Scooby Snax & Kerosene : Strain Review

Scooby Snax & Kerosene : Strain Review
Emerald Fields Marijuana Strain Review

There is truly something magical about sampling a new strain of cannabis. Having personally sampled hundreds of Colorado’s greatest buds that has in no way diminished my excitement of getting my hands on brand new strains. My unabashed joy of smoking cannabis often leads many to the question, “which do you prefer sativa or indica?” After you’ve really had the time to start exploring different strains and have a basic understanding of the terpenoids inside them which are responsible for accentuating certain effects this becomes a loaded question. The simple truth of the matter is that there are certain strains out there that may have a lineage of either sativa or indica and effects that are entirely contrary to their genetics. To complicate matters even more, every single individual’s endocannabinoid system contains entirely different levels of naturally forming cannabinoids which can hypothetically give an individual drastically different sensations based off their own body chemistry. Many of the leading cannabis sources on the internet now have been spearheading (for lack of better phrasing) a campaign of misinformation that propagates the concept that a certain strain should always have a certain effect. Simply put, the intricacies of cannabis are far more nuanced than a lot of people would have you believe. Everything from growing medium to temperature can have a drastic effect on test results of any given strain. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to find a strain that’s right for you from a grower who knows how to properly cure and treat their buds. I recently had the fortune of sampling a couple of new strains off the shelves at Emerald fields in Glendale and Manitou Springs, Colorado. These lovingly cultivated strains were produced by Veritas and have now taken front and center seat on the high-end shelf of the strains at Emerald fields. I was lucky enough to get my hand on two different varieties, Kerosene and Scooby Snax. Each of which represented a different end of the cannabis spectrum, sativa and indica respectively. I’ll start off by mentioning one of my favorite little perks about purchasing these high-end strains from Emerald Fields. Both strains came in amazing glass and wood jars each emblazoned with Emerald Field’s pot fairy logo on the top of the wooden lids. Not only were these a striking presentation for the new buds available at Emerald Fields but their rubber-lined interior lid ensured that they were airtight as well. Certainly a classy step up from the arthritic nightmare of most tamper-proof plastic jars that are on the shelves nowadays. That being said, a proper exit bag will be required to pick up any of these new top shelf strains. That’s enough about the jars though, let’s get to the heart of the matter and the strains inside, just screaming to be let out.

Scooby Snax :: Appearance | Smell | Smoke | Effect:


I decided to start off with Scooby Snax, the Indica side from the two new Emerald Fields strains I was sampling. On initial inspection, Scooby Snax doesn’t inherently look like an Indica leaning strain. The bud that I received had a pointier and oblong conical structure than most squatty indica strains. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about observing strains over the last half-decade it’s that looks can be deceiving. I removed the classy wooden lid and decided it was time to see what exactly Scooby was freaking out about all those years. The initial Aroma given off by Scooby Snax was relatively earthy and woody. There was also a certain underlying spice to the aroma. The color of the buds themselves were pale green with several darker points around the calyxes. Scooby Snax is a relatively hairy strain as well. My nugget had a robust collection of light orange-colored hairs sprouting from just about everywhere. The curing process it had undergone was extensive and the buds themselves were relatively dry and crumbled quite easily into a bowl. I armed myself with my hemp wick and went in for an initial puff. The spiciness that I detected from the aroma was one of the first notes that I tasted followed by a remarkable sweet flavor that seemed to linger. I didn’t get very much of the earthy notes I had smelled before. The real highlight of Scooby Snax was the aforementioned sweet flavors. As I exhaled, I did take note that is not the smoothest strain I’ve ever sampled before and it did elicit a couple of coughs. Still, as a whole, I would put it on the smooth end of the spectrum compared to some of the strains I’ve smoked in the past. From the initial flavor profile, I could pretty much guarantee that the strain had been properly flushed. I tasted no residual minerals or fertilizer left inside the buds. The effects of Scooby Snax hit me very rapidly. The initial Sensations were quite cerebral and not necessarily in tune with many of the Indica strains I’ve sampled in the past. The high started up at the top of my head and seemed to work its way down into my body. As the next few minutes progressed the high started to develop more somber Indica feeling sensations. I could feel the relaxation start to settle over all my extremities but the slight cerebral high remained throughout my entire session. At the end of the day, Scooby Snax hits me more like a hybrid than an indica. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!

Kerosene :: Appearance | Smell | Smoke | Effect:


Next up it was time for me to sample Kerosene. Emerald Fields brand new Kerosene strain grown by Veritas is quite the looker. Although a tried-and-true sativa in genetics the squat bud structure of Kerosene would lead you to believe otherwise. There is a real dankness to this strain. It’s that kind of dankness that sticks in your nose for a good minute. The color of Kerosene is a deep sage green with a slight orange tint. This color is accentuated by a splattering of dark amber-colored hairs. This leads to quite the aesthetic in conjunction with the insane amount of trichomes that cover every millimeter of these phenomenal buds. Kerosene, unlike the Scooby Snax, appears to have been cured in a manner that has retained a bit more of the moisture content inside the buds. While it still came apart quite easily in a grinder there was some remnants of that sticky icky goodness that we all so love. I gleefully ground up a hearty portion into a clean pipe and readied my hemp wick. The first thing I noticed from my initial hit was just how smooth the strain is. The dankness that I detected from the aroma was conveyed quite efficiently into the smoke. There was a sort of a deep darkness to the flavor that I can only describe as being inherently cannabis. This was accentuated at the end by a slight tartness that seems to be inherent to a lot of diesel-derived strains. With a strain as smooth as Kerosene, I simply had to go back for seconds. By the time I had taken my second hit I was already starting to feel the full effects of the first one. While Scooby Snax may not have been a textbook Indica high, I would say Kerosene was a very textbook sativa high. Going into my experience sober I started to feel the first sensation from the strain in my legs. This quickly adapted into a jovial and cerebral high. The high from Kerosene was delightful! I would unequivocally label it as a feel-good strain. As the sensation settled into my head, I couldn’t help but sit back and smile. My laid back feelings didn’t last too long and I started to feel quite energized from my smoke. I had the desire to go out and do something fun but I decided to segue my energy into something more productive like shoveling horse poo. Never a fun chore but I’m not going to lie, it didn’t feel half bad with the assistance of Kerosene.



These new top-shelf choices from Emerald Fields really hit the spot. They also fulfilled very specific roles in terms of the high they imparted. I particularly enjoyed Scooby Snax balance of sativa and indica effects to spawn a well-balanced hybrid sensation. I definitely liked Kerosene’s up and at ’em attitude that it gave me. There is no denying that, in the right situation, Kerosene can be exactly what I’m looking for. One word of caution to people who may have low tolerance is for cannabis though, the high from sativa strains like Kerosene can end up making you a little bit paranoid if you smoke too much. Always pace yourself. These new Veritas strains available in Emerald fields certainly caught my attention. I’m sincerely looking forward to getting my hands on more of these top-shelf strains in the future. If you’re looking for a quality smoke, from a quality grow, look no further than Emerald Fields in Glendale and Manitou Springs, Colorado.

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