Kong : Strain Review

Kong : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review The Station

I’m sure you all have vivid pictures in your head when I mention the name Kong. The common envisioned creature is a massive hairy beast with a screaming blond in hand, right? How about a strain that grows as big and hairy as the gorilla from the 1933 classic and will have you higher than the empire state building in a flash? Its name is no exaggeration. When you really take a look at the nuggets off of a healthy Kong plant, you can see why the name stuck. Kong is a prolific-growing indica-dominant hybrid that is frequently cultivated for its rapid harvest time, gargantuan buKongds, and a high that will leave you smashed under the fury fingers of a mythological prehistoric beast. Kong is the genetic mash-up of two different indica-dominant hybrids: White Russian and Motivation. White Russian is aptly named after its genetic parents AK-47 and White Widow, and tends to grow large for a plant leaning toward the indica side of the spectrum. This large size, along with a high THC concentration, lends some of the power to the beast that is Kong. The Motivation parentage of Kong’s genetics is what’s really responsible for the powerful THC kick. Although named Motivation, the strain in question is most likely to only motivate you to spend a long day glued to the sofa. Motivation is a very heavy-hitting indica, with an extremely dense and compact structure, which gives Kong its bulk. It all comes together to make Kong, a strain that will have you feeling torpid, stoned, and just a bit giggly.

After a long trip to Skull Island, I was able to discover my very own Kong from The Station in Boulder Colorado, your source for some of the finest medicinal and recreational cultivations in town. If you’ve been seeking a laid-back yet professional approach to purchasing your cannabis, look no further. The Station forgoes the flashing neon lights and gimmicks to bring you what you desire – top shelf medical and recreational cannabis without all the hullabaloo.

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Kong :: Appearance | Smell:

I wasn’t too shocked when I removed my nugget of Kong from the jar to find that is was a truly hairy beast. The bud structure was extremely dense as well, just as its genetics would have me assume. As far as trichomes go, Kong is a pretty sparkly beast, and glistens with that familiar sugary glow when you brinKongg it up to the light. The absurd abundance of hairs really is the highlight of this strain. Each dainty little hair was handled with care, and really it’s a testament to the growing and cultivating process at The Station that I was able to receive my nugget so remarkably intact. The bottom of a Kong nugget is all about the glistening little calyxes, covered in trichomes, and no doubt a much prettier sight than the back end of Kong the monster. The smell of Kong the strain is no doubt much more appealing than Kong the monster as well. When I took a big whiff of Kong the first thing that hits me an extremely sweet floral aroma. The overall smell comes off as being really clean and delicate, but when you really burry your nose in there you can smell a little bit of the muskier notes from the beast. A hint of earthy-skunk comes into the mix with maybe just the slightest hint of cheese. The real highlight of the smell is the sugary floral notes.

Kong :: Smoke | Effect:

After breaking up the dense jungle in a nugget of Kong, I loaded some into my pipe and prepared to start a brush fire. I wasn’t surprised at all when the first flavor that hit my tongue was subtle sweetness. The smoke from Kong was somewhat dense and there was a very mellow exotic fruit flavor that came out on the exhale. This fleeting unique fruit flavor proved to be my undoing though, as I found myself hitting the pipe several times in a row trying to place what kind of fruit it reminded me of. It only took a moment to realize what I had unwittingly done; Kong had me! For me the immediate effects were an overall numbness, a very intense cognitive high, and the inability to keep me head planted on my shoulders. After a few minutes more staring off in a stupor, my spine did its job and I could tell my head was still where it ought to be. I felt extremely loose after a few minutes more. After the initial body high started to fade away, I was admittedly astonished at just how relaxed the muscles in my body felt. The cerebral aspects of the strain were also surprisingly powerful. While KongKong did make me a feel a bit woozy, I was also very aware, to the point that I felt capable of functioning normally (that is if my legs weren’t in a gelatinous state). I sat a while longer trying to determine the strange dichotic nature of this true hybrid strain, I concluded that with Kong you either get up and do something, or it’ll convince sleep is your best course of action. Focusing on the prior, I found that the minor sativa aspects in Kong make it a functional hybrid to the point that I actually felt productive around the house.

Overall ::

After having my close encounter with Kong, I can attest that it’s some powerful stuff. Not only does Kong look the part, covered in a thick layer of hairs, but also has the strength to shatter your sobriety like an unsuspecting biplane. As far as its odor and flavor go, it doesn’t get much better than Kong; a touch of mystery berry and a little bit of sweetness make this delightfully fragrant strain one of the tastiest in town. The effects may have been somewhat nebulous, but one thing is for certain, it has great potential to incite creativity and a fair share of laughter. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with Kong, but now it’s your turn. An adventure awaits you; be warned though, when Kong takes hold, there’s no escaping his grasp. I only hope you aren’t afraid of heights!#JessetheGrove



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