Harlequin : Strain Review

Harlequin : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review The Station

Too often on the quest for the perfect strain, we’re confronted with the age old conundrum of wanting to have our cake and eat it too. This quest will lead many of us to sample a large variety of strains in the search for that one perfect strain, the Helen that launches your ships, the Chewy to your Han, or that baby bear’s soup that’s just right. I myself have encountered this very dilemma while sampling multiple strains that seem to either get me too high, or not high enough. After years of sampling the good, the bad, and the shake, I’ve reached a simple conclusion: the best strainsHarlequin out there for me are mid-percentage THC sativas with a healthy CBD content. This provides an initial exhilarating high which then tapers off to a pleasant mellow body feel, finishing with a spot drowsiness. If I just want the sativa effects of the strain, nothing is stopping me from packing another bowl when the mellowness kicks in, so in essence I can have my cake and eat it too. One such powerful sativa with a heaping hearty helping of CBD is Harlequin. Harlequin is the progeny of three or four different mothers, depending on who you’re getting your genetics from. The commonly known parents are a landrace sativa from Thailand, a landrace sativa from Switzerland, and Colombian Gold. Others also credit another landrace strain from Nepal as a mother depending on where the Harlequin seeds come from. Three of the four parent strains are landrace strains with extremely ambiguous heritage. With that many landrace strains in the mix, Harlequin is a real “back to basics” kind of strain, with some of the best genetics drawn from some of the oldest and most prolific varieties ever to be grown. Regardless of how confusing the childhood Harlequin must have had with so many mothers, there is no denying that the end result is a perfect combination of sativa rush and CBD pain relief.

I found my Harlequin at The Station in Boulder, Colorado. The Sation is both a medical and recreational dispensary, which forgoes flashy gimmicks in exchange for what really matters – masterfully grown, connoisseur-quality cannabis. To top off your experience, the staff at The Station is fun, friendly, and ready to help you pick out the strains, concentrates, and edibles you crave. If you’re looking to find some of the best buds in Boulder, look no further.

Check out their full menu at: www.thestationdispensary.com

Harlequin :: Appearance | Smell:

I’ll start off the looks and smells portion of the review by saying that Harlequin is some extremely dank bud. I know that I’m in for a good experience if I can actually smell my buds through the closed child-resistant jar. I wasn’t going to just leave it at that, so I popped open the jar to really let the aroma out. And oh, what an aroma. I would describe the initial odor from Harlequin as being both lightHarlequin and sweet while at the same time dense and earthy. I can only equate this duality to the extremely diverse array of parent strains that Harlequin possess. The true winning smell is the skunkiness which is so powerful that it had permeated its small plastic prison. Releasing my nugget from its bondage (no not bondage like you’ll find on adult sites like Nu Bay, unfortunately, but green is just as good as sex) I took a good hard look at it under the light so I could take in all of its glorious looks. Harlequin is a real hairy beast, covered in dark orange curls from top to bottom making even some of the hairiest Golden Goats green with envy. Speaking of green, Harlequin doesn’t come up short in the beautiful big green buds department either. My dense little nugget was a winning combination of dark verdant hues, mixed with some light almost limey green accents. Overall the number of trichomes were nothing to scoff at either, with a very healthy number of little clear crystals trying their best to work their way in between the plethora of hairs.

Harlequin :: Smoke | Effect:

Not one to let a sleeping nugget lie, I did the best I could to spark up its energy with a delightful trial by fire. After disseminating my nugget in a quite macabre fashion, I picked my favorite little chunk and dutifully jammed it into a one hitter. Hemp wick in hand, I took a little puff to start my adventure, wondering which smells would transfer over to taste. The winners were the skunkiness and the earthiness. While the flavors imparted may have been dense and nutty, the smoke itself was as light and wispy as a dream. I don’t know how massive a hit I would need to take to elicit a cough from a strain this smooth, but believe you me, it would have to be gargantuan. HarlequinThe smoothness was accentuated in a way by the dense flavor in the same way I would say a very rich stout covers up the flavors of alcohol in beer. There was almost no tanginess from the strain, and I was left smiling as opposed to coughing. One little puff of Harlequin hit me like a ton of bricks. I don’t know whether to equate it to that “first bowl of the day” feel or if there is just something about its chemistry, but I was very high off of a very minute amount. The initial high was undeniably sativa in the sense that I found myself hyperaware and just jam-packed with “get out there and do something” energy. Right off the bat I could also feel a little twinge of body high creeping its way from the back of my eyes down into my spine. After a pit stop at my garden and a little tasty yard work, I was feeling absolutely superb. As soon as I stopped and went inside, the CBD’s really kicked in and worked their magic as my muscles began to relax, and my eyelids started to droop a little. This was just about when my munchies kicked in. As with many CBD rich strains I’ve sampled in the past, finishing my session with an inordinate amount of food is sort of par for the course.

Overall ::

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Harlequin has a little bit of everything in the effects department. My encounters all start out hyper and exuberant and slowly whittle their way down to Cheetos and couch time. I quickly discovered however I could postpone my drowsiness by simply loading another bowl after the initial sativa effects wore off. With this simple solution I could smoke Harlequin all day long and benefit from its superior pain-fighting and muscle relaxing abilities without ever becoming groggy. Be warned though, smoking more may have kept me nice and awake, but I doubt there is anything in the universe that would stop me from eating mac n’ cheese after a nice long session smoking Harlequin. Harlequin really is the perfect, daytime, nighttime, afternoon, anytime, all day strain, that will get you the right level of high and then slowly bring you down into a pool of lazy muscles. So go ahead, have your cake, you can eat it too, but if you’ve smoked any Harlequin, you better bring a big fork.#JessetheGrove

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