Girl Scout Cookies : Strain Review

Girl Scout Cookies : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review

Kine Mine Idaho SpringsThe Girl Scout Cookies strain has taken the Colorado cannabis scene by storm. Everyone from Wiz Khalifa to 2 Chainz talks about how much “GSC” they’ve smoked. It’s a staple in just about any dispensary you go to. It’s the strain that you get directed to just about anywhere you go. The strain itself is a bit controversial as well, because its origins are rather secretive. What we do know is the original Girl Scout Cookies came from a group calling themselves the Cookie Family; a secretive and under-the-radar group operating outside of San Francisco. The strain is a unique, three-way cross with Durban Poison, OG Kush, and a strain the Cookie Family only referred to as “F1”. The speculation of what that F1 plant truly is has caused the drama surrounding the strain. While, like a champagne, perhaps the only legit stuff you’ll get has to come right from the area it was originally produced. However, also like champagne, growers in other parts of the world (read: Colorado) have created their own versions of the popular product, worthy of praise in their own right. Typically, GSC is known for its potency, and are almost always classified as sativa-dominant hybrids. Again, it really depends on what genetics the grower puts to emulate that F1 strain.


I picked up a gram of the Girl Scout Cookies from Kine Mine, a recreational dispensary in Idaho Springs, Colorado. It was recommended to me by the general manager, Jason, who said pretty simply, “You gotta try the GSC, man. It’s fire.” Fair enough. Boasting a staggering 28.38% THC a level, based solely on its potency, it was hard to say no. Also, I’ve tried some of Kine Mine’s Sour Alien, and that was an absolute treat as well.


Girl Scout Cookies :: Appearance | Smell:

I realize, that writing about Girl Scout Cookies on a site populated by marijuana enthusiasts is a bit like a movie critic watching The Godfather and extolling its cinematic genius for the entire world to see. With that being said, I’ll try to be as fair as I possibly can. The Girl Scout Cookies from The Kine Mine is a three-way cross between Durban Poison, OG Kush, and Cherry Kush. I think the term that is used these days for a bud that just fills a room with its scent is “loud”. Well, if that’s the case, when my bud tender opened up the jar in the dispensary, this strain was like standing next to a tower speaker at a Motörhead show. The strain has a bready, almost yeasty smell, like a fresh batch of cookies (imagine that!). There’s that unmistakable earthiness from the OG Kush, and that equally strong lemony, piney Durban scent. The bud that I took home with me was soft, fluffy, and sticky. The bud was completely covered in trichomes, blanketing the light and dark green buds in a blanket of sparkles. The pistils ranged from a deep amber to a bright gold. With buds this pretty, it’s a shame to have to grind it up.

Girl Scout Cookies :: Smoke | Effect:

Taking heed of the extremely high THC content of the Girl Scout Cookies, I opted to smoke this one out of my clean bamboo one-hitter, loaded up three or four times. I like to do this with strians that I know are potent, so that I don’t inadvertently smoke over the line Kine Mine Idaho Springsinto a paranoid train-wreck. The smoke itself is expansive, causing a few bouts of red-faced coughing. However, the flavor of the smoke is divine. You get some strong Kush notes from the OG Kush, a delicate flavor of Pinesol from the Durban, but then also a candy-like sweetness from the Cherry Kush. After my first small bowl, the effects started to come on. This one lived up to its sativa-dominant reputation, as this high started entirely in the head. I felt very euphoric initially, and then incredibly energized. As one of the bud tenders at Kine Mine told me, “This is house-cleaning weed.” I would completely agree, if I wasn’t enthralled by the Pretty Lights playlist on my Pandora. I started feeling maybe the tiniest bit anxious, so I laid down for a spell, and the indica effects very present in the OG Kush and the Cherry Kush hit me. What followed was a very relaxing body high, while the intense head rush started to subside. Hybrid to the end, this strain is a sort of “Tour de Cannabis”. You’ll get to feel the range of effects that cannabis can deliver, all in a small amount of flower!


While I would not recommend the Girl Scout Cookies to the first-time cannabis consumer, based solely on its sheer potency, and the ease at which someone without much of a tolerance could overdo it, this strain should be in every seasoned cannabis nomad’s pot box. When storing, I would recommend a heavy-duty glass jar, to mitigate as much of the “loudness” from this strain as you possibly can (or not, I mean, the smell is pretty pleasant as far as cannabis goes). While the smoke can be a little tough on the throat, the flavor is also noteworthy. I would certainly smoke this during the day, for the same reason I would advise against drinking a coffee right before attempting to sleep. Remember, GSC was pulled from a lot of dispensary shelves in California when it first hit the scene, because of its potency. Then again, it was quickly replaced on everyone’s shelves, just because of its sheer popularity. It’s a beast, but with the right mindset, and reminding yourself not to go overboard, the Girl Scout Cookies strain can lead to a pleasant, powerful high.