Screamin OG : Strain Review

Screamin OG : Strain Review
Marijuana Strain Review The Station

Screamin' OGI’ve often been asked by my friends who don’t partake in cannabis, “what does weed taste like?” While every strain has its own flavor nuances, and usually picks up a little tang depending on the process in which it was grown, there is an undeniable “marijuana” flavor. While it’s a flavor you can’t quite put your finger on, it always seems to be present regardless of the genetics of the strain you’re smoking. I recently got to experience a strain that tasted like what I always wished I could be smoking before legalization. Screamin’ OG had all the freshness, all the mintyness, and all the sweetness that I could dream of, packed into a very potent sativa-dominant hybrid that most recently tested at 30.1% THC. How do you get such a marvelous strain? First, you set the mood with a little bit of smooth jazz, and leave Tangerine Amnesia and Ghost OG alone in a room – More likely, you manually cross-pollinate the two plants to yield a hybrid of the original strains. Then, taking your hybrid strain in nigh-oedipal style, you re-pollinate the end result with Ghost OG again, leaving you with Screamin’ OG, a strain with oomph, pizazz, and an uncanny style all its own.

Want to start a little scream of your own? I’ve only seen Screamin’ OG available in one place in the entire state: The Station, a medical and recreational dispensary in Boulder, Colorado. If you’ve been seeking a laid-back yet professional approach to purchasing your cannabis, look no further. The Station forgoes the flashing neon lights and gimmicks to bring you what you desire – top shelf medical and recreational cannabis without all the hullabaloo. You can pick up an eighth of this extremely potent strain for $50.

Check out their full menu at:

Screamin’ OG :: Appearance | Smell:

After popping the top on my Screamin’ OG, I took a couple nuggets out to peruse. Their base color is a pale sage, accented by a robust number of little sugary trichomes. While some leaves take on a darker green tone, the overall appearance comes off as extremely pale due in part to the trichomes. The nuggets are rather dense, and while there isn’t a huge moisture content, they are still Screamin' OGextremely sticky. The number of hairs certainly isn’t anything to scoff at either. With an impressive array of curly little orange hairs coating its surface, Screamin’ OG is a very attractive strain. The overall structure leans a little more to the indica side, with compact structure and tight little calyxes down below. I drew my nose in closer, it has the smells to go along with its looks. On initial whiff, the standout olfactory note is definitely a sweet one. The smell is just downright clean, minty, and fresh. If you really take your time, you can even start to notice little hints of honeysuckle and maybe even a little bit of a fruity tang. The crispness of the smell is just delightful, no mold or mustiness on these big beautiful nugs.

Screamin’ OG :: Smoke | Effect:

I came to the best aspect of the reviewing process and broke up a nugget of Screamin’ OG and prepared my hemp wick and my brain for a 30.1% THC adventure. Screamin’ OG burns remarkably smooth, and as I had mentioned before, proudly Screamin' OGbrandishes the flavor of sweet mint in a brilliant combination that simply screams “good weed!” If you’re a new smoker and have been investigating a bunch of cheesy or spicy strains, and are looking for a way back to you cannabis roots, I reiterate, this is what marijuana should taste like in my book. After a pause to savor the flavor, the outrageous THC content kicked in. The effects are definitely that of a sativa for me, resulting in a very lucid cerebral high. After a good amount of time sitting and contemplating a variety of no doubt meaningless wee-induced ideas, Screamin’ OG did show a little of its Indica side to me as well, which for me incarnated in the form of an insatiable lust for sharp cheddar cheese. After raiding the fridge for leftover mac n’ cheese, I settled back down and enjoyed some stoned video game time – which I might add was perfect with this strain. While I’ve had sativa-dominants that have left me with more “get up and go” willpower, I will say that Screamin’ OG most certainly didn’t put me to sleep. The high was cognitive but provided a very minor body high, which was really just a pleasant addition to the overall experience.

Overall ::

Screamin’ OG is one of the best strains I’ve ever had the fortune of reviewing. While it doesn’t seek to impress with exotic smells and flashy purple colors instilled during the growing process, what it does is gives you a high that’s just right with a flavor that’s stereotypical perfection. Of course, back then beggars couldn’t be choosers, and I would gladly take what I could get, but I always wished it would be as beautiful and fresh as Screamin’ OG. If you’re looking for a new go-to strain, a staple to always have in your collection, you’ve found it. I would be delighted to have Screamin OG at the center of my strain bank as a crowning jewel, a minty fresh reminder of perfection, and a sativa-dominant hybrid that will be there for me when my need to play Fallout is most dire.#JessetheGrove



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