Forest Fire : Strain Review

Forest Fire : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review

Every great strain deserves a great name. Whether its name is passed down from its genetic parents or simply coaxed from the imagination after feeling the strain’s effects. In some situations, both of the aforementioned criteria fit the bill. In the case of Forest Fire, the strain draws its name both from its ancestry and from its uncanny ability to set your brain ablaze. If you’ve ever had a budtender tell you a certain type of weed is “fire,” this is the one they should have been talking about. Forest Fire’s two direct parents are Nor-Cal Fire Cut OG and Yeti OG. Nor-Cal Fire Cut OG is a direct breeding of Fire Kush which most likely originated in the San Francisco Bay Area. Yeti OG has some conflicting heritage reports, and is either thought to be a self-crossing of either Headband or Diesel. In some ways it’s really a moot point since Forest FireHeadband itself is always a direct child strain of Diesel. Any way you look at the genetics that came forth to create Forest Fire, it’s clear to see that there was a whole lot of Kush, Chem, and Skunk that made it what it is today. With all of these strain is the family tree it come as no real surprise that Forest Fire is an indica strain. Like many other indica strains, it tends to grow squat, and in this case, with remarkable speed. It’s not uncommon to be harvesting a batch of fully grow Forest Fire in under two months. The complex breeding also brings with it complex effects. While many indicas will simply put you down for the count, Forest Fire takes you on one hell of a ride before it does. Forest Fire will grab you by the branches and send your mind into a whirl of ideas, remove your anxieties and troubles from the day, and then leave you remarkable soothed, hungry, and sleepy. If you’re ready to take the ride that is Forest Fire, be prepared and have your snacks and a pillow on standby.
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Forest Fire is a very hard to track down. I’ve only been able to find it at one dispensary in Colorado. B•GOOD North, formerly BotanaCare, is located in Northglenn, Colorado and is the only place I’ve spotted this strain at before. You can pick up your own Frisco OG from either their medicinal or recreational side as a potentially great solution to nausea, depression, or sobriety. Best of all, if the uses of any strain come into question, B•GOOD North includes a quick reference on your little baggie that describes the uses on the front and the full testing results on the back.


Forest Fire :: Appearance | Smell:

I opened up my little baggie to see what Forest Fire had in store for me. The nuggets in my bag of Forest Fire were dense little trichome-laden buggers. Each little nugget had a pale green hue, and despite having only a moderate number of hairs, made up for it with even more trichomes. When you take a look at the underside of a nugget and eyeball its calyxes, it’s clear to see that not only is it a dense little indica, it’s also going to pack a punch with that much shimmering sugary goodness. I took a big whiff out of my little bag and was pleasantly confronted with a slew of different odors. First thing that I detected was a pleasant sweet dankness. The dankness come as no surprise seeing as it’s the progeny of two strains with OG in their name. When I dug my nose in even deeper, there was a surprisingly potent tang to the strain as well which I couldn’t quite place. Just off of smell I was able to narrow it down to a chem scent, mixed with what I would consider a slight cheesiness. The chem scent made perfect sense when I looked back to Forest Fire’s lineage one more time and saw the tell-tale Chemdawg on both sides of the tree.

Forest Fire:: Smoke | Effect:

The time had come to start my own little forest fire at home. I ground up and loaded a couple of little Forest Fire nuggets into my favorite macho-sized bowl. Feeling a tinge of remorse for starting a forest fire, I bore my flaming hemp wick down on the bowl. The initial flavor was extremely rich and had a denseForest Fire feel. The first flavor that came off for me was a dark nuttiness. On exhale, the nuttiness was replaced with a sweet chem taste that lingered on the tongue for a minute after smoking it. The smoke itself was moderately harsh and did elicit a cough or two, but it wasn’t anywhere near as harsh as some strains I’ve smoked before. The effects were nigh-instantaneous. I immediately felt a rush in my head and was sent brain first into a cerebral high. I found myself smiling, laughing, and lounging after the Forest Fire had fully kicked in. My mind was at ease, despite going off on an uncontrollable tangent or two. Very soon after the body high started to set in and I could feel my extremities turn to jelly and the pain that I had in my back before smoking melt away into the couch. With a THC count of 19.3%, I’ve certainly encountered strains that score higher on paper, but rarely do they ever hit this hard. Within 45 minutes of my initial smoke, I was ready for one of two things, sleeping or eating. I chose the latter and scarfed down some leftovers before giving in to the indica and calling it a night.

Overall ::

Forest Fire is a phenomenal indica. It has all the mellowness and all the appetite-inducing properties that a good indica should have, with the added bonus of a giggly and upbeat start to the session. If you’ve been searching for a perfect end of the day strain, look no further. Forest Fire will provide you with the perfect amount of energy to catch up on your favorite TV show after work, before gently lulling you into a restful night’s sleep – maybe with a visit to the fridge on the way to bed. Remember, as Smokey the Bear would say, “only you can prevent forest fires…” Or in this case, start them.#JessetheGrove