HarleSin : Strain Review

HarleSin : Strain Review
Chronic Therapy Marijuana Strain Review

HarleSinFor those of you that partook in marijuana before legalization, you probably remember the simpler times. Albeit the weed may not have been nearly as nice, and the manner in which you had to procure it never had you sitting in a comfy air-conditioned lobby, but there was still a certain charm to it. You would get your baggy after a long wait in a parking lot or a short smoking session sitting on your dealer’s moldy old couch, and you would feel a real sense of accomplishment, and maybe a little bit of danger as well. If you’re experience was like mine, you seldom (if ever) knew the strain you were getting. Sometimes you would get an indica and not know it, and wonder why you were feeling so drowsy during your golf game. Sometimes you would get a sativa and find yourself staring at the ceiling at night worrying if you locked your car, unable to fall asleep. Despite the perceived nostalgia I feel, it comes down to the bottom line that I like to know where my marijuana comes from and what effects I’m going to feel from it when I smoke it. This is a luxury that we all now can enjoy in Colorado. I still can’t help but miss the tender lovin’ care that’s put into home-grows, which is why I was particularly excited to see that some dispensaries are starting to produce small batch grows again. Just like a seasonal beer at a craft brewery or a private jarring of the best fruit in the orchard, top shelf home-grown equivalent strains are becoming all the rage. In the case of HarleSin, a sativa-dominant high CBD strain, it’s easy to see why small batch marijuana is making its comeback. HarleSin is the combination of Harlequin and ACDC. Harlequin is the sativa-dominant culmination of several strains from all around the world, making her quite the cosmopolitan. Throw in some landrace sativa from Thailand, an unnamed Swiss sativa, a Nepalese indica, and the classic Columbian Gold, and you will wind up with Harlequin, a high CBD strain that can attribute its primordial genetics to strains from the far reaches of the globe. ACDC is a strain specifically cultivated for its massive CBD to THC ratio. When it comes to treating pain, ACDC is really TNT; it’s dynamite. With ACDC and Harlequin combined, you have yourself HarleSin, an amazing (and difficult to cultivate) strain.

I picked up my HarleSin from Chronic Therapy in Wheat Ridge, CO from their brand new small batch grow. The new limited availability grows at Chronic Therapy include some of the best and most notoriously difficult to grow strains, including Girl Scout Cookies, Bubba Kush, Daywrecker, Gorilla Glue, Sour Diesel, and Cheisel. This brand new shelf has a higher price tag attached to it with grams for $20, eighths for $65, and quarters for $120 plus tax, but it’s well worth it for the quality and care that was put into cu ltivation. If you want to recapture the flavors, smells, and of course the crystally trichomes that are sometimes lost in mass cultivation, you need to get yourself down to Chronic Therapy and try out a strain from their limited reserve. Don’t forget, if you’re a Colorado resident you always receive 10% off your bud purchase.

HarleSin :: Appearance | Smell:

It was time to pop the top on my HarlHarleSin-2eSin, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited. I spilled out my marvelous little hand-trimmed nuggets onto a piece of paper so that I might scrutinize them prior to combusting them. To say they are gorgeous is a bit of an understatement. These little popcorn nuggets are loaded with trichomes and still have their little hairs completely intact. Best of all, they are all perfect bowl-packing size, and since they range on the smaller size, that means I don’t have any pesky stems to deal with or pay for. Beyond being remarkably elegant in appearance, I quickly realized just how pungent the little nuggets were. A sweet earthy odor was the primary smell that they were giving off, but when I brought my nose in closer, a fresh floral skunkiness hit me. The floral notes were really the highlight in my opinion and came off as a fresh chamomile smell mixed with a touch of mint.

HarleSin :: Smoke | Effect:

The time had come to try out a puff of HarleSin. I loaded my little orange and blue Broncos pipe in honor of the start of the season and readied my hemp wick. I was shocked right off the bat at how remarkably smooth the smoke was. Hands down, this was one of the smoothest strains I have ever had the fortune of smoking. I would equate it to being as smooth as oil out of a vape pen; no coughing ensued, save for a few “mmms” gratis the flavor. The flavor is extremely mild and delicate to go along with the smoothness, and all I was left with was the sense that I had just gone for a walk through a botanic garden. I sat taking another puff or two, marveling at the freshness, and after several minutes of sitting the effects started to creep up on me. The first thing I noticed was an overwhelming relaxing feeling in my legs and back. The feeling was intoxicating, both literally and metaphorically. The THC did kick in a little bit after the initial body high, and I did feel a little bit of a cognitive high, but by far the physical effects were the strongest. I was more than content to just sit and let any pain that I had in my body simply melt away. After some time sitting (might have been 5 minutes, might have been 5 hours),HarleSin-3 I did feel the CBD-induced munchies kick in hard. My stomach began to protest my apathy and I was forced to put my wiggly fluid legs back into motion and scavenge through the fridge.

Overall ::

It’s really no wonder that HarleSin gave me such a phenomenal body high, with its last test results showing a phenomenal 13% CBD and 7.4% THC. That comes out to roughly a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC, making this strain simply the bees knees when it comes to treating pain, seizures, and appetite loss. It also works wonderfully if you want to simply become one with your couch for the evening. Take my advice; before you smoke any HarleSin, make sure you have the TV remote nearby, a fresh pile of snacks in reach, and depending on how much you want to smoke, maybe an adult diaper.




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