Nitro Cookies : Strain Review

Nitro Cookies : Strain Review
Chronic Therapy Marijuana Strain Review
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Does anyone else out there remember being “that one stoner”? Let me expand on that a touch. When you see someone in Colorado who is visibly high it is in no way as nuanced as it used to be. I just think, “oh, that girl just went to a dispensary”. To be “that one stoner” I’m thinking to back before legalization. Back in my college days when I was that one stoned guy in my acting class. Let me amend that. My friend Jason and I were both “that one stoned guy” in our acting class. None of our liberal arts professors were overly concerned about our personal lives if we completed our work (big surprise there). Jason and I practically became mascots in the sense that everyone expected us to be perpetually high. We got to the point where we weren’t even covert about it anymore, walking into theatre history on 4/20 with armfuls of Taco Johns. Although we did get some uncouth gazes from the professor, I’m telling you it was a great day for it. All of the technical theatre and history majors were required to act in front of the entire class. Crispy breakfast potatoes, consummately-mellow chronic, and a hearty dash of petrified technical theatre major trying to act made for the perfect morning combo. Ever since those college days, I’m always on the lookout for perfect hybrids that replicate the ambiguous unnamed strains that Jason would get me back in the day. Recently, I encountered a strained from Chronic Therapy that was delightfully nostalgic. Chronic Therapy’s Nitro Cookies is a perfectly crafted hybrid strain that balances a well-rounded mellow high with an energetic zing that balances out the overall vibe. Henry, from Chronic Therapy, described Nitro Cookies as being “a blue dream-like high that still has a lot of that wholesome cookies goodness”. In genetic terms, that wholesome cookie goodness comes from Girl Scout Cookies (or GSC depending on where you stand on the recent lawsuits), one of the most iconic and debated strains around. Genetics aside, I can say first-hand that Nitro Cookies certainly bring on a hearty dose of nostalgia and remind me of some of the best college smokes I ever had the opportunity of enjoying.

If you want to get your hands on this genetic variety of Nitro Cookies, you’re only going to be able to find it at Chronic Therapy, a recreational marijuana dispensary located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado and in Cortez, Colorado. Chronic Therapy specializes in crafting some of the absolutely best-cured strains in the state. In concert with Chronic Creations, Chronic Therapy has some of the best concentrates in the state as well. If you’re tired of big bulk stores that over-cure their strains into a dry husk of their former glory, check out Chronic Therapy and see what it’s like to have strains cured the way it should be done.

Nitro Cookies :: Appearance | Smell:

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I started my adventure with Nitro Cookies by popping the top on the jar and letting the full force of the strain’s aroma hit me. It was somewhat difficult to describe the initial odor I was detecting from the jar. Hearty and rich are the two adjectives that first came to mind when I smelled Nitro Cookies. I was able to detect an overall “clean” aroma as well, but it still played second fiddle to the rich weed aromas that are the strain’s highlight. As I buried my nose in a little bit deeper the dark rich odors gave way to a little subtler sweet smell. This is a very nostalgic smelling strain for me. There was no chem flavor or cheesiness just a rich earthy aroma mixed in with the slightest tang of sweetness. I took one of the nuggets out to handle. The beauty of this strain is undeniable. The base of each nugget was relatively round, but the overall structure was longer and skinnier. I would consider this aesthetic to be reminiscent of a sativa. The calyxes on the underside of every nuggets showed a light green hue which transitions quickly at the tips into a rich verdant color. All that beauty was accented by dark amber-orange hairs which were present in quite the abundance. There is no denying just how photogenic this strain is. Looks are one thing but I was going to have to explore further.

Nitro Cookies:: Smoke | Effect:

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I started by taking a clean pipe and grinding up an appropriately large portion of Nitro Cookies. I sparked up my hemp wick and burned down the corner of the bowl. The initial flavor that hit my tongue was so extremely nostalgic it practically forced a smile on my face. As I exhaled, the smoke did elicit a couple of coughs despite being an overall smooth smoke. Regardless of the smoothness factor, it seemed to be exceptionally voluminous and dense for the size of the hit I had taken. The sweet and tangy clean aroma I detected before I started smoking never really made their appearance in the flavor. Flavor-wise Nitro Cookies tastes like old school chronic (if you can really call the early 2000’s “old school”). The initial effects of Nitro Cookies did seem to creep up a little on me, and it was a good five to ten minutes before I started feeling the effect. The initial sensations of the high were unmistakably hybrid in their traits. In this case, my high started with a relatively cerebral sensation in concert with slight numbness in my extremities. I sat down at my computer and started dabbling around on a game as I let the effects really start to kick in. The high seemed to work its way down from the back of my head through my spine and for a decent while it seemed that the Indica effects had really taken center stage. This didn’t last for too long though as I noticed a sativa-spawned energy calling on me to get up and start moving around the house. After performing some menial household chores, it had been an hour since my initial hit. My high rapidly diminished. It was a Saturday though and, having nothing better to do, I went back for seconds!


If you, in the past, have been labeled as a stoner then maybe Nitro Cookies can give you a nostalgia trip like it did for me. There is just no denying the fun and the versatility of this strain. Nitro Cookies so gracefully articulates attributes from both the sativa and indica side of the spectrum that I have no doubt that you can segue this high into almost any activity. So, whether you’re trying to relive Your glory days, down enough tacos for an army, or just find the perfect accouterment to a night of video games, Nitro Cookies might be exactly what you need.