Glue : Strain Review

Glue : Strain Review
Chronic Therapy Marijuana Strain Review

It’s no big secret set as soon as recreational cannabis was legalized in Colorado many marijuana nomads made their way here. Many making a pilgrimage across the country to place where they could legally consume marijuana without any fear of persecution. This has brought in all manners of new folks including many new people who I proudly now call my friends. One such new found friend is originally from Washington state. Although Washington state also has legalized cannabis I got the impression simply from talking to him that their retail establishments aren’t quite on the same level as the ones out in Colorado.Glue-1 Here in Colorado, like many other people, he purchases his cannabis from a large chain distributor. The other day, he made a comment on how dry all the weed is here in Colorado. He immediately attributed this to the drier climate which, don’t get me wrong, is a factor. He went on to further lament how much he misses sticky weed. If you, like my friend from Washington, have been looking for the sticky, dank weed that you used to get back home I’m going to tell you a little secret of the industry. Large retail cannabis chains in Colorado over cure their cannabis. I suppose using the term “over cure” is a little harsh. I should simply say they cure for an extended period to reduce moisture content. This all involves legality. Any location that pre-weighs its cannabis needs to make sure that moisture weight is that a minimum. If there’s too much moisture at the time of packaging, the products can end up drying out on the shelf and then you, as the consumer, are getting less by weight than you are paying for (no fun). The secret is simple. If you want sticky, dank cannabis the way it used to be, go to a place that weighs your cannabis out in front of you. There is no guesswork in their packaging, you simply get what you pay for on the spot. If you’ve been in the market for a particularly sticky batch, let me tell you about one of my new all-time favorite strains, Glue. I picked up my sample of Glue from Chronic Therapy a recreational marijuana dispensary located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Since Chronic Therapy hosts its own grow and even its own MIP (Marijuana Infused Products) kitchen, the products that you find on the shelf are as close to the source as possible. If you’re ready for some of the stickiest, ickiest, dankest cannabis you can get in Colorado, get ready to hear about Glue.

Chronic therapy has been serving the Wheat Ridge area for half a decade now with some of the best recreational cannabis in town. They’re just about to open a brand-new grow op and a brand-new dispensary. For us front-rangers out there, the new dispensary is a bit of a drive. If, however, you live in Southwestern Colorado, Chronic Therapy’s new Cortez location will be your new home away from home. New location aside, I’m extremely excited for the new strains Chronic Therapy is going to be growing up at their new warehouse. We can look forward to new strains like Nitro Cookie #4, Chem Lotus #4, Purple Fire #1, Black Bear #3, White Animal #1, Chronic OG #4, Polar Kush #6, Octagon Kush #2, Beast Mode Kush, Cookies & Chem, and Grease Monkey.

Glue :: Appearance | Smell:

How does one start to describe a strain this sticky and dank?Glue-3 I’ll start by telling you a little bit about the genetic background of Glue. Glue is the combination three great strains Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. With Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel in the mix expected very chem-heavy odor, and a burgeoning number of trichomes. To give you an idea of just how sticky this stuff is, at Chronic therapy when Eric was trying to grab me out of nugget, even a vigorous shake of the jar would not separate the individual buds. He was eventually able to liberate one large nugget for me to scrutinize. Just as I expected, Glue is coated in an insanely high number of trichomes. This density of trichomes is the chief reason that it doesn’t want to ever separate from its nuggy friends. Throw in a curing process that considers moisture content for shelf life, and you have a strain that simply can’t get any stickier. Past the trichomes that coat the entire surface of Glue is a pale-colored flower with light verdant hues and a calyx structure that places it somewhere in the middle of sativa and indica. Handling these buds is a sticky mess, I warn you now. As I removed the nugget from the jar to get a better look, I realized that the odor wasn’t quite on par with what I assumed it would be from all that chem ancestry. The first notes I detected were that of an insanely potent α-Pinene. α-Pinene is the natural terpene responsible for the familiar pine odor in coniferous trees. My little nugget of Glue practically smelled like a moist pine forest. I mercilessly ground up the nuggets to yield an insanely sticky amalgam of ground cannabis. This stuff was so damn sticky that I could hold my grinder sideways and it simply stuck to the bottom. As anticipated, the pine aroma was released tenfold as soon as I ground up the nugget of Glue. While there was a slight hint of chem aroma, the pine was the pinnacle pot perfume portrayed by Glue. Smells and heritage are one thing but let’s be honest, the best smelling weed isn’t worth much if it doesn’t work. It was time for me to puff some Glue (sounds wrong doesn’t it?)

Glue :: Smoke | Effect:

I took a large portion of the Glue that I already ground up and loaded it into a clean Steamroller. After preparing my hemp wick, I was ready to go in for the trial smoking session. As soon as a flame hit the bowl I was welcomed with a familiar crackling noise. Perhaps the crackling was a little stronger the normal thanks to the dank and moist nature of this specific strain. One thing that I’ve personally noticed with cannabis that is cured until it’s bone dry is that it tends to be a little bit harsher and burn much faster than moist cannabis. In the case of this perfectly cured Glue, the high moisture content made the initial smoke unbelievably smooth. It only seemed right that the α-Pinene I had detected so strongly in its smell was the first flavor I could taste. A delightful woody, pinion flavor was the first to impact my tongue. As I continue to inhale and released the end of the steamroller I was astonished and how silky smooth this strain smokes. As I slowly exhaled the α-Pinene evolved, and I started to detect some of the promised chem flavors that are such an important part of Glues genetic heritage. As I fully exhaled, I have to say this strain is a delightfully sharp and awakening smoke. The terpenes involved were eye openers and I was feeling great almost instantly after I smoked my first hit. More cerebral effect started setting in soon after. I quickly went from starkly sober to a bit loopy. This is not a strain that creeps up on you. The initial smoke and effects segue perfectly into a very potent sativa-feeling high. The initial sensation started around the back of my spine and seemed to slowly trickle its way up into my head until I was feeling exceptionally stoned, yet remarkably cognizant. As the next few minutes passed, I felt the high-energy effects of the strain start to wither, and I was left feeling a more balanced high that I would put down in my book is being a solid hybrid sensation (leaning sativa). Glue-2I decided it was the perfect time to start cooking dinner (in this case, fried broccoli cheddar bites mmm). I accidentally took one more puff of Glue for good measure and then I started eviscerating some broccoli heads! The sensations from Glue were relatively long-lasting and even by the time I’d sat down for dinner I was still feeling the effects. I can’t legitimately speculate on whether Glue can give you the munchies because after I cooked for an hour stoned, I was famished regardless of whether the strain did it to me or not. What I will say is that this strain is an amazingly balanced one that allows me to still function and be quite stoney at the same time.


So, if you’ve been out there desperately searching for cannabis that isn’t completely dried out then you might want to investigate some Glue for yourself. Not only will you be getting some of the dankest, perfectly-cured cannabis in the state, but the genetics behind this strain are simply phenomenal. The balanced sativa-leaning high that Glue instills, is just about perfect for anyone looking for an exuberant high. It’s also a long-lasting high which is something that can be very beneficial depending on what you’re smoking for. It’s time to kiss that dry stuff goodbye and get your fingers sticky like the olden days with some Glue from Chronic Therapy!#JessetheGrove

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