Gorilla Glue : Strain Review

Gorilla Glue : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review

gorilla-glue-1Sundays are made for getting too intoxicated too early in the day, and getting mad at things that you have absolutely no control over. In my case, as a dude from the North, that means watching the Minnesota Vikings be almost watchable for a few hours at the end of my weekend. Since I started smoking in college, marijuana has been a great way to relax as I watch Adrian Peterson fumble away a victory and my faith in humanity, or witness whatever use-to-be-good kicker they wheel out on the field to blow it when things matter most. Needless to say, I’ve needed progressively stronger cannabis to sooth my urge to launch my brunch at the television while the Vikings are embarrassing themselves.

That’s where Gorilla Glue comes in. I’ve smoked it a few times in the past, as its high-scoring THC percentages can be hard to ignore when you’re looking over the options at a dispensary. This would be my way of chilling out as the Vikings to what they do best: suck.

If you’re looking to savor a little Gorilla Glue for yourself, then make your way to the best source in town: The Station, a medical and recreational dispensary in Boulder, Colorado. If you’ve been looking for a professional yet laid-back joint to purchasing your cannabis, look no further. The Station isn’t like most gimmicky dispensaries around the state and has only one mission, to bring you what you desire – top shelf medical and recreational cannabis without all the showmanship and coupon cutting. You can pick up an eighth of Gorilla Glue for only $50; it’s worth every penny.

Check out their full menu at: www.thestationdispensary.com

Gorilla Glue :: Appearance | Smell:

Before kickoff started, I soaked my go-to bowl. The blue one with the big cool lump in the middle that serves as a small smoke chamber. Once I’d blasted some res out of the glass piece, I sat down on my couch and examined the Gorilla Glue nugs I picked up. They’re a deep forest green with a solid coat of sticky white trichomes covering every bud. As the story goes, that’s how Gorilla Glue got its name. People trimming these plants found that their scissors would turn into a gunky, unusable mess thanks to their blanket of trichomes.

That sticky-icky-ness is no surprise given the plant’s lineage. Gorilla Glue is a cross between Sour Dubb and Chem Sister. Anything coming from the Chem Dawg branch of the cannabis family tree is going to create some impressive looking buds.
As the Vikings defense allowed an average running back to look like a superstar, I ground up some weed and braced for an afternoon of face-palming. The flavor of the smoke is very much in line with what you’d expect from Gorilla Glue’s aroma. It has a distinctly piney, earthy smell that makes me think it would make a good cup of tea. But, since you guys would hate this review if I based my impressions on how this weed tasted in hot water, I should probably just smoke my weed like an adult.

Gorilla Glue :: Smoke | Effect:

I took my first few puffs on the bowl in the middle of the first quarter.gorilla-glue-2 The score was tied, but I had a gut feeling that some terrible stuff was going to happen. This bowl was a preemptive strike on despair.
The smoke tastes earthy, but not in a particularly appetizing way. It’s fresh and pleasant, but it tastes less like spearmint and more like a pine tree. There’s better tasting weed out there, but few can reach Gorilla Glue’s potency. I started feeling the sativa side of the plant right away.

The psychoactive effects come on strong, but not so strong that I felt dull or totally unfocused. Although, after watching the Vikings’ offensive line fall apart faster than a Kardashian marriage, I was hoping the weed would distract me a little more. But that’s not the weed’s fault.

Early on, I felt mostly a fantastic head high that lasted well beyond the duration of the game. For the non-football fans reading this, an NFL game is three to four decades long, depending on how many truck commercials Dodge paid for in that particular broadcast. Kidding aside, I’m always impressed by how long-lasting Gorilla Glue’s high is. It’s a rush of euphoria at first, but your brain is able to calm down a bit over the next hour.

And in that next hour, you will start to feel the indica side of Gorilla Glue. You may be feeling that burst of energy at first, in my case I was caught rambling about how good Andrew Sendejo isn’t for several minutes. It wasn’t until we were into the second half that I started to feel the indica side of Gorilla Glue kicking in.
The batch I picked up was around 28% THC. If you smoke enough of just about anything that potent and you’re going to start feeling tired. But what I found nice about the Gorilla Glue was that I felt genuinely relaxed. There’s next to no CBD in this strain, so that relaxation definitely turned into lots of grogginess later in the day.

I wouldn’t say the hunger was extreme, especially since I’m prone to mid-puberty-like levels of hunger when I’m stoned. But since I’ve never been ashamed of eating an entire frozen pizza before noon, I don’t see why that’s a big deal now. Other than… ya know… I’m not a teenager anymore and there’s a history of heart disease in my family. Anyway, let’s get back on track to the recreational drugs I do.

The Vikings started out the second half hot and I was starting to feel a second wind as I toked down the rest of the bowl. I noticed that I really wasn’t gorilla-glue-3coughing all that much. Nothing about the flavor itself is remarkable, but Gorilla Glue really turned out to be a smooth smoke. I’ve found most strains of that strength can be a bit harsh, but I had no problem with passively hitting the Gorilla Glue.

Overall ::

Gorilla Glue’s reputation as a heavy-hitting hybrid, to me, remains very true after trying it on more than a few occasions. I would recommend this as a strain for having a good time. Take it to a concert and you won’t be too tired or too racy to enjoy the show. It’s a party weed, and a good one. It’s not an ideal daytime weed, even though that’s what my particular situation called for.

I found Gorilla Glue to be a comforting presence in my life as the Minnesota Vikings found a way to make a ten-point lead feel like dragging an Impala up a muddy hill by chaining it to your waist. If you don’t have much of a tolerance for THC, Gorilla Glue is not a great strain to start with. It can be an intense high for those unfamiliar with these often euphoric, stoney sensations.

Consider rolling up some Gorilla Glue any time you want to giggle and holler. It’s one of my favorite strains to break out when I’m hosting guests for good reason.adam-wheeler



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