Lemon Alien Dawg: Strain Review

Lemon Alien Dawg: Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review

We’ve all heard someone say, “Man this weed is out of this world!” Who’s to deny it? With many of the amazing medicinal properties found in cannabis, it’s sometimes hard to believe that marijuana is terrestrial. Why not up the ante with a batch of cannabis that’s not only out of this world in flavor and effect, but also in name. Lemon Alien Dawg is a phenomenal strain with delicious otherworldly flavor, and a potent high that will have you floating off into space in no time. Lemon Alien Dawg is the combination of a classic, Lemon Kush and a newer creation, Alien Dawg. Lemon Kush has relatively nebulous genetics, and depending on where the seeds/clones originated, can be anything from Lemon G mixed with Afghanistan Kush to Lemon Alien DawgLas Vegas Lemon Skunk mixed with The OG #18. Regardless of the breeding, the end result is usually the same, a sweet yet tart Kush that leans toward the mellow side of the spectrum. The Alien Dawg side of Lemon Alien Dawg is a little less ambiguous when it comes to tracking down its genetic make-up. Alien Dawg is the combination of the ever-popular Chem Dawg and the far more elusive strain Alien Technology. While the true origins of the indica-dominant Chem Dawg remain a complete mystery, Alien Technology is a strain selectively bred from the classic Afghani and is a relative new-comer to the scene. When you combine the powers of aliens and lemons, the amalgam turns out Lemon Alien Dawg, a well-balanced strain that is perfect for relaxation after a long day at work, or just for sparking up a fat joint on the couch with your friends.
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Lemon Alien Dawg is a very unique strain that I’ve only been able to find at one dispensary in Colorado. B Good North, a recreational and medicinal dispensary in Northglenn, Colorado, offers Lemon Alien Dawg, which is a perfect strain to be shared with friends over a board game, enjoyed after a hard day’s work, or simply puffed upon before bedtime to enjoy a restful night’s sleep.


Lemon Alien Dawg :: Appearance | Smell:

Lemon Alien Dawg has a relatively loose bud structure. While the nuggets I received were dense, the overall appearance is slightly gangly, like a sativa. When you take a really close look at a nugget of Lemon Alien Dawg, the first stand-out features are the hairs and the trichomes. There may not be a Lemon Alien Dawghuge number of hairs, but the ones that are there are still remarkably intact and spindly little light orange tributes to a delicate and painstaking harvesting and curing process. Unlike the sparse orange hairs, the trichomes on Lemon Alien Dawg cover the entire surface. When you get a look at the underside of a nugget of Lemon Alien Dawg you start to notice just how sugary and shimmery this strain really is. When you take a big whiff it’s not all that shocking to find that the first note to hit the nostrils is a citrusy one. When you really dig your nose in for a deeper sniff, there is a delightful sweetness that compliments that tartness from the citrus along with a slightly sterile smell that is an iconic trait of any strain carrying Chem Dawg genetics.

Lemon Alien Dawg :: Smoke | Effect:

Lighting up the hemp wick in what has become a tradition for me, I took my first big puff of Lemon Alien Dawg. The initial flavor that hit me was lemon (far from shocking, I know). The tartness didn’t really hit me though, it was much more the sweet attributes that I noticed off the bat. The smoke was fairly smooth as well and lands itself on the smoother rather than the harsher side of the smoking spectrum. On the exhale there was a clear flavor winner, and that would be the Chem Dawg. The taste is a clean and crisp flavor that’s not quite cotton and not quite cleaning solution, but undeniably Chem Dawg. For me it only took until the exhale to really kick in. Maybe it was because I hadn’t smoked for a couple days or maybe it was just the fact that I took a massive hit, but a very potent cognitive high hit me like a ton of bricks. With the sensation of the high starting behind my eyes, it slowly started to creep down the rest of my body over the next few minutes. After about ten minutes I was really feeling the full effects. The body high was really quite intense, but didn’t leave me immobile like some strainsLemon Alien Dawg I’ve sampled in the past. I felt relatively aware, and was still fairly talkative despite the indica effects. I did get a little groggy eventually, but much to my surprise the munchies never kicked in like they usually do when I smoke cannabis that gives me a body high.

Overall ::

Lemon Alien Dawg is a perfect combination of sativa and indica effects, making it, in my book, an ideal strain for hanging out with friends and playing a video game, or just mellowing out to some old re-runs on TV. The combination of body high mixed with awareness also makes this an ideal strain for relaxing after work and enjoying a little introspective moment with yourself. I found Lemon Alien Dawg to be a perfect hybrid effect that leaves out potentially unwanted side-effects like munchies and paranoia while still being a very strong high. If you’re looking for a strain that will allow you to get out of this world relaxed, while still leaving you aware enough to avoid being abducted, you’ve found it.#JessetheGrove



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