Kimbo Kush : Strain Review

Kimbo Kush : Strain Review
Chronic Therapy Marijuana Strain Review

Everyone has a different bedtime ritual. While I think most of us out there can count brushing your teeth as a shared evening-time activity I’d like to recommend adding a little Kimbo Kush into that routine. If you’ve never before experienced the power of smoking an indica strain of cannabis before bed, I’ll give you the crash course; however, the only crash course you’ll need with Kimbo Kush is one directly onto your mattress. Kimbo Kush is a brand new strain to the Colorado scene having just hitched a reverse wagon train out here from California. If you’re lucky enough to come by some, consider yourself Colorado weed aristocracy. To find out what makes Kimbo Kush such a potent indica, we need to take a look at its two parent strains which are both indica-dominant as well. Kimbo Kush is the progeny of Blackberry Kush and Starfighter F2. While both parent strains are unequivocally indica, they have some very different breeding that got them to where they are today. Blackberry Kush itself is a very potent indica strain owing half of its genetics Bubba Kush and the Kush family. This is partially Kimbo Kush-1what gives its child strain, Kimbo Kush, such a marvelous dankness. The other half of Blackberry Kush is, you guessed it, Blackberry. Blackberry is another indica-dominant strain with remarkable sweet notes from its Afghani, Nepalese, and Hawaiian ancestors. The other half of Kimbo Kush’s genetics are provided by Starfighter F2. Starfighter F2 is a self-crossing of Starfighter, which itself is an indica-dominant strain. Along the same lines as Blackberry, Starfighter has a large amount of Kush in its family lineage, and two alien-named strains for direct parents which seems extremely appropriate given its name. When you take a look at Alien Dawg, Alien Kush, Lemon Kush, and Tahoe OG Kush (the four grandparent strains of Starfighter) it’s easy to see why their great, great grandchild Kimbo Kush possesses such a remarkable dankness. All this selective breeding has been done to bring you Kimbo Kush, a very dank indica with a fresh-from-the-garden smell that will knock you out cold after a bowl.

Kimbo Kush is a brand new strain to Colorado and chances are the only place you’re going to be able to find it in town right now is at Chronic Therapy, a recreational dispensary in Wheatridge, Colorado. Chronic therapy is a good go-to for connoisseur level cannabis, that’s only a hop, skip, and a jump from I-70. If you’re in town for some hiking, skiing, or just a concert over at Red Rocks, then Chronic Therapy is the best place to stop at on the way before paying for high-priced mountain weed.

Kimbo Kush :: Appearance | Smell:

The first thing to note about Kimbo Kush is that it’s extremely dank smelling. It’s one of those strains that if left in the car while you run errands, will guarantee that your vehicle reeks of the cheeba when you get back. The smell itself is uniquely Kush. There is also a great deal of sweet pine scent that is a wonderful addition to the nigh-overwhelming dankness. Another noteworthy smell was the richness given off by the strain. The smell is so rich I would go so far as to describe it asKimbo Kush-2 being buttery. The scent when taken as a whole gives me the olfactory sensation of walking through a healthy buttered vegetable garden. Just in case you were wondering, Kimbo Kush also has the looks to back up its uniquely odiferous attitude. Nuggets of Kimbo Kush are extra dense and have a dark verdant color that simply screams “lush jungle”. To accompany the rich greens are a moderate number of pale light orange hairs, twisting their way daintily out of the bulk of the buds. The highlight of the strains appearance has to be the trichomes, hands down. They are so numerous in fact that when you hold a nugget of Kimbo Kush at a distance, it appears to be significantly lighter colored than it actually is. The little trichomes coat the surface and settle into every nook and cranny making the nuggets look almost like the surface of some long forgotten dwarf planet caked in ice over the eons. The combination of dark green foliage mixed with bright white sugary trichomes makes Kimbo Kush truly a sight to behold.

Kimbo Kush :: Smoke | Effect:

The evening was upon me and knowing that I had an indica on hand, I had the great idea of going to bed early. I ceremoniously plucked a nugget from one of Kimbo Kush’s lower calyxes as to not destroy the beautiful nugget all at once and chose a clean little glass one-hitter as its implement of destruction. Hemp wick in hand, I ever so daintily burnt up the entire bowl in one hit. Delicious! Kimbo Kush has a delightfully refreshing flavor, so light and tickly that I would go so far as to calling Kimbo Kush-3it a soft drink of strains. The flavor was very clean tasting, which I credit to the Chemdawg higher up the line in its family tree. The inhale was extra smooth and the exhale, while not harsh at all, had a peculiar little tickle that was very tingly and exhilarating. This fresh sweet tingle I can only attribute to a bit of α-Pinene, one of the true kings among terpenoids. When I exhaled, the richness I had detected in the scent was still present and added more to the peculiar mouth feel of Kimbo Kush. I will never know whether it was the fact that the sun was already down, this was the first smoke I’d had for the day, or that I was tired from yard work, but Kimbo Kush put me down for the count.The first thing I know, I’m sitting on my couch taking a puff before bed and next the thing I know, I’m waking up at 3:00 AM with one of my cats looking at me from across the room like I’m a mad man for passing out on the couch; hypocrite! Since my original session which told me very little, I have tried Kimbo Kush again with similar results. The initial high from Kimbo Kush isn’t overwhelming and the end effect is undeniably narcotic.

Overall ::

There you have it, an indica strain that does what indica strains do all with a great flavor and a hint of dank panache. As I mentioned before, this is a brand new strain to the Mile High City, so count yourself lucky if you’re able to get your hands on some. Heed my warning though, Kimbo Kush is not a get up and clean the house kind of strain, and I have no doubt that if you use it as a day-time smoke you’ll be left with your jaw hanging loosely staring off into space. If you are however looking for the perfect night cap, you’ve found it. So next time you go to brush your teeth and begin your evening ritual, end it the right way, with a puff of Kimbo Kush.#JessetheGrove