Doc’s OG : Strain Review

Doc’s OG : Strain Review
Healing House Denver Marijuana Strain Review

As the marijuana industry grows so does the pool of knowledge surrounding its use. During marijuana’s closeted years before legalization, the only real information I had when I was purchasing cannabis was that it was green and it would get me stoned. I never knew if what I was smoking was indica or sativa dominant and when legalization happened in Colorado I was pretty much clueless on what type I liked. Off descriptions alone, I gravitated towards the sativa market gobbling up high THC strains like candy and assuming the entire time that sativas were the only marijuana for me. It wasn’t until I started working in the industry and was forced to try more indicas (a hard job I know) that I realized every strain has its purpose and there are certain times when a sativa simply doesn’t fit the bill for what I’m looking for. In fact, sometimes an indica strain is exactly what is needed to mellow out after a long day or relieve the aches and pains of working on the ol’ hobby farm. This ideal indica effect is precisely what I discovered when I sampled a bit of Doc’s OG from Healing House, a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary in Denver Colorado. Doc’s OG is an extra dank and delightfully potent indica strain that is a good pain reliever, appetite inducer, and day unwinder. It’s a real miracle worker when it comes to mellowing out the brain for bed time and I can’t express enough how tasty it is while doing so. As always, a new strain is an adventure and it was my duty to find out what’s up Doc?

If you want to get your hands on some of this medical grade Doc’s OG you’re only going to find it at one place. Healing House, a recreational and medicinal marijuana chain in Denver, Colorado. Healing House specializes in a massive selection of organic, non-GMO strains including Doc’s OG. If you’re in the market pain relief, a good night sleep, or maybe even something that will have you running around the block Healing House has what you’re looking for.

Doc’s OG :: Appearance | Smell:

I started by releasing a nugget of Doc’s OG from its plastic prison Doc's OG-1and holding it on my hand to observe its characteristics. Off initial inspection of the bud structure, you can see the indica heritage in the strain by the short and compact nuggets that Doc’s OG produces. While they are certainly in the short and stout department there was a little bit of an elongated bud structure that could show a slight bit of sativa chilling out in the family tree. Besides the structure of the nuggets, Doc’s OG also has a very robust collection of trichomes which accent perfectly with its dark and rich colored buds. In the hair department, there are some spindly orange hairs in the mix. Satisfied with my aesthetic evaluation I moved in for an olfactory impression. Doc’s OG smells simply amazing. It has the best attributes of its indica heritage represented by a deep dank aroma that I always correlate with OG strains. Along with that inherent OG dankness, I also detected a hint of rich earthiness which smelled just perfect in concert with the strains other notable odors my favorite being the uncanny sweetness. When you really bury your nose into Doc’s OG that alluring sweet aroma it gives off is simply one of my favorite things in life. The dank attributes mixed with sweet earthy notes make Doc’s OG a smell to remember. Now it was time to see if it was too strong for me to remember the smell.

Doc’s OG :: Smoke | Effect:

I ground up a hearty portion of Doc’s OG and loaded it into my cleanest pipe, which happened to be a steamroller. As I broke up the nugget even more of that infectious sweet aroma escaped its buds and I was getting downright excited. I lit up my hemp wick and let the fun begin. The initial flavors from my first puff represented the sweet aroma masterfully and imparted a rich candy taste with a hint of earthiness. The dank OG scent translatedDoc's OG-2 into a sort of spicy mellow tang that was again a perfect combo with the other flavors. The entire profile of the flavor was made even better by the fact that Doc’s OG was also an insanely smooth smoke. As I fully exhaled I received a minimal throat tickle and was left with that tantalizing sweet taste. Doc’s OG really nailed it when it comes to looks and flavors, but now it was time to wait for effects. It took a few minutes before I felt the full force of Doc’s OG and I would have to categorize this strain as a creeper (that is to say the effects weren’t instantaneous not that it hangs outside your window with binoculars or blows you up in Minecraft). When the effects did kick in it was almost shocking how they seemed to manifest from nowhere. The first sensation was a body tingle in my lower legs that seemed to spread throughout my entire body. As the sensation spread it was also accompanied by a unique cerebral high that simply hated the fact that my eyes were still open. It’s also worth noting that this wasn’t a timid high and in fact, Doc’s OG had gotten me quite inebriated from a couple puffs. As I sat and mellowed in front of the television a potentially insidious effect of Doc’s OG took hold and before I knew it I was on the warpath for leftover pasta. Cheesy marinara loaded foe vanquished, belly full, and head still swimming the next step was to lie back on the couch and let Doc’s OG send me down for a little nap.


If you’re looking for a hard hitting indica then you’ve found one in Doc’s OG. Not only is Doc’s OG a great strain to relax with, but its medicinal properties are undeniably potent. If you want to eat more then you’re only a puff of two away. The pain relief from Doc’s OG is also quite robust and the body high it instills is potent and refreshing. Perhaps most important of all, Doc’s OG did a great job at making me sleepy. I went from feeling wide awake to nap time all within an hour. Albeit my pasta attack might have lent a hand in my eventual grogginess, there is no denying that Doc’s OG also had its say. This strain is the real deal if you’re looking to unwind. If you want a serious indica then look no further, the Doc is in.#JessetheGrove