G13 : Strain Review

G13 : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review The Station

The genetics behind many of nowadays most popularG13-2 marijuana strains can be somewhat nebulous and best. There’s a very good reason for this. In the 60’s through the 90’s (where most of today’s modern genetics can be traced back to) the individuals growing it illegally didn’t have time to track down all the genetics and the sources of the cannabis that they were using. The chief concern then was whether it got you high, and could you sell it without getting caught. It wasn’t until the mid-90’s that cannabis genetics started to become mainstream as states began to allow medicinal use. Even though the interest in genetics has grown (pun intended) there’s no undoing the slapdash recording methods of early marijuana growers. Although many strains can still be traced back there are some strangers in the mix like G13. G13 is so steeped in mystery the true source of this strain may never be determined. As the story goes, G13 was originally cultivated by the government to test marijuana for relatively nefarious uses. As shrouded in mystery as this strain is, G13 is assumed to be a derivative of Afghani and Mexican landrace strains. What is a landrace strain you may ask? the simple answer is that it is cannabis that has become acclimated to growing in a specific region and displays unique traits because of that heritage. Whether or not the G13 that we have nowadays is truly descendant from some insidious government plot is something that I leave conspiracy theorist. What I can tell you is that whoever crafted G13 formulated impeccable blending of an Indica-dominant strain that gracefully skirts sativa effects as well. Not only is G13 a balanced yet potent high but the strain itself is delectable. G13’s nature makes it a good anytime smoke. Regardless of its potentially nefarious breeding, this is now a mainstream strain any connoisseur would be glad to have in their collection.

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G13 :: Appearance | Smell:

The first thing that I noticed about G13 was just how unbelievably G13-3stanky it is. Sealed in a tube, in a bag, in my trunk I was still able to detect a slight cannabis odor when I got back in my car after buying groceries. Having already had a sample of the delectable odor of G13 as soon as I got home I popped the top to get a little bit more. As far as the odor goes, I would call G13 a sweet-smelling strain with a hearty hint of cheesiness. The sharpness of this cheesiness combined with an overwhelming sweet aroma make G13 and olfactory treat. But do the looks match the smells? I took out a nugget of G13 for a visual inspection. The first thing I noticed was an incredibly robust level of trichomes, those little suckers we’re covering every square millimeter of each of the buds. There were definitely some hairs in the party as well but from my initial inspection, I’d declare the trichomes are the real highlight of the strain. I flipped my nugget to get a look at the calyxes on the underside to see if they were on par with the rest of the bud structure. Much like the top of the bud, the underside of G13 was heavily slathered in trichomes. This just looks like a strain crafted to get you really high. As I broke up one of the nuggets, I released even more odor into the air. This opened my nose to some things I hadn’t smelled initially. There was a bitter dankness inherit to many indica-leaning landrace strains. While I wouldn’t go so far as to call it full on OG dankness, there is something delightfully stinky about G13. My Bud of G13 sat there on the table like a freshly dissected alien. No doubt following the same procedures that the scientist at Area 51 did, the only logical step was to grind that puppy up and smoke it!

G13 :: Smoke | Effect:

With G13 ground-up and placed in an immaculate bowl, I readied my hemp wick in preparation for the burning phase of my investigation. I started with a big hearty puff. This smoke is insanely smooth! I slowly exhaled then let the flavors hit my tongue. I quickly discovered that, in the flavored apartment, G13 is a relatively unassuming strain. There were no hints of caramel, it didn’t have a piney aftertaste, and it didn’t give off the odor of fine Moroccan spices; what it did taste like was sweet, sweet chronic. Perhaps it was due to the nature of the G13 being related to so many landrace strains, but other than its uncanny sweetness G13 simply encapsulated the flavor I think of in good chronic. The biggest highlight of smoking this strain is just how damn smooth it is. I’ve had me some smooth weed in my day, but this G13 may top my charts as the absolute smoothest. As I sat there marveling at how smooth G13 was the cannabinoids were already doing their job and I was rapidly hit with a very stoney and somewhat intense high. Despite the initial Sensations being quite bright and potent, a quick indica sensation set in shortly after, mellowing out the overall effects. Indicas usually couchlock me (that is the state of being where you can’t leave your couch) which was not the case with G13.G13-1 Although my extremities did feel a little noodly I felt completely functional, and my cognitive capacity was nowhere near as inhibited as it can be with some heavy Indica strains. The high was incredibly balanced. As time went on I expected to be struck down with something like the munchies, but as I waited, no munchies arrive. After about an hour the effects of G13 seemed to wane away incredibly fast. G13 gets in there, gets the job done, and gets out before you even know what hit you… sounds like government training to me!


Curtailing any judgment against the infamous upbringing of G13, I can safely say this strain is just what I wanted. It’s a perfect balance between sativa and indica with indica leaning tendencies. It doesn’t leave me useless for the afternoon and sobering up from it was a pretty rapid process making it a great choice for short sessions. As ambiguous as its genetics may be, G13 is an undeniable powerhouse strain that will get the job done with a sweet, dank flavor and a smoke so insanely smooth it shall nary elicit a cough. If the government really is behind the crafting of this strain, then I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. I can only imagine how great their edibles and concentrates must be!#JessetheGrove

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