Grape God Bud : Strain Review

Grape God Bud : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review

Wellness Center of the RockiesThe name of a strain should tell you a lot about its personality. Golden Goat, of course is aptly named for its thick furry coat of shimmering hairs. Lemon Skunk is named for its tasty odor, lemon and skunk, naturally. The combination of LA confidential and Trainwreck is named Lohan after the infamous Lindsay Lohan (since she’s from LA and she’s a train-wreck). When you find a hybrid like Grape God Bud, it’s easy to derive a few key factors from its name alone. Expect it to be grapey, and expect to pay reverence to the heavenly effects of this phenomenal strain. Grape God Bud is the genetic combination of God Bud and Grapefruit. God Bud is heavy hitting indica, commonly known to be the progeny of a three-way genetic mash-up of the strains God, Shaman, and an ambiguous Hawaiian bred hybrid. The result of this tropical-theological mash-up produces an extremely mellow indica, with unprecedented pain relieving properties. Grapefruit, on the other hand, has a more nebulous lineage. While many say that Grapefruit is the creation of Cinderella 99 crossed with itself, some listed genetics show it to be the combination of Cinderella 99 with another unknown sativa. Regardless of Grapefruits questionable parentage, there is no denying that it grew up into a gorgeous young sativa. It seems like the perfect setting for a Hallmark movie, the devout and mellow God Bud falls in love with the rowdy young Grapefruit, and the sparks fly, Grape God Bud being the end result.

I picked up my Grape God Bud at Wellness Center of the Rockies. Besides the buds themselves being phenomenal, the price is right too with eighths only $35 on the rec side. If you’re a med card holder, I’ve picked up ounces at Wellness Center of the Rockies for only $100, making it one of the best stops in town for a connoisseur on a budget.

Grape God Bud :: Appearance | Smell:

Not just heavenly in name, Grape God Bud also has an aesthetic that would make angels weep. Pale and sage colored, dappled with trichomes, and topped with delicate umber hairs, this strain is a looker. A credit to its growing and curing process, these buds look superb, but what about the smell? When it’s time to smell, I normally find myself practically shoving weed up my nose trying to find some unique hint of caramel, or a unique note of fresh tomato plants, but Grape God Bud made my smelling job easy. I’ll give you three guesses on what it smells like, and the first two don’t count. Did you guess grape? Well if so, you’re correct! Grape God Bud serendipitously smells of fresh sweet grapes. While there is a touch more complexity than that, including a little hint of skunkiness and fresh trim, the grape reigns supreme in the scent department.

Grape God Bud :: Smoke | Effect:

Loading a tinny nugget into my favorite titanium one-hitter, I lit up my hemp wick, and let the buds burn. The taste was just as pleasing as the scent. A rich grapey flavor was the first thing that hit my tongue, followed by nothing but smooth clean smoke. I must admit that this is one of the smoothest smoking buds I’ve ever had. Not only was the smoke smooth, but it lacked the cloying residual flavor that some strains can leave in your mouth. It didn’t take long for it to kick in either, with a surprisingly cerebral high. I felt the high near the top of my head, and while I did receive a touch of body high, the sativa attributes really came through. Wellness Center of the Rockies-6 (22)I found myself in a “mow the lawn” kind of mood, as opposed to a “watch re-runs of the A-Team” mood, the latter being a common plight for me. I did get a touch of cotton mouth near the end of my adventure but the notorious munchies never really seemed to kick in for me on this strain.

Overall ::

Grape God Bud is a great hybrid all around. Although genetically it leans more on the indica side, for me personally, I felt the sativa effects more. While there is an undeniable body-high evoked when smoking Grape God Bud, the cerebral effects seem to me to trump the pain relieving ones. To be honest though, beyond any effects, this bud was just a great smoke. The flavor and smoothness alone make this strain a must-try for any cannabis enthusiasts on their quest to “catch them all”. So, always remember that it may be inappropriate to judge a book by its cover, but it’s usually fair to judge a strain by its name; especially when a strain has a name like Grape God Bud.#JessetheGrove




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