Hong Kong Diesel : Strain Review

Hong Kong Diesel : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review
Hong Kong Diesel Strain

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It’s a fact, Colorado now grows some of the finest strains in the world. Even years before legalization, expert growers were cultivating amazing crops of chronic right in their basements. Now that those growers have started to move into warehouses, the time has come for the real work to begin and the finest strains in the world to come out of the cellar and onto the shelves of your local dispensary. Hong Kong Diesel is one such strain that has made a huge impact in the last few months at scenes like The Hemp Connoisseur Championship, where it took First Place Hybrid and People’s Choice Hybrid. A cross of Hong Kong and NYC Diesel, Hong Kong Diesel is a 50/50 hybrid that brings you the best of both sativa and indica rolled into one fantastic strain that elicits a marvelous head high, but still brings pain relief and a pleasant mellow feel.


I picked up an eighth of the Hong Kong Diesel at The Walking Raven, Denver CO. For you Colorado residents who are looking for recreational weed, you can pick up an eighth of the stuff for $70.00 out the door at Walking Raven.  While on the higher end of the spectrum… its gourmet cannabis!


Hong Kong Diesel :: Appearance | Smell:

HKD’s biggest selling point for many is its unbelievably massive total cannabinoid count, which has tested from CannLabs as high as 31.38%. First off, I can’t emphasize enough how sticky and dense the nuggets of HKD are. While my batch didn’t have a huge amount of hairs, it was simply laden with trichomes, leaving it looking like a green version of an extra sugary frosted Mini-Wheat when viewed from a distance. Despite having NYC Diesel in its genetics, the smell of this bud is extremely sweet, giving off a fruity odor and a hint of nuttiness which seems to cover up a great deal of the diesel scent. There is a hint of skunkiness also which blends in very well with the sweet berry twang that hits you at first. While I have seen strains that possess a more archetypal beauty, I’ve rarely come along strains that smell this amazing.

Hong Kong Diesel :: Smoke | Effect:

The only thing better than smelling a fresh nugget of HKD is smoking it. The smoke is very smooth and hardly burns on the inhale at all. The diesel nature of this strain comes through more when you smoke it, and has a complex but not overpowering taste. On the exhale, its flavor has a slight hint of cottony freshnesHong Kong Diesels, mixed in with a little bit of sweetness that correlates with its smell. As far as effects go, I found out very quickly just what a high cannabinoid count can do. I immediately felt my high near the front of my head and behind my eyes. A really uplifting high set in courtesy of its Hong Kong genetics, but at no time during my high did I feel paranoid, which was a real surprise considering its mind-blowing THC percentages. True to its hybrid nature, I also felt a very relaxing body high, which after a few minutes of sitting had definitely instilled the… desire to keep sitting. As my body started to mellow, my mind started to race, and I can see this strain being a great one to incite creativity, or to just chill out and maybe play a video game and listen to music. Be warned though, while I didn’t really get any cotton mouth feeling, I did get some pretty strong munchies after a few minutes, but then again it might have just been me being my usual hungry self.


As a true hybrid, HKD can suit the needs of many cannabis smokers, both recreationally and medicinally. I can see this as being an amazing strain to smoke before going for a nice hike in the mountains, as it would provide the head feel and exuberance of a sativa while providing a little bit of an indica feel to mellow out any aches or pains you may get while walking. I would, however, recommend hitting the trail quickly after smoking, for if you wait too long, or chose to sit down, the indica side will grab hold and you’ll be perfectly content sitting and relaxing for the rest of your evening. Medicinally, this strain would be amazing for people who may be suffering from pain, depression, or loss of appetite. Try some HKD for yourself and see why this award winning strain is quickly becoming a Colorado classic.


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Hong Kong Diesel Marijuana Strain

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