Night Berries : Strain Review

Night Berries : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review

If there’s one thing you’ll never hear me complaining about, that is running out of marijuana. Along with a well-stocked minty green vault, there are some other undeniable perks to my profession. I was recently granted one of the greatest boons ever bestowed unto a cannabis smoker, a jar full of a strain that no one has ever tried before. Night Berries, is a brand new grow from Chronic Therapy in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. My ultimate prize came from Jason, the head grower at Chronic therapy. Night Berries is so new, that even Jason himself hadn’t tried a sample of the strain he tended to over the proceeding weeks. Jason said farewell to some nuggets from Chronic Therapy’s first batch of Night Berries, knowing full well that he was condemning his precious little nuggets to heinous tortures. ripping, shredding and eventual gruesome immolation Night Berries-1at the end of a hemp wick awaited his poor nuggets. The only consolation I can offer him is the knowledge that his newly-crafted strain performed admirably in its final moments. Night Berries, lean to the indica side of the spectrum. While they appear as a hybrid on paper, the strain does an exemplary job of capturing traits from both sides of the cannabis spectrum. To get a better idea of why certain traits stand out, it was clearly time to take a look at the veritable labyrinth of ganja genetics. Night Berries two parent strains are Nightmare OG and Blackberry Kush. Aside from presenting a clear explanation for its name, Night Berries’ parents offer another nugget of information to be weeded out of their family tree. The tell-tale OG and Kush in each respective parents name hints to OG Kush as one of the precursor strains to Night Berries. This OG Kush lineage is responsible for the dankness and the couch-locking indica effects that this strain can bring to bear. The extreme cerebral effects from Night Berries spur from the Nightmare OG side of the genetics. More precisely they come from WhiteNightmare, the Sativa dominant parent strain of Nightmare OG. With such a unique hybridization of both indica and sativa effects, if you are lucky enough to score your own batch of Night Berries, I can promise you that you’re in for one heck of a ride.

There is only one place in the world you can find Night Berries, and that’s at Chronic Therapy, in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. By the time you’re reading this review the first batched should have hit the shelf and you’ll have your chance to try out one of my favorite grower’s latest hit strains. If you’re committed to trying some Night Berries, head into Chronic Therapy quickly. I have no doubt in my mind that this first harvest is going to fly off the shelf.

Night Berries :: Appearance | Smell:

There is already a great joy that I feel whenever I get to try a new strain. Just like sampling a new beer or watching a new movie, you can spend any amount of time researching what you’re getting yourself into, but there is truly no substituting empirical study. I popped the top on my jar of Night Berries, and just as expected, a dank, sweet Kush smell was quickly conferred to my nose. The sugary sweet smell was somewhat reminiscent to some batches of Girl Scout Cookies that I’ve whiffed in the Night Berries-2past, except with a particular tanginess that I would go so far as to call a slight cheese smell. As for the aesthetics, Night Berries is heavy on the hairs. While there are numerous glistening little trichomes to stare at, the big plump dark orange hairs are the real highlight of the show. The nuggets themselves are dense feeling but yield light pockets of extra fluff when you break them apart. As Jason had explained to me, “Night berries picked up the denseness from Sin City Genetics’ Nightmare OG, and the fluffiness from Chronic Therapy’s Blackberry Kush,” both of which come together to form the perfect balance. When you take a peek at the underside of a nugget of Night Berries and look at its crystal-coated skyward-facing calyxes, dense sticky buds, and not-too-fat not-too-skinny structure it’s clear that this strain is an amalgam of both sativa and indica genetics.

Night Berries :: Smoke | Effect:

Time for the moment of truth. As I loaded up a clean pipe and readied my hemp wick, I knew I was about to dive head-first into the unknown. Night Berries indeed; the initial puff yielded a sinfully dark and tantalizingly sweet flavor that fit its name like a glove. While the smoke itself may have been smooth, the flavors in Night Berries are extremely dark and undeniably dense. While I don’t like to use the word acrid, due to its negative connotation, I’ll use it in lieu of better verbiage to describe the aggressively strong flavor of Night Berries. This black-as-night flavor does come with a light at the end of the tunnel, in the form of a playful sweetness that lingers even after the deep dark dank has subsided. The high hit me at an expected pace, that is to say, that Night Berries is not an instant high nor is it a creeper. The initial impact of the high was quite potent and primarily indica. One moment I was sitting on the couch and the next… I was still sitting on the couch. Although I didn’t find myself feeling overly groggy, I certainly lacked any and all inspiration to move away from my precious padded friend. While the body effects were noticeable it took a few minutes before the cerebral attributes of the strain kicked in. I found myself trapped on an island of couch, floating around in my own brain. Night Berries with its substantial 21.75% THC content had Night Berries-3nailed me harder than some strains that I’ve smoked that had 30% THC. This all goes back to what I’ve always told people, don’t judge a strain by its THC content. It wasn’t too long before I was able to work my way out of my own brain and release myself from my cushioned confinement. I then found my way to the refrigerator where another reckoning was about to begin. Let me put this bluntly, say goodbye to the contents of your fridge, they won’t be there by the end of the day if Night Berries has its way with you. After my couch-locked ego-delving initial high, I made short work of many of my cherished leftovers, leaving my fridge a barren husk of its former self. You’ve been warned!

Overall ::

Night Berries is not what I would call a beginner strain. It packs a heck of a punch and leaves you swimming around in your own thoughts. While I know there are many out there with a much higher tolerance than myself, I feel like Night Berries will still pack a wallop even for those THC hardened professionals out there. I can see several fantastic medicinal and recreational uses for Night Berries from my experience with it. Even though I never felt sleepy during my session, I can imagine myself passing out quickly if I decided to partake in Night Berries before bedtime. That makes it a potential option for those suffering from insomnia. If you have any disorders, or ill effects from medication, resulting in low appetite, I can say with some assurance that Night Berries will have you eating like a champ in no time. As for the recreational side of the spectrum, if you need to get the inner monologue going or if you have a season of a show you’ve been meaning to catch up on (and you can afford all the candy bars you’re going to eat) then Night Berries is the strain for you. Privilege aside, smoking a new strain is always an adventure I’m willing to take. I braved the waters of Night Berries and came out on the other side with a big smile and an empty fridge. Now it’s your turn to take a dip, just be prepared for some heavy existential thoughts and the consumption of several slices of pizza.#JessetheGrove




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