Harlequin OG : Strain Review

Harlequin OG : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review The Station

Harlequin OGWhether intentionally or unintentionally, we’ve all been culprits of catching the ass-end of an episode of Jerry Springer. Between the ruckus, cursing, and chair throwing, there is usually some underlying issue such as, “who’s my baby daddy?” While I can’t refute the complexity of some of these deeply philosophical made-for-TV scenarios, I can’t help but imagine the excitement of a cannabis-heritage equivalent. Since cannabis splicing and naming has no regulatory department overseeing it, and since a cannabis strain can have multiple mothers, you’ve got to admit it would be a real show watching the strains duke it out over who is little Durban’s mother. One such lost and confused strain is Harlequin. Harlequin is the progeny of 3 or 4 different mothers, depending on who you’re getting your genetics from. The commonly known parents are Colombian Gold, a landrace sativa from Thailand, and a landrace sativa from Switzerland. Others also credit another landrace strain from Nepal as a mother depending on where the harlequin seeds come from. What really makes this episode of cannabis Jerry Springer even more exciting is that 3 of the 4 parent strains are landrace strains with extremely ambiguous heritage. Regardless of how confusing the childhood of little Harlequin must have been, she’s grown into one of the finest sativa-dominant CBD producing strains in town. After meeting the lovely OG Kush, their progeny, the hybrid strain Harlequin OG, is the ideal strain to provide a double dose of pain-fighting, appetite-inducing, seizure-seizing mean green marijuana goodness.

I found my Harlequin OG at The Station in Boulder. The Station is both a medical and recreational dispensary, which forgoes flashy gimmicks in exchange for what really matters – masterfully grown, connoisseur-quality cannabis. If you’re looking to find some of the best buds in Boulder, look no further.

Check out their full menu at: www.thestationdispensary.com

Harlequin OG :: Appearance | Smell:

There is a lot to be said about cannabis that is handled with care. Not only does it look pretty, but the precious cannabinoid bearing trichomes remain right where you want them, that is, on your buds. When I took my first look at Harlequin OG, it was clear that the “handle with care” sign was properly affixed on the way from the grow operation to the dispensary. The basic color is a pale sage green, with a moderate number of dense orange hairs. While not the hairiest strain out there, I can’t refute the beauty of the little deep umber-colored hairs that is does possess. As mentioned before, the trichomes on my nugget of Harlequin OG were breathtaking. When held up to the sunlight, I’m almost certain you would be able to see the shimmer from the international space station. The smell is extremely unique, blending the dankness of an OG with all of Harlequin’s enigmatic parent strains. The combination comes off as earthy, rich, and – dare I say – buttery. There also is a citrus hint that sneaks its way in there from an unknown source as well, but regardless of its source, it was still a most welcome surprise.

Harlequin OG :: Smoke | Effect:

It’s usually fairly easy to know what to expect based off of whether it’s a sativa or indica dominant strain; however, when you’re dealing with a hybrid strain like Harlequin OG, which is high in THC and CBD, it’s really hard to predict the effects. Knowing full well I still had to go out shopping, and having the fortune of knowing that my girlfriend was going to drive us, I threw caution to the wind, packed a rather massive bowl and lit up my hemp wick. Harlequin OG is exceptionally smooth and the rich earthiness from its aroma really shined through. Something I didn’t expect from the smell was a slight pepperiness when the buds are smoked. I prepared myself for the incipient effects, and hopped in the passenger seat for one of the more amusing car rides I’ve had in the last few years. To put it bluntly, Harlequin OG made me feel downright silly, on the verge of being downright stupid. Just about anything, anywhere, made me giggle and the body high that set in had me walking like I was on a planet with a much higher gravity than Earth. I found my body getting limper and limper, and when I caught my reflection in a mirror, I was most embarrassed to see how outlandishly red my eyes were. I can’t express enough the raw puissance this strain has. After an hour or so of being praHarlequin OGctically useless at shopping, the inevitable CBD-enriched munchies set in, and the conveniently located salad bar/buffet was there to assuage my tummy grumbles. After a bite to eat, I was starting to feel myself again and the extremely powerful mind-numbing effects of the Harlequin OG were wearing off.

Overall ::

I start with a word of warning, this strain is extremely potent. I don’t know whether it can be attributed to the high percentage of CBD, but this strain is not the “go out shopping with your girlfriend” strain, it’s more of the “sit at home and become one with the couch” strain. While a hybrid by breeding, I would recommend this strain more to people looking for an indica effect in their cannabis. Learn from my mistakes and don’t smoke Harlequin OG before you have to do anything that requires any sort of cognitive capacity, or you’ll be sorely disappointed in your brain’s performance. This strain is the pinnacle of a giggly couch weed that would be perfect for watching some bad TV – like Jerry Springer – eating an entire tube of cookie dough, and letting your brain cells take a hiatus from active duty.#JessetheGrove



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