Durban Poison : Strain Review

Durban Poison : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review
Durban Poison

Photo Courtesy of John Irwin

Everyone loves a classic, especially if that classic is organically cultivated and grown with an abundance of tender loving care. If you’ve ever experienced the Durban Poison strain before, then I’m sure you know that when you get this close to pure sativa, you’re going to have a good time. Durban Poison, Colorado style, is where the buds achieve their pinnacle perfection. I’ll sum it up concisely for you; if you want to fall asleep in your underwear watching cartoons, this isn’t the strain for you. If you want to be outside, experiencing every bit of Colorado goodness you can soak up, then Durban Poison is the strain you’ve been looking for. This old school genome is here to provide smokers with an extremely uplifting high, accompanied by moments of “I’ve got to go golfing” and “why am I not outside?” This strain is no stranger to winning awards either. This year it achieved “3rd Place Sativa” as well as the extremely prestigious “Connoisseur’s Choice Sativa” at the THC Championship.


I got this year’s award winning Durban Poison at The Walking Raven, Denver CO. The Durban poison cost point may be a little high at $70 an eighth, but for connoisseur grade chronic that’s taken home multiple awards, that’s practically a steal.


Durban Poison :: Appearance | Smell:

There are a couple things I noticed right off the bat when you hold a nugget of Durban Poison. First, it’s a truly gorgeous looking strain, speckled with trichomes, and just begging to be packed into a clean pipe. Second, my attention wandered to its pale sage green color and extremely robust deep orange hairs. Undeniably an award winning strain on looks alone. When I took a whiff of Durban Poison, the first note I detected was a delightful sweetness. When I really dug my nose into it, I detected a very complex sour note which plays delightfully with the strong pine scent that comes through after the initial sweetness. The overall olfactory character is extremely clean, lacking the earth and skunky characteristics sometimes inherent to basic sativas.

Durban Poison :: Smoke | Effect:

My weapon of choice for sampling Durban Poison was a clean bubbler. I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of remorse as I broke up my beautiful Durban nugget and packed it. I lit up my hemp wick, and dove in lungs first. I was initially astounded by how smooth the smoke was, and as I slowly exhaled and closed my Durban Poisoneyes, the crisp and fresh alpine notes I had detected from before exploded into an extreme spearmint-like flavor. As the piney notes left my palate, they were replaced with a rich nutty smoked flavor that I can only equate to smoked almonds. Beyond the apparent flavors, something in that taste struck a nostalgic cord in the back of my mind, which practically made me light up inside, before the high from the Durban Poison even set in. When the high set in a minute or so later, it was everything I had hoped for and more. Heady, exhilarating, and cerebral, minus the paranoia induced by some sativas. This is due to Durban Poison’s max THC which tests at 16.76%, a very balanced THC content that is high enough to hit the spot, but not so high that you’ll adopt an irrational case of paranoia. As I mentioned before, this is a get up and do something strain that will incite the couch potato in you to venture outside. Beyond eliciting the urge for physical activity, Durban Poison is extremely cognitive and is a great strain to smoke for writing, crafting, drawing, painting, composing, inventing, or maybe being ambitious and building a card tower! As a final note on effects, you may want to lock your refrigerator; I personally experienced some rather extreme munchies about an hour into my Durban Poison smoking session. Sadly my leftovers from lunch didn’t see it through the night.


As a true sativa, Durban Poison does everything I want a sativa to do, with a phenomenal smell, impeccable flavor, and nigh-transcendental effect. Beyond its very apparent recreational uses, it also fills a couple niches in the medical field as well. If you suffer from depression, Durban Poison will have you giggling and smiling by the end of the day. If you’re suffering from loss of appetite, this is also a great strain to try out. I really do love a classic, and it doesn’t get much more classic than Durban Poison. If any of these described aesthetics, flavors, or effects have piqued your interest, I recommend you snag yourself some Durban today.


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