and (Haze X Haze) X Northern Lights #5. While this may look like a pile of confusing X’s on your screen (and I know it is), what this means is that a self-crossed version of Haze was mixed with both Skunk #1 and Northern Light #5. This means that DelaHaze has the same grandparent strain on both sides of its family (gnarly). As you may have well guessed, the Skunk #1 line is inexorably linked to the same heritage as Lemon Skunk, while Northern Lights #5 has a divergent path. Well that’s about all the confusing genetics I have room for; just know that DelaHaze is a perfect name for a strain with such a hazy background. You’d be in a haze too if your grandparent asexually reproduced and then had her children spawn her grandchildren (do you hear banjo music?).

If you want to grab some DelaHaze of your very own so you can sample its hectic heritage, then find your way over to Healing House in Denver, Colorado. Healing House uses and entirely vegan and organic growing process which ensures that the cannabis you get from them is free of contaminants and pesticides. This is the real deal; if you’ve been looking for a dispensary that can compete with and surpass the quality of a home grow, you’ve found it.

DelaHaze :: Appearance | Smell:

I released my DelaHaze buds from their plastic prison and was immediately confronted with their exceedingly powerful smell. The smell wasn’t quite cheesy and it wasn’t quite skunky, but I would call it a perfect marriage of the two scents. While I know there are many out there that aren’t huge fans of the cheesy aromas, the tangy sweetness of DelaHaze comes off as a tart fruit that I would maybe equate to pineapple or to mango the signature fruit in its parent strain, Mango Haze. The buds themselves are remarkably dense and dark green. While the number of visible trichomes was only moderate, DelaHaze makes up for it with a crazy abundance of light reddish orange hairs that cover the majority of the surface. The structure on the buds themselves looks a little squatter and plumper than many sativa dominants I’ve seen before, but I never complain about plump delicious looking buds since I would feel like a fool to do so.

DelaHaze :: Smoke | Effect:

The time for smoking was upon me and I started out by grinding up a chunk of DelaHaze and packing it in a clean one-hitter. I would add that as I ground up the nugget it let off even more of its super potent pineapple-cheese odor, which was absolutely delightful. I took a big rip and was initially very confused. I looked again at the end of the one-hitter thinking that I had gotten a very weak hit but then when I exhaled a massive cloud of smoke I realized I had taken a substantial hit; it was literally so smooth that I didn’t realize it. Not only was it wicked smooth, but also had an extremely mild flavor, which was very contradictory to its pungent smell. I took another ludicrously smooth puff and still, the only flavor I could really pick up on was– I don’t know, DelaHaze (2 of 1)does sunshine have a flavor? Finding myself completely impotent in the flavor department, all I can say is that this is potentially the lightest smoke I’ve ever experienced before. It didn’t take long before I started to feel a little fuzzy all over my brain. While I would aptly label this as a haze over my brain, I was still very cognizant and functional. DelaHaze was a very unique high indeed, but not entirely unexpected after such a nebulous tasting session. I walked around the house performing some mundane chores, taking long breaks to stare off into nothingness. Soon I realized I needed to find the refrigerator and get its contents into my stomach as soon as possible. The munchies hit me hard, and through my hazy semi-stoned state I managed to efficiently sort through all the half-used sauce bottles and make a sandwich. Sitting content with my sandwich, I felt the unbearable urge to make something. After a good half-hour playing a certain block building computer game which shall remain anonymous, I started to feel a little bit sleepy, but after all, DelaHaze had put me though everything in the spectrum, why not a little bit of drowsiness? Refusing to take a nap, I did the next best thing, and packed another bowl.

Overall ::

DelaHaze is a very unique strain. Its range of effects is so large that I can’t guarantee that it will make you feel one way or another. I will say this, it’s an absolutely gorgeous looking strain with a super sweet smell so scrumptious, I would want it as an air freshener. I also would dare you to cough after taking a puff of DelaHaze; this strain is so insanely smooth that it’s hard to tell you’re smoking. There are so many potential uses for this strain both recreationally and medicinally that I think the best course of action is to go out and try some for yourself.#JessetheGrove