Frisco OG : Strain Review

Frisco OG : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review

It’s sure taken a lot of breeding to get where we are today – let me rephrase that – It’s taken a lot of breeding to get our marijuana plants to where they are today. It’s rather difficult to wrap your mind around just how long some of the strains we enjoy today have been around. Through countless cross breeding sessions and thousands of genetic mash ups, I would risk saying that there may be no other plant with more different varieties than the humble marijuana plant. I recently had the pleasure of smoking a strain that’s a testament to the extent of our assisted breeding over the better half of the last century. Frisco OG is a strain with a family tree so web-like it would put Charlotte the spider’s finest works to shame. Frisco OG itself is a hybrid directly spawned from the combination of Dead Head OG and Hells Angel OG. I won’t go into a longwinded list of the genetic parents of Dead Head OG and Hells AngelFrisco OG OG, but suffice it to say each strain owes its existence to nearly a dozen different parents before them. Dead Head OG is sometimes known as the Chem Dawg 91 Skunk VA Cut. While that’s a real mouthful, it makes sense when consolidated. Dead Head OG was originally a cut of Chem Dawg taken by the legendary grower with the alias of Skunk VA in 1991. Dead Head OG, the end result, is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid that packs a powerfully giggly OG punch. Frisco OG’s other OG parent is Hells Angel OG. Hells Angel OG is the culmination of crops from around the world coming together to form a mysterious strain with a lineage that at best is left up to pure conjecturing. This purported heritage includes genetics from Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, India, and Hawaii. In the end it all comes together to make Frisco OG, which is supposedly named after San Francisco, the city of its original birth. Frisco OG is a hybrid, leaning towards the sativa side of the spectrum, with an uncanny ability to settle upset stomachs and turn frowns upside-down.
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Frisco OG is a very rare strain that I’ve only been able to find at one dispensary in Colorado. B•GOOD North formerly BotanaCare is located in Northglenn, Colorado and is the only place I’ve spotted this strain at before. You can pick up your own Frisco OG from either their medicinal or recreational side as a potentially great solution to nausea, depression, or sobriety. Best of all, if the uses of any strain come into question, B•GOOD North includes a quick reference on your little baggie that describes the uses on the front and the full testing results on the back.


Frisco OG :: Appearance | Smell:

I started my Frisco OG experience with aFrisco OG standard visual inspection. It did not disappoint. Frisco OG is a very heavy trichome-laden strain. The surface is simply caked with them, a perfect accent to the extremely dark umber hairs that sporadically make an appearance over each nugget. The overall hue is a pale green almost sage color, and the bud structure is rather dense and squat, giving the nuggets the appearance of an indica. The smell is pretty stereotypical for an OG. The first scent that hits me is that classic Earthy dankness that can only be an OG. With Dead Head OG and Hells Angel OG for parents, who can blame Frisco OG for smelling so dank? The other scent that really stood out to me was a delightful sweet odor. I found this aspect to be the most alluring, and I found myself walking around awkwardly with a little plastic baggie of weed over my nose as I tried to capture more of the smell.

Frisco OG :: Smoke | Effect:

The moment of truth finally came as a I loaded a powerfully large ground up nugget into my favorite old college era pipe. Hemp wick revealed a secret that only fire can show, and my first smoke of Frisco OG had begun! The smoke was relatively smooth and the initial flavor profile was clean, crisp, and had a strong note of chem. This makes perfect sense considering that one of the parent strains, Dead Head OG, is in all actuality a cut of Chem Dawg. The exhale was equally crisp and a tad bit harsher, but followed through with an amazing sweetness that I’m not used to experiencing with most OGs. The flavor overall didn’t quite strike me as an OG, and instead picked up a lot of the Chem Dawg heritage and a rather nebulous sweetness that was a welcome addition to the taste bud tango. I wasn’t hit immediately by the high and itFrisco OG instead crept up on me a little. When it did finally set in, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ll never know why a strain with mid-range THC count can hit me harder than one with a high THC count, but if Frisco OG affects you like it did me, you’re in for a good time. The high was extremely lucid and cerebral. I was giggly and I honestly couldn’t help but smile. Not that I’m prone to anxiety when I’m smoking, but I can’t imagine anyone getting anxious smoking this strain. It was the champagne drunk of weed, bubbly and jovial. While I can’t attest to Frisco OG’s abilities to sate nausea and stomach cramps, I can definitely stand by its uplifting anti-anxiety traits. After an hour or so when the initial high started to wear off, I did find myself feeling rather groggy. I would say that Frisco OG for me could be a fairly effective sleep aid, as long as I’m willing to laugh and smile for a good hour before bed time. I was however surprised that I was never stricken with the munchies during my Frisco OG encounter. I figured best not complain about it, and save the meatloaf I had reserved in the fridge for later.

Overall ::

Frisco OG is a really superb strain when it come to flavor and high. While I’ve had cannabis in the past that’s been smoother, I really can’t scoff at the effects and the superbly sweet flavor. While my lack up an upset stomach made it impossible to attest to its nausea quelling capacity, I can tell you that the high it instills is extremely jovial and fun. Often times I find that a strain may appear genetically indica and hit like a sativa, but in the case of Frisco OG, as a hybrid, I would say it hit me just like a good hybrid should. The balance between exuberance and eventual drowsiness makes this strain the perfect choice to end your day with. The sativa effects will melt away your laments and then the indica side will lull you to sleep. Of course if you want to enjoy your Frisco OG during the daytime, you can always just load another bowl as soon as the indica effects kick in, I won’t tell.#JessetheGrove



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