Girl Scout Cookies : Strain Review

Girl Scout Cookies : Strain Review
Healing House Denver Marijuana Strain Review

Have you ever taken a step back to think about the convoluted world of marijuana genetics and naming? There’s no denying just how complicated the world of naming strains really is. For starters, a lot of people don’t realize that any dispensary can name any strain whatever they want. Depending on how reputable your source for cannabis is you may not have even been smoking the strain you thought you were smoking. Beyond the confusing naming enigma, there are also several other reasons that the world of strain naming has become very complicated in the last few years. One of the more comedically hued reasons has to do with copyright laws and infringement of intellectual property at least according to some of the companies that are up in arms against certain names. In one of my frequent visits to Healing House a medicinal and recreational dispensary in Denver, Colorado one of the employees there even told me about an impending lawsuit in California. This lawsuit pertains to the naming of the strain Gorilla Glue. The Gorilla Glue company is apparently royally pissed about the strain taking the name of their company to use for the Cannabis industry. While I can see the inherent issue with naming a strain off a company’s name, from a marketing standpoint I can’t see it as being anything other than free brand name awareness for the company. Obviously, the concern comes from the context being used in the marijuana industry. This all bubbles down to the fact that these marijuana strains were named far before any legal concerns were being thought about. One such strain name that has faced a particularly large amount of scrutiny lately is Girl Scout Cookies. This iconic strain of the marijuana industry has come under fire mostly because its name pertains to a good that is consumed by children and sold by children. Which naturally has everyone’s knickers in a twist. I personally don’t see any difference between this and the alcohol industry coining names like cupcake and flavoring drinks like cotton candy, but what do I know. This iconic Industries strain is an absolute staple. Regardless of how frustrated some people may be over its title, mass renaming of a strain just isn’t going to be possible. Since there are no regulations over naming strains any dispensary anywhere can hypothetically call any genetic anything they want and most likely no one will ever say anything about it at that location. Despite being a heated topic, I have the fortune of sampling this Girl Scout Cookies in their true genetic form from Healing House. And as I was about to find out yet again this heavy-hitting indica-leaning hybrid gracefully combines the sweetness of dank Indica strains with the heady tingle from the sativa side of the spectrum. This batch from healing house really knocked my socks off.

If you want to pick up a batch of Girl Scout Cookies in their true genetic form, then check out the harvest at Healing House a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary located in Denver, Colorado. Not only can you rest assured that this is the true original genetic, but that it’s vegan, non-GMO, and organically harvested like every strain on the shelf at Healing House.

Girl Scout Cookies :: Appearance | Smell:

I’ll start my review of GSC (Girl Scout Cookies)Girl Scout Cookies-1 with aesthetic evaluation of the strain. As is the case with most of the phenomenal cannabis from Healing House, there was a unique and potent smell to GSC before I even remove a nugget from the jar. The smell of GSC in its true and proper genetic form is a very nostalgic and familiar odor. The smell is delectably sweet and akin to a delicious sugary treat, I suspect this is why the first Growers who harvested this strain decided to name it Girl Scout Cookies. That and the fact that one of its genetic ancestors has cookies in the name as well. There was also a very poignant herbal aroma, that was something like a mix of Italian seasoning and some sort of floral potpourri. This batch of Girl Scout Cookies was loaded with trichomes and sported an insanely robust selection of curly orange hairs across its surface. Something that stood out to me immediately as I started to handle my nugget of a Girl Scout Cookies what’s just how sticky to strain is. This inherent stickiness certainly came from the clustering of trichomes across its surface. I took a huge rip into the nugget of GSC to reveal a glistening shiny core. The uncanny sweet Aroma that I had detected before gave way to the heavy herbal scents after I broke the nugget open. After I finished breaking up the nuggets I decided I would need to rinse all the sticky off my hands. Jamming my shredded Girl Scout Cookies into a clean pipe I was ready for a deliciously sweet adventure. Whether my adventure would be up to snuff with the US patent office was another question. That certainly wasn’t an issue I was going to worry about when I was just about to get high.

Girl Scout Cookies :: Smoke | Effect:

With hemp wick in hand, I was ready for scout cookies to give me all it had. I lit up my hemp wick and went in for my first puff. What a smooth strain! As I slowly exhaled I could already start to feel the post effects of Girl Scout Cookies behind my eyes. While some strains tend to creep up on me, GSC hit me immediately. The nigh-intangible sweets flavors from the aroma translated perfectly into a sensation that coated every square inch of my tongue. There was a small bit of an inherent dankness to the flavor as well. This specific dank flavor is something that I always correlate to Indica strain. In the case of Girl Scout Cookies, this flavor made for a unique and delicious addition to the properties of their genetics. As I mentioned before, the effects of Girl Scout Cookies don’t play any games. The initial effects were incredibly potent and fast-acting.Girl Scout Cookies-2 Don’t let that scare you though. While some strains that hit hard and fast can cause paranoia, there were no sensations like that while I was smoking GSC. I attribute this, in part, to the fact that there is a heavy amount of indica and Girl Scout Cookies genetics. This indica heritage is a perfect balancing factor and not only does it add dankness to the flavor, but it balances out the high into a perfect rounded sensation. For me, the body effects were minimal and the sativa effects were quite extreme. GSC has a lot of versatility for people who normally wouldn’t partake in heavy-hitting strains.


Now I know you’ve heard me make mention of “utility strains” in the past. In my books, a utility strain is as a strain that you can smoke to get the desired relaxation effects and cerebral high without any of the unwanted effects like paranoia and munchies (don’t get me wrong though I know sometimes Munchies are exactly what someone is imbibing cannabis for). Because of the unique mix of sensations, the ease of smoking, and the sweet and delectable flavors of GSC I will gladly label it as a utility strain. This is just the kind that you want to have access to on your shelf all the time. Despite the drama that may be floating around this strain’s name, that doesn’t make it any less phenomenal. If you’ve been looking for a sweet strain that has all the right stuff in all the right places, then Girl Scout Cookies is exactly what you’ve been looking for. So, get on out there and make the copyright law people confused! I know I’m confused; maybe I should smoke more?#JessetheGrove

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